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+C sword and cornett 19


+ posted by b1px as translation on Apr 6, 2010 14:11 | Go to +C sword and cornett

-> RTS Page for +C sword and cornett 19

kn1r감사합니다 and zerocharisma, thank you^^

{for IEM}


Belca: I should have / sent them on their way // first thing in the morning.

Then… // Both Eco and Linna would have gotten out of the castle safely.

They’re the ones who always come to my rescue, // yet I…


I depended too much on Linna, // and I tried to delay him because I didn't want to be left alone.

It’s all… // …all because of that….


Guard 1: How’s Prince Belca?

Guard 2: Quiet as a mouse.

Guard 2: But still, being locked up inside this creepy tower without even lights... // I hope he doesn’t go crazy.

Guard 1: Alright then, I’ll leave everything to you tonight.
Guard 2: ―Uh, master!

Guard 2: Why didn’t you shoot the coachman at the outer gates that time? // It’s not like you at all...

Guard 1: …Oh, that’s right, // you don’t know about that.

- - - - - -

Taine: I enjoyed tonight's dinner, Prince Orcelito. / I am looking forward to your proud moment during the ceremony!


Orcelito: Thank you. // Rest well tonight Lord Taine.

Orcelito: ...... / Now that we've taken care of that, // Next… we have to finish that letter to Lobnec.

Kiliko: Yes. / Also, we received the estimates for the Amontel detention camps. Please go over it within the day. // And there’s that other matter…

Orcelito: Yes, // I know.

Kiliko: ...Are you worried about Prince Belca?
Orcelito: ―Of course I am.


Orcelito: What happened to the poison user? You interrogated him, didn’t you? / If he isn’t a poison user, why did he pretend to be one and infiltrated the castle?

Kiliko: Sir Linna is a former soldier. Prince Belca rescued him from the Amontel at the Earl of Arlon’s estate… // He said, he felt indebted to Prince Belca, so he pretended to be a poison user to be able to stay at his side and protect him…

Orcelito: ...Do you think he’s telling the truth?
Kiliko: We have not confirmed it as of this time. / I sent a messenger to Noah’s place, but it will take some time before we receive any response.

Kiliko: ―However, I think we can use him, / as Prince Belca’s shackles.


Orcelito: Are you insane!? If that man plans to cause trouble here in the palace…

Kiliko: During the interrogation… he was desperately trying to defend Prince Belca. / I think that there is no doubt that he has somehow grown attached to Prince Belca.

Orcelito: …I see.

Kiliko: Would you like to change your clothes? …Then I shall assist you.

Orcelito: Alright. Continue what you were saying.

Kiliko: …… // And because Sir Linna treats him well, perhaps Prince Belca felt comfortable with him, as he felt toward Prince Hector…? // In that case…then it is natural that Prince Belca would not want to lose someone who is like an older brother to him.


Orcelito: Is that why he was so insistent in covering for that man?

Orcelito: But…I’m bothered about the person to whom the coachman is supposed to give the message. / The Crows heard something, right?

Kiliko: You are referring to this 「she」.
Linna: The message!
Kiliko: …However,
Linna: If she wishes it, please accompany her to wherever she wants to go―

Kiliko: I think that it is the coachman who we should be suspicious about, //
not Sir Linna nor this 「she」.

Orcelito: And why is that? / Isn’t the coachman just a servant?
Kiliko: …But, / more importantly, about this 「she」――


Kiliko: That person wants to know if you are the real Prince Orcelito, and wants to know if you are in your right mind… / Moreover, that person is not in the palace right now.

Kiliko: And speaking of someone, // who, like Noah and other nobles, could not openly contact the palace using birds or messengers――

Orcelito: Don’t tell me… // 「she」 is…

- - - - - -

Belca: Hm?


Belca: What’s that? // Something’s shining…

Oh… it’s the Cordiola crystal from the fox’s cave. // It’s beautiful so I took one.

The light is weak… // But if bring it closer, I wonder if it’s bright enough to be able to read.


What the… // What’s this page?


Man: Good morning!! Excuse me! // Please open the door!

Seamrog: What the…? What’s with all the banging noise this early in the morning…

Innkeeper: Hey, keep it down! We’re not open yet. Who are you?!

Man: Sorry but I’m looking for someone. / My companion and I got separated when we entered town…

Man: It’s important that I find him by noon.

Innkeeper: …Oh, alright. What does he look like?

Innkeeper: A man with a curly blonde hair? There’s no one like that staying at this inn. / Why don’t you try asking the other inns?


Seamrog: Crap… // This is bad!!!

That man just now… he’s dressed as a merchant but he has a knight’s stance.

Princess!!! Maybe they failed…


She’s gone…


{Note: From this scene onwards Eco is disguised as a woman.}

Eco: I don’t like this…the streets are already filled this early in the morning!!

But I’m glad I finally made it to town 〰〰
I really hope they think I died in the river…

Still, we failed…

I wonder how Belca and Orhaldi are holding up…

But it’s Belca’s fault, / ‘coz they suddenly came at the last minute!

Yup, that’s it!!


Eco: What do I do now… // It’ll be a while before I can enter the castle again, since I was already seen…

And If I do that…they might kill Orhaldi, //
Or worse, they might do lots of things to Belca that would incapacitate him―

Well, I suppose that too might turn out to be a good song…

A tragedy… / tragedy…

Tragedy! Tragedy! / Idea memo!!

Eco: Hmm…but it would probably be more interesting to be on Belca’s side… / Maybe the best thing to do is to just use Princess Musca―

Musca: Why? What did I do?

Eco: Huh?!


Musca: Um, that dress… you’re a “lady” right? // Could you please fix Musca’s hair?

Ah―! // Uh…It’s not what you think! I’m not Musca! I’m just a kid from this town!!

…You see, I have something to do at the castle…


I thought… / I should fix my hair since I’m going to the castle.

My knight doesn’t know how to fix my hair! / And… // It’s no good if it’s not done by a lady…
Eco: It’s me, Eco-tan! (And these are just hair extensions…)


Musca: Kyaa―――!!! // Wh…what?! You can’t be the meanie bard!!!

Eco: Shhhh!!! Please keep quiet, Princess Musca!!
Musca: Let me go〰 I don’t remember giving you permission to hug me〰〰
Eco: Please listen, Belca and Orhaldi are in trouble―!!!

Musca: …What…?


Musca: Isn’t that your fault?
Eco: Oh well…I just wanted to watch the Adine dance so badly.

Eco: Even cute Eco-tan has a weakness… // But… / I think having a weakness is much more appealing than being perfect.

Musca: …I don’t care about any of that!!! // We have to hurry up and rescue them or else they might die!!!
Eco: Waaah!!! Keep your voice down!

Musca: ―Besides,


Musca: I have to see for myself what’s happening to Big brother Orcelito!! // Let’s go bard!!! // You’re coming with me!!
Eco: …I see.

Eco: Alright.
This looks even better than a tragedy.
Eco: I’ll help you.

Musca: Oh! / But before that, could you fix my hair first?


Guard: What is your rank? // Why did you use a false title and enter the castle?

Linna: I answered that so many times already. / I was a former soldier…but His Highness Prince Belca saved my life at the estate of the Earl of Arlon, / So I wanted to stay at his side to repay my debt, and―

Kiliko: …I see. No matter how many times we ask, your answer is consistent…

Guard: Sir Kiliko!

Kiliko: It seems that there’s nothing to investigate any further.


Kiliko: How are your wounds, Sir Linna…?

Linna: Sir Kiliko… // Are you planning to torture me this time?

Kiliko: No. / There’s no need for that now. // Tell His Highness to come in.

Guard: Yes sir.


Linna: …Your Highness…! // Thank goodness you're… / ...safe.

Belca: Linna, how’s... // ...your wound!?

Linna: Ah, it is nothing. // It is just a scratch, It is not that seri――

Belca: …Are you sure?


Belca: Hey, take these chains off!

Linna: …Your Highness?

Belca: I won’t allow you to hurt him any further!!

Kiliko: But of course…. // However, before that, I would like to ask you both about something…

About that person to whom Sir Linna was supposed to give the message… / 「She」, in other words, Princess Musca―


Belca: Wha― / How?
Linna: What are you talking about, Sir…

Kiliko: It seems that it is Princess Musca. / I’m glad that both of you are honest.

Princess Musca is not supposed to attend the investiture because she is in recovery. // You must tell us where she is, because we need to go and fetch her.


Kilko: Well then, / please return to Regia Nix Palace, Your Highness. // I think you should prepare for tomorrow’s investiture ceremony.

- - - - -

Linna: I never thought… // that they would also release me.
Belca: …Yes, but they’re still keeping an eye on you.

Linna: Your Highness, // (whisper...) I apologize for what happened earlier.


Linna: But Sir Eco has already gone to where Princess Musca is. // Surely, they must have left the royal prefecture by now――

Belca: After that incident, the knights chased Eco and he fell into the river at the town district. / They haven’t found him since.

Linna: What?

Linna: Th...then we have to inform them somehow…

Belca: It’s okay.

It’s alright now, / …forget about it.


Belca: Ah! Linna, / About the book that we got the other day, I found something interesting… // Won’t you help me figure it out?

Linna: …Your Highness…

- - - - -

Tenrou: Whoa! What’s this!? // It's just as Izayoi said!!!


Tenrou: What are we gonna do, Shingetsu? // These rock markings… Looks like those from the neighboring village are really heading to the royal capital.

Shingetsu: So they choose to fight back and die with honor, huh? It's not that I don't understand how they feel, but they targeted the worst place. // It’s not the time to invite them for a skirmish…This might become an all-out war.

Tenrou: And that kid is supposedly at the Stone Castle too. / Shall we go? You’re worried too, right?

Shingetsu: Well, that’s because he seems to be the type of person that would die if he was shot by a stray arrow.


Neue Favrille
First Level

Elder: So the time has come...

Elder 1: Everything is going well with Prince Orcelito...That’s a relief.

Elder 2: However…that adopted Lagen plays his cards well. // Still, he is the puppetmaster… and if he is the real brains of the Crown Prince, / doesn’t this widen Lagen’s power within the council?

Should we make our move now, while there’s still time…?


Elder: No…That man may be easier to control than his father. // If he’s prepared to kneel before us, then it’s probably a good idea to let him become the successor.

―Well then, // it’s time for us to witness the birth of the Crown Prince…

{inset text}
Something happens during the Crown Prince’s investiture!?

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#1. by Shinou ()
Posted on May 4, 2010
TODAY i woke up with greatest surpise to discover there was no one but two chapters of my favorite story
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