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+C sword and cornett 25


+ posted by b1px as translation on Aug 24, 2010 10:11 | Go to +C sword and cornett

-> RTS Page for +C sword and cornett 25


Belca: Reitz I… killed Captain Rovisco who was originally the leader----

Then, he likened the natives of the land, the Hokulea, to mystical creatures from a “fairy tale”…and drove them away…?! / What on earth does that mean…?

Does that mean the history that we have been taught // was all a lie?


Eco: I’m not exactly sure… / Because it’s also possible that the author…just made up this story in order to slander the Hero King…Reitz I.

But the question is---- // If it’s just a story, / Is there a reason why Prince Hector went through all this trouble of hiding the pages in another book and entrusting it to you?

Kiliko: If we did not stop Prince Hector, // then… // this country would have probably been ruined.

Belca: Kiliko Lagen said… / If they didn’t stop Brother’s plans, this country probably would have been ruined…

He was probably talking about these records. // What do you think will happen if the public knew about this?


Eco: Er… // They might laugh and say that it’s just a story…?
Belca: Uhh…y…you really think so…?

Eco: Well, that’s… / what would happen under normal circumstances…

Eco: However, if Prince Hector would be the one to reveal these records… / the people would probably believe that it’s true.

Eco: It’s not difficult to imagine, / how great the threat Prince Hector was to the Elders.

Belca: …Brother // …Was this your trump card?!


Eco: Belca, are you all right? / You look kind of pale.

Eco: Let's rest up a bit, because we really haven't had enough sleep yet. // And you had to hear such a shocking story in that condition...
Belca: No, // It's all right. Let's continue our conversation.
Eco: Belca...

Belca: ....... / Come to think of it, you don't look very surprised about this.
Eco: Huh?
Belca: I wonder if all bards and scholars are like that.


Eco: Belca..., / you know, the truth is----
Shingetsu: Excuse me for interrupting.

Belca: Shingetsu! / Those clothes...
Shingetsu: Sorry for making you wait.

Shigetsu: It seems that the village elder and the priestess / would like to hear your story.

- - - - -

Musca: ---They've really given me quite the trouble this time!


Musca: I have to look for them!!

Musca: Because... // the maid and Seamrog are just lost!!

Musca: Ah----! // Someone's coming...I need to hide or else they'll take me back to my room!

Man: Count... Please wait! // Please refrain from going outside! / The monsters' carcasses are still...

Count: Yes, I know. / However... how should I say it…I'm a little uneasy.
Man: About what, sir?


Count: All of this started the moment Prince Orcelito became Crown Prince---- // It's like a curse, don't you think so?

Man: ! / I think that is a bit too much, Sir.

Count: Haha...I am only joking. You know I would never seriously think of something like that.
Musca: Did he just say something bad about Big Brother Orcelito...?
That rude man...I have to teach him some manners!!!

Guard: Hey! / What are you doing there?


Musca: Wh... What am I gonna do now? // I got caught...

Guard: Um... May I ask where you are from...? // The emblem on your hat is said to be the Hero King's beloved Star of Protection in voyages... / You must be from a noble family because you are wearing that...
Musca: Huh?

Guard: Hey! What's going on? / We'll soon be changing shifts.
Guard: Ah...it's because of this young master...
(He just came out of nowhere...)

Guard: Well...Perhaps it is all right to take a stroll outside... / But the windmill up ahead seems to be collapsing, so please don't go near it.

Musca: ...!!!
Young master...!?

Looks like they didn't recognize me...!!!
(But they thought I was a little boy...)


Guard: Hey, have you heard the rumor that Sir Kiliko had something moved into the Regia Solaris Palace...
Guard: Really!?
Guard: I heard it was as big as a cadaver.

Musca: Regia Solaris... // Big Brother Hector used to stay in that palace...
Guard: I don't wanna hear something disturbing like that!! // And your voice is too loud!!

Musca: Cadaver? / I wonder what that is. // I’ll have to follow them so I could ask about it.

Musca: I can't--- / catch up…with them--- // I really don't like stairs...
Guard: Hey--- // This isn't good... The blade is going to fall...

Musca: ...Huh? // I think I heard someone...


Guard: Uh-oh... / It's no good after all... // Hey...there wasn't anyone down there, right? Hurry up and check it!!!

Seamrog: Are you hurt?


Musca: Seam...rog...?

Musca: You dummy...! // Where have you been...!?

Seamrog: Well... / I was planning to escape, but... // the payment you gave me was too much.

Seamrog: So... // I think I'll stay a bit longer and work for you, Princess.


Elder: I see. // Prince Belca, your message has certainly been heard.

Elder: You are saying that the people of the Stone Capital will try to take the mountains away from us...

Elder: The Priestess said that we tried to put our hopes in Prince Hector's hands... / But the people of the Stone Capital do not want to be our allies.


Elder: So, you are telling us to flee from this valley... // and leave behind our homeland?

Belca: That is not what I meant! / As I said...the Crown Prince is sending the soldiers only to the crown territories. / ...That is why // you must leave this place for the time being and take everyone to safety----

Elder: Ever since ancient times, we have always lived in this valley, in these mountains. // We cannot survive away from the mountains.


Elder: We now know that the soldiers of the Stone Capital are on the move. // If the other villages find out that you are here, they might become suspicious so we must ask you to leave.

...However, / I am truly grateful because you put yourself in danger and personally came all the way here to inform us.

You must be tired from the journey. Please join the banquet and rest here for the night.

Tomorrow...I shall send some of the villagers to accompany you until you reach the road to the Stone Capital.

Belca: .... / Elder, // Lastly, may I ask about something?

Elder: What is it?

Belca: Rovisco... / and Tri Cantina... are you familiar with those names by any chance?


Elder: Are they visitors? Those names do not seem to be Hokulea. / Unfortunately, I have not heard of them before.

- - - - - -

Eco: I heard what you talked about. / I think we already did the best that we could. // The rest is up to the villagers now.

Belca: ----But all I did was just inform them, that's all.

Belca: If I am a prince... / then there must be something else that I can do... // Something more...


Eco: I'm afraid ... // there's nothing else we can do here...

Eco: A person's title does not hold any kind of mysterious power in itself. // Besides, we're not in the "Stone Capital"

You left the palace by yourself. So the only thing you can do now... is that, which you can do by yourself.

Say, Belca... / If it's okay, won't you come with me in my travels?

Belca: What...?

Eco: We'll go to different places, learn their traditions and sing about them... I think that kind of lifestyle isn't so bad.

And I think... // Orhaldi would be happy for you too, / even if you choose that kind of peaceful life.


Shimon: Sorry to keep you waiting ♥ // The banquet is ready!!

Shimon: Huh?

Shimon: Mr. Blondie!! It's been a while!!! // Please drink lots and lots tonight!!

Eco: Wh... Who are you?! / ...Rather, I want to drink with the ladies!!

Taihaku: Oh--- / Sorry but the ladies don't go near men from the Stone Capital...

Eco: You're kidding!? Didn't Prince Hector go out with a Hokulea!?

Shimon: What do you mean by that!? You don't like me!?

(Belca: What banquet...?)

Tenrou: ---Belca


Tenrou: I've made arrangements so that he couldn't disturb you tonight---

Belca: Arrangements...?

Tenrou: You should rest well and sleep by yourself tonight.

Belca: Uh...alone? Why is that...?

Tenrou: Because you're exhausted. // And you look terribly pale. / You'll die in that condition---

Tenrou: Here. You should eat this. I packed the food from the banquet for you.
And here are your clothes. They're already dry.

Belca: It's alright...I'm not tired. // More importantly, we have to find a way to help the people here---

Shingetsu: Don't worry about it. Even though the Elder spoke that way, he will make sure to tell the villagers about the situation.

There may be a few who would choose to leave this land... but he probably would not stop them.


Tenrou: Also...Shingetsu and I will be leaving tomorrow to inform the High Priestess---
Belca: High Priestess? / Tenrou... who is that?

Tenrou: ...Oops

Shingetsu: ...She is the head of the priestesses who have loosely kept us Hokulea together. / She inherited the ancient bloodline...Her ancestors lived in the time when the people of the Stone Capital have not yet come to this land.
{sfx. Sigh}
No one except the Hokulea is supposed to know this, so please pretend you didn't hear that.

Tenrou: Th... that's right! Since the current situation does not concern only this village, // we'll ask the High Priestess to send messengers to the other villages as well...

Tenrou: So you don't need to worry! // Okay then...I'll come pick you up tomorrow.


Belca: I see... / It looks like they're going to see a very important person.

Belca: Hm...
I wonder if it's all right to think... / ...that this wasn't all for nothing...

That I came here... // ...and left him in those cold waters...

Belca: I guess... / I'm not hungry after all...
Even if I choose to go with Eco in his travels, /
For sure...Linna would never blame me for doing that.


Belca: Fried fish? / ...it's delicious...

Fish from the roadside and seaside towns were also delicious. // He...bought all kinds of food for me...

That's right... / I wanted to..

I want to...
...eat lots more, together with you...


I want to be the king's son after all--- // The king's son, who Linna risked his life for.

Belca: Wait a minute... Earlier, / Shingetsu said something about...

An ancient bloodline...
The High Priestess... // Perhaps she knows something about Azelprade...

I don't have the power // to move people through words like Brother, but...

Perhaps--- / If I can find out about the truth,


This could become… // A bargaining chip with Azelprade.

- - - - - -

Eco: No way… / We’re leaving already? // Eco-tan hasn’t slept at all last night...

Eco: Taihaku-tan…please carry me until we reach the roadside!
(Taihaku: I also wasn’t able to sleep yesterday!)

Taihaku: Can’t you see?! I have to carry the wounded to the neighboring village!

Tenrou: All right, let's go.

Tenrou: Shingetsu and I, Taihaku's group, and Belca's group, / All of us are headed in the same direction until the mountain pass.

Belca: Hey...
Tenrou: Hm? / What is it, Belca?


Belca: Could you… // …please let me meet the High Priestess too?

Eco: …”High Priestess”…?

Belca: Eco… I’m sorry but I can’t go with you. // I have to know if those records are true, no matter what.

Tenrou: ........
Shingetsu: My goodness… I told you not to tell anyone!

Shingetsu: …… / Belca, I realize that this also somehow concerns you. //
I would like to take you along with us, however…


Shingetsu: We cannot let outsiders know the way to the sacred land. // If you come with us, we can’t let you go back alive.

Belca: I understand.
Eco: Huh? / What are you guys talking about!?

Belca: But, // I won’t just stand by and let myself get killed.


Tenrou: Haha! / What’s up with this kid? He said the same thing Hector did! // What the heck, just let him come if he wants to. / At least until midway.

(Shimon: Hey--- What are you still doing there? / We’re gonna leave you behind, you know!)

Shingetsu: Oh alright, come along. / But the mountains are dangerous. // If that determination of yours is half-baked, you’ll probably just give up along the way and run back home.

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