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Translations: One Piece 917 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Mix 45

Looks don’t really matter

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Oct 1, 2017 17:18 | Go to Mix

-> RTS Page for Mix 45

Mix 45

Reserved for RyColaa Scanlations

p1: ==========================================
Chapter 45: Looks don’t really matter
[insert]: We’re so close to glory…
Take things step by step!

p2: ==========================================
7: Tachibana Tou
4: Murotani
2: Tachibana Sou
3: Imagawa
8: Ogi
5: Nangou
6: Hirao
9: Koma
1: Takeshita


p3: ==========================================
I never saw this coming.
[sfx]: Cheers

You sure didn’t.

I figured we’d go as far as Touma’s arm could take us,
while I spent the games scrutinizing the team’s issues.

I never thought to think of anything bigger than that.

You sure didn’t.

p4: ==========================================
Now look at us. Here we are,
/ all the way in the top 8!
[sfx]: Cheers

Yes, look at us. We’ve had Touma-kun, our freshman ace, pitch four games straight.

I told you, I never saw this coming!
I didn’t even dream we’d make it this far.

[sfx]: Cheers

p5: ==========================================
Excellent eyes from Ogi, the second at-bat.

It’s Takeshita on the plate for Meisei Academy, his first start in his first appearance,
/ and he’s let a quick-footed runner onto first with only one out!

The probability of us facing off against Meisei Academy in the finals is no longer zero…

p6: ==========================================
But at the same time, it’s loads more likely they get taken out here and now.

[sfx]: Cheers

Ogi’s taken a big lead off the plate.
He leads his team in stolen bases this tourney!


p7: ==========================================
Left field

They have no respect for you, Takeshita-san.

He tries to pick off the runner!

[sfx]: Catch
[sfx]: Cheers

p8: ==========================================
His slide step and his pick-off attempt both aren’t up to par.

Not the sorta pitcher you field in the quarters.


[sfx]: Whoosh!

p9: ==========================================

[sfx]: Thunk

[sfx]: Cheers

I’m sorry, did you say something?

Two outs!
[sfx]: Cheers

p10: ==========================================
[sx]: Ding

[sfx]: Bounce


[sfx]: Cheers

p11: ==========================================
[sfx]: Cheers


We barely survived that inning.

Today, I’ve put our best batters at the top of the order.

[background]: Tachibana Tou

There’s no predicting how many runs we give up this game,
/ so we have to score every chance we get!

p12: ==========================================

[sfx]: Ding!
Meisei’s first batter today is Tachibana Touma, playing left field—
He gets a booming knock on the first pitch, but sends it straight to the center fielder!

p13: ==========================================
On the mound for Kaiou West is Karashima, an underhand pitcher in his second start.
[sfx]: Cheers

He’s thrown nine innings this tourney, including in relief, with only one earned run against him.
/ Unbelievable consistent performance from the young man.

[sfx]: Smack!

p14: ==========================================
Murotani swings and hits the third pitch,
/ but it’s a grounder to short. Two outs!

[sfx]: Cheers

I can’t stand his form or his looks.

You know looks don’t really matter…

Right, Nangou?

The ball shoots the gap between first and second!
[sfx]: Ding!

p15: ==========================================
He’s fielded it!

A quick relay to first!

And he’s out!

[sfx]: Cheers

p16: ==========================================

Guess that’s not gonna work on any teams that makes it to the top 8.

Besides us, anyways.

[board]: Kai / Mei

Did you know Tou-chan wasn’t going to throw at today’s game?

p17: ==========================================
/ Ooyama called me yesterday to say.

I see.
That old manager, he must be satisfied with just making it to the top 8.

You got it all wrong,
/ dumbo!

Who might you be?

Someone entrusted with a message from your boss.

She said, “Please stop telling such obviously transparent lies. They’re pathetic.
/ “Also, the afternoon meeting has been pushed back to 3. You owe me.”

That’s all.
/ We got the call as I was leaving home.

p18: ==========================================
Why would she call our home number?!

Probably because a certain someone turned off his cell.

yeah, right.

[sfx]: Ding

[sfx]: Cheers

p19: ==========================================
[sfx]: Cheers

Takeshita’s making things hard for them, what with those pitches of his.

It seems like they’re struggling to time their swings.
[sfx]: Cheers

p20: ==========================================
[sfx]: Cheers
After all, Kaiou West has made it this far batting against fastball pitchers throwing at over 140km/hr.
Of course, they expected they’d face the same sort of pitcher today in Touma-kun, and practiced accordingly. Now here we are.

So far so good.

/ they’re an offense-based team at heart.
Once their eyes adjust, we’re in trouble.

I know that.
I’ll spend today showing off how good I am…
/ at knowing when to switch in my three senior relievers.

p21: ==========================================
/ *Chirp*

/ *Chirp*
[sign]: Akai

p22: ==========================================
It’s the bottom of the second, and first at the plate is Meisei Academy’s fourth batter, the first baseman, Imagawa…

[sfx]: Cheers

/ could you take these bags up to your brother’s room?

You know how angry he gets if I go in there.

I’ll tell him I brought the bags in,
so please. They’re blocking the street.

[sfx]: Cheers

p23: ==========================================
[sfx]: Open!

[sfx]: Place

p24: ==========================================

[sfx]: Push

p25: ==========================================
To Akai Tomohito,
Toushuu High School’s Baseball Club
Mita Hiroki


[sfx]: Cheers

p26: ==========================================
[sfx]: Cheers

p27: ==========================================
If he lets one pitch go a bit wild, they’re hard enough that we can do something huge.

But instead, it’s just one low ball after another.

[sfx]: Thwack!

[sfx]: Cheers

[sfx]: Cheers

p28: ==========================================
That face and that form are still pissing me off.

And looks still don’t matter one bit!

[sfx]: Ding!

15: Nangou

p29: ==========================================

p30: ==========================================
[sfx]: Cheers!

See? I told you.

Looks don’t really matter.
[board]: Kai / Mei

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