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Chaos;Child ~Children's Collapse~ 2 (0 comments)
Chaos;Child ~Children’s Collapse~ 2

p1: =======================================
{The girl’s an acquaintance of mine.}
{Would you kindly overlook this entire episode?}

Makise Kurisu.

p2: =======================================
Chapter 2: Kurisu Makise

p3: =======================================
Miss Makise…
[sfx]: Step

{You know this girl?}
{Yes, she’s a distant relative of mine from Japan.}
/ { I did ask her to wait patiently for my own lecture, which was running long, to end.}

{Your lecture? You lectured?}

{I tried to refuse, but the dean insisted I substitute for a professor currently in the hospital.}
/ {He did promise it would only be for the month, at least.}

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Chaos;Child ~Children's Collapse~ 1 (0 comments)
Chaos;Child ~ Children’s Collapse ~ 1

NOTE: Throughout this manga, I will be using curly braces {} to indicate text that is spoken in English

p1: ======================================
--Push comes to shove, what drove me
Were never dreams of fame and adulation
Or fleeting flickers of love and emotion

p2: ======================================
But rather enmity: a desire to kill.
Chapter 1: Mio Kunosato

p3: ======================================
Did you hear the rumors? They say that, after his capture, the culprit behind the New New Generation Madness was whisked away somewhere.
That’s bull.
Nah, I hear he’s in some city hospital.

[bg]: Shibuya News

There certainly have been rumors.
/ Did you... Read More " "
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Kangoku Gakuen 277 (0 comments)
Prison School 277

p1: ====================================
Even now that it’s too late, she still can’t give up

Chapter 277: Bonnie and Clyde / The End of Our Road

p2: ====================================
[sfx]: Smash!

p3: ====================================
NO! No!
I just can’t fucking take this!

No, no…
This is all wrong!

p4: ====================================
You’re embarrassing yourself, Midorikawa Hana!
[sfx]: Point!

Get a hold of yourself!
/ Why are you upset?
How would I know? I just am!

And to think you said you’d forgive me…

p5: ====================================
Was that all a lie?
Do you hate me that badly?!

Shut your fucking mouth!
/ You and Chiyo-chan... Read More " "
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Mix 45 (0 comments)
Mix 45

Reserved for RyColaa Scanlations

p1: ==========================================
Chapter 45: Looks don’t really matter
[insert]: We’re so close to glory…
Take things step by step!

p2: ==========================================
7: Tachibana Tou
4: Murotani
2: Tachibana Sou
3: Imagawa
8: Ogi
5: Nangou
6: Hirao
9: Koma
1: Takeshita


p3: ==========================================
I never saw this coming.
[sfx]: Cheers

You sure didn’t.

I figured we’d go as far as Touma’s arm could take us,
while I spent the games scrutinizing the team’s issues.

I never thought to think of anything bigger than that.

You sure didn’t.

p4: ==========================================
Now look at us. Here we... Read More " "
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Mix 44 (0 comments)
Mix 44

Reserved for RyColaa Scanlations

p1: ==================================
[top]: Meisei Academy advances to Top 8
: This summer, all eyes are on the freshmen Tachibana Brothers

This for real?

I can’t believe it. Are we really gonna face off against Meisei in the fin—

Not a chance.

p2-3: ==================================
My brother is carrying so much on his back.
Chapter 44: 100%?

p4: ==================================
East Tokyo Tourney, Quarterfinals

Day 1

p5: ==================================
[sfx]: Cheers
[shirts]: Toushuu

p6: ==================================
Jinguu Field, First Match
Toushuu 9 -1 Jindai
(Called in the 7th)

[sfx]: Cheers

Jinguu Field, Second Match
Saijo 4x – 3 Bukyou

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Mix 43 (0 comments)
Mix 43

Reserved for use by RyColaa Scanlations

p2: ==================================
Chapter 43: Too easy?
[insert]: An especially / hot summer

p3: ==================================
[sfx]: Pwan
/ *Mob*

p4: ==================================
Look, there’s him,
/ and him,

And that guy, too. I see those regulars here all the time.

Do you think they’re all Meisei alumnae?
/ I doubt it.

/ that old man with the hat and sunglasses has been famous for ages.


He’s always sneaking looks from a corner seat,
/ though during the last match, the no-hit shutout, he actually got excited for once.
Of course he got excited. Anyone would.

Do you think they’re all right?

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Mix 42 (1 comments)
Mix 42

For use by RyColaa Scanlations

p1: ===================================
[scoreboard] {
[top row]: Team / 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6
[second row]: H
[third row]: M

p2-3: ===================================
[insert]: Everyone at the tournament has their eyes on his right arm. / Hurry to the mound!
Chapter 42: Jealous?

p4: ===================================
[sfx]: Ding!

[sfx]: Wobbly


p5: ===================================
[sfx]: Cheers

So what’s this supposed to mean?

Every borderline pitch gets called a ball,
/ and every shoddy hit gets called in.

Did I go and blow all my luck on the no-hitter from last time?

Now, now.
/ Who actually has no luck?

p6: ===================================
You, who’s been... Read More " "
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Mix 39 (0 comments)
Mix 39

Reserved for use by RyColaa Scanlations

p1: ==================================
[insert]: Midsummer dreams, memories of a white ball
Chapter 39: He Really Does

p2: ==================================
[sfx]: Chirping

He’s making the same jokes as you?

What’s so bad about that?
/ Just give him the old “Hell naw.”

A half-cocked attempt at being sly will only cause you to embarrass yourself.

p3: ==================================
Besides, I don’t think people are expecting that much.
/ Not out of you, not now.
TV Life Counseling

--I see.
/ What do you think, Mr. John Doe?
Was Tsukikage-sensei’s advice helpful?

I’m so sorry about all this,
/ about talking like a know-it-all about high school... Read More " "
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Mayonaka no X Giten 27 (0 comments)
Midnight Cross Method 27 (Final)

p1: ======================================
Six months later…
[sfx]: Stare…
/ Gotten used to the work yet?

Yeah. I always have been skilled at looking after people, after all.
Story / Yamaguchi Mikoto Art / BAREISHO
Midnight Cross Method
Chapter 27: Epilogue

[sfx]: Creak

p2: ======================================
I really owe you a lot, Mikuriya.

After it all ended, I quit school.
/ I had no relatives to rely on, but you introduced me to this job.

It’s nothing…
/ They’re always shorthanded here,
since the pay’s cheap.

…Still, I couldn’t believe it.
/ All that money you were gathering…

Was for these kids.

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Mayonaka no X Giten 26 (0 comments)
Midnight Cross Method 26
(sorry this is late. again. i'm sure you're sick of me apologizing for this by this point, though...)

p1: ===================================
The clue that led us to the true culprit…
/ was my Cross Ability.

Cross Abilities are special powers that can be used only when body swapping.

When swapping into a body, one can make use of the unique ability
that reflects the body’s owner’s deepest desires.

p2: ===================================
For instance, with Mikuriya Mikuni,
/ her desire to know how the mother who abandoned her truly felt
gave her the power to read other’s minds, Silent Regret.

Kirishima Sachi,
fed up by the Kirishima Family’s deceitful ways, craved a... Read More " "
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Mayonaka no X Giten 25 (0 comments)
Midnight Cross Channel 25

p1: ===============================
XX/YY, Hiro’s NEET Sister-Watching Diary
Chapter 25: When I Call Your Name
[sfx]: Rat-a-tap-tap

It has been a long time since the last time I updated this. I apologize to anyone out there who has been eagerly awaiting my return.
[sfx]: Rat-a-tap-tap

[sfx]: Rat-a-tap-tap
/ Well, it’s already over and done with, so let me just say it…

The truth is, a few days ago, my sister died.
[screen]: Let me just say it / the truth is, a few days ago, / my sister died.
[sfx]: Rat-a-tap-tap

p2: ===============================
The cause of death was suicide.

With my sister herself having passed away,
/ we’ll never know the real reason why she... Read More " "
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Mayonaka no X Giten 24 (0 comments)
Midnight Cross Method 24

p1: ==============================
My sister’s corpse is gone.
/ And right when we thought we’d solved the case, too.

Kamiya-kun, tell me everything about the day your sister died.

…When you awoke, you found the murder weapon gripped in your right hand?

…Yeah, that’s what happened.

p2: ==============================
Kamiya-kun… Remember? X is left-handed.

Then… Then my sister’s killer isn’t X?!
Yes. The very foundation of our deduction proved incorrect.

p3: ==============================
#24: The Killer in My Memories
[insert]: With my sister’s corpse vanished, we’re back to the drawing board!
Story: Yamaguchi Mikoto / Art: BAREISHO

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Mayonaka no X Giten 23 (0 comments)
Midnight Cross Method 23

p1: ====================================
Kirishima Sachi, age 18. Lived with his parents, an older brother, and a younger sister.
He was always at the top of his class. A prodigy, some called him.
/ His family was close. They were famous in the neighborhood for how well they got along.

…But all of that was strictly their public persona.

A heavy darkness lurked within the Kirishima household.

And that itself led to the birth of the serial killer X,

p2: ====================================
Kirishima Sachi’s other self.
[insert]: The serial killer born from the Kirishima Family’s darkness: Kirishima Sachi‼
Chapter 23: Emptiness
Midnight Cross Method
Story: Yamaguchi Mikoto... Read More " "
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Mayonaka no X Giten 22 (0 comments)
(Technically not late [again {sorry}])

Midnight Cross Method 22

p1: ======================================
Chapter 22: A Stage of Madness and Bloodthirst

Capture him! Quickly!


He can handle himself.

Story / Yamaguchi Mikoto
[sidebar]: Danger comes Mikuni’s way?!

p2: ======================================
[sfx]: PUNCH!


He’s not out cold?!

[sfx]: Grab!

p3: ======================================
[sfx]: Snag!

[sfx]: Bam!

[sfx]: Thump

Seize him!

p4: ======================================
[sfx]: Crush!

What a shame.
/ Do you honestly believe we the police would place common civilians in this dangerous a situation?

Other than the six individuals who answered the question... Read More " "
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Mayonaka no X Giten 21 (0 comments)
Midnight Cross Method 21

p1: ========================================
So at the next BKR concert, Miku-Miku’s gonna be there for the first time in forever!
Dude, I knew that hours ago.
/ And besides, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

I hear they’re gonna introduce a new song and a new member.
Seriously?! Shit, tickets are gonna be hard to get.

Well, about that…
/ Sounds like they’re not going with a normal raffle this time.
[sfx]: Swipe

p2: ========================================
Top priority goes to whoever can fill the blanks in the lyrics!
[upper left]: Midnight Cross Method / #21: Outside and In
[cell phone]: {
[upper left] Guess the lyrics!
[upper right]: Mikuriya Mikuni’s Return /... Read More " "
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Mayonaka no X Giten 20 (0 comments)
Midnight Cross Method 20

p1: ================================
#20: The Heart of Justice Never Dies
What’s the situation?

Well, all the detectives we had watching the place fell asleep, and…

Any injured?
Umm, the investigators are fine, but we found one on the second floor.

An elderly male.

Story / Yamaguchi Mikoto Art / BAREISHO

p2: ================================
Dammit. We can’t stop the bleeding!
Hey! Where’s the damn ambulance?!
[sfx]: Swing!

p3: ================================

[sfx]: Shake

/ What in the world happened?!

/ It’s…

All of it,
/ it’s all my fault.

p4: ================================
Hurry off and contact your family.

[sign]: In Surgery
We’ll do our best,
/... Read More " "
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Rin (HAROLD Sakuishi) 41 (0 comments)
Rin 41 (FINAL)

Reserved for use by RyColaa Scanlations

p1: ===========================
[insert]: I’ll draw on, and on, and on / until my art brings me to you

p2: ===========================
[JR Nagoya Station sign is already translated]

[sign in last panel]: High Calorie Spot‼

p3: ===========================

Whoa, you can’t get this flavor outside of Nagoya.
And I’ve missed this spoon so much.
[sfx]: Slurp
When were you last back in town?
[bottom right]: Not since before last summer, so it’s been a year and three months.

Well, it’s more like you’re stopping by than coming home.
/ When’s your bullet train back?
Damn. For a ramen shop, this place has good softserve.

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Yokohama-sen Doppelgänger 7 (0 comments)
Doppelganger ch. 7
Reserved for lasleels

p1: ==============================

7: Depending on Me

[sfx]: Slap!

What’cha doin’?

p2: ==============================
‘Specially ‘round here.
[sign]: Kanagawa Prefectural Police Headquarters
7: Depending on Me

[sfx]: Dash!
Wait up!

Don’t meet with the victims.
Someone will remember that once the incident occurs.
[sfx]: Hah!

p3: ==============================
It’s fine.

[sfx]: Dash!

[sfx]: Grab

What’s the rush fer?

People done speak fast what they’re nervous,
[sfx]: Stare
and hidin’ yer palm means a man’s got somethin’ he right wants t’keep hidden.

p4: ==============================
Somethin’ been weighin’ on yer mind as o’... Read More " "
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Rin (HAROLD Sakuishi) 40 (0 comments)
Rin 40
Reserved for use by RyColaa

p1: ======================================
A pure dignity--
--Deceit is beyond you

p2: ======================================

I’ve got a single text from Chouno-san.
It came last night.

Maybe it’s to tell us who got the cover?
[sign]: Hotel Kumagusu Gardens

p3: ======================================
[sfx]: Glug

I’m going back to the room to give Chouno-san a call.

Huh? Is he going to be up this early?
It’s 7.
No worries. He doesn’t go to bed until after he’s seen the international sports results.
[insert]: Later.

……..Did Taki-kun get the cover?!

p4: ======================================
Hey, tell me more about the dream.

You’re interested in... Read More " "
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Mayonaka no X Giten 19 (0 comments)
<late chapter is late sorry~ At least 20 hasn't come out yet!>

Midnight Cross Method 19

p1: ================================
Midnight Cross Method
Story / Yamaguchi Mikoto
#19: The Lullaby, Death’s Melody

…Truly, what is with that child?
Oh, Sachi-kun? He is a bit off-putting, isn’t he?
Things at home must be a nightmare, too

p2: ================================
That’s not true at all.
After all, I love my brother Sachi.


…O-Of course you do. You’re siblings.
/ What sort of sister wouldn’t say that about her brother?
[sfx]: Pat x2
Ai-chan, you really are such a good, kind girl.

p3: ================================
…No, it’s not like that.
Us being family or siblings... Read More " "
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Rin (HAROLD Sakuishi) 39 (0 comments)
Rin 39

Reserved for use by RyColaa Scanlations

p1: ========================================
<no text>

p2: ========================================
<no text>

p3: ========================================
[sfx]: Scratch
In essence, the test subjects find Shino Mirai to be their anima,
while Shino Mirai finds the test subjects to fulfill the roll of her animus.
Within the Realities, the Polycoriac Man she creates plays a number of archetypical roles…

[sfx]: Chatter

p4: ========================================
[sfx]: Chatter

That presentation was superb.
Ryuu Bumgarner is an exemplary man.

But of course—he is the scion of one of the East Coast’s greatest families.
And hasn’t he erased the... Read More " "
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Yokohama-sen Doppelgänger 6 (0 comments)
Doppelganger 6

Reserved for Lasleels

p1: ==============================
Chapter 6: Self-Expression

p2: ==============================
June 13th (Friday)

[sign]: Leather Kawasemi
Here’s where he works part-time.

He, the man who’ll be first victim
in 22 short days.

The breadth of that sternum,
the distance between the humerus and the shoulder blades… There’s no mistaking any of it:

[bold]: Laocoön Statue
Gruppo del Laocoonte
Believed to have been made between 160 BC and 20 BC. Currently on display in the Vatican Museums.

p3: ==============================
[insert]: Kinugawa Keiji-san.
[book]: Ancient Greek Sculptures

[insert]: Several hours ago
We’ll be splitting up today.

p4:... Read More " "
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Rin (HAROLD Sakuishi) 38 (1 comments)
Rin 38

For use by RyColaa Scanlations

p1: =============================
Their destinies intersect

within the ceaseless flow of mankind.

p2: =============================
Shun-kun, how are you feeling?

How am I feeling?
All of this stuff…
…is totally boring.
And heck, I’m tired.

p3: =============================
Dr. Tokiwa, what is Shun doing right now?
Please relax, ma’am.
None of the danger from when he synchronizes with one of Shino Mirai’s realities is present here.

Could you give me a rough explanation, one I could understand?

Roughly speaking,
we’re measuring his brain activity.

Specfically, we show a constant stream of footage in his mind, and measure the changes in blood flow to his... Read More " "
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Mayonaka no X Giten 18 (0 comments)
Midnight Cross Method 18

p1: ==============================
[insert]: The two chase after the escaped Sachi—
We’ve somehow managed to escape the prison…

But seeing as to how we don’t know where Kirishima Ai is, we too have got no choice but to chase after Kirishima Sachi.
Do you have any idea where else Sachi might have gone?

Given this note he left us,
/ there’s a possibility that he’s heading directly to X, the true culprit.

And while the person is apparently someone I’ve met
If we turn that around,
/ wouldn’t it mean the person is someone Kirishima Sachi knows you’ve met?

p2: ==============================

That would make X someone that both you and... Read More " "
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Rin (HAROLD Sakuishi) 37 (0 comments)
Rin 37

For use by RyColaa Scanlations

p1: ==========================
<no text>

p2: ==========================
[sign]: Shinjuku Subnade

p3: ==========================
Hah hah hah! Rewarding him with a trip to gather materials? Doesn’t that beat all!

Well, I still haven’t talked it over with the Editor-in-Chief, but…
And do understand, we’d be taking the trip seriously.
How many volumes of Presence are out now?

The third volume comes out next month.
And as for the first two volumes, we can’t print enough of them.

But don’t think you’ll be taking first place that easily, Chouno.
There’s a powerhouse sitting at the top.
[sfx]: Turn

p4: ==========================
[sfx]: Hah hah hah
Sensei,... Read More " "
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