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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Mayonaka no X Giten 25

When I Call Your Name

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Nov 26, 2016 22:52 | Go to Mayonaka no X Giten

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Midnight Cross Channel 25

p1: ===============================
XX/YY, Hiro’s NEET Sister-Watching Diary
Chapter 25: When I Call Your Name
[sfx]: Rat-a-tap-tap

It has been a long time since the last time I updated this. I apologize to anyone out there who has been eagerly awaiting my return.
[sfx]: Rat-a-tap-tap

[sfx]: Rat-a-tap-tap
/ Well, it’s already over and done with, so let me just say it…

The truth is, a few days ago, my sister died.
[screen]: Let me just say it / the truth is, a few days ago, / my sister died.
[sfx]: Rat-a-tap-tap

p2: ===============================
The cause of death was suicide.

With my sister herself having passed away,
/ we’ll never know the real reason why she did it.

…However, I’m certain she was in agony.
/ Agony over the burden she was placing on her family.

Especially the burden she laid on me, her brother.
Nee-san, I’ve bought the stuff.
[sfx]: Rustle
Seven’s kalpi lunch and Fammart’s chicken.

How many times have I told you not to let the garbage build up!
[sfx]: Stink
You’d better clean this all up tomorrow.

She really did cause me so much trouble.

p3: ===============================
To be honest, I’ve always wished my sister were gone.

But now that it’s really happened,
[sfx]: Rat-a-tap-tap
I wound up crying out.
/ Why, you ask?

Obviously… it was because I was overcome with joy. (lol)
[sfx, rest of page]: Rat-a-tap-tap

Finally… Finally! Finally, I’m free of that piece-of-shit of a sister!

She was a useless idiot, but always acted like she was queen of the world. She was a trashy woman whose life meant nothing.

Ah… Let me speak from the bottom of my heart:
/ I am truly thankful that my sister is—
[sfx]: Freeze

p4: ===============================
Are you all right, Hiroki?

No matter how much this might be for the sake of the plan,
/ this is just too much for you to bear.
[sfx]: Slide

Do you want me to type for you?

p5: ===============================
No, I’m fine.

This is something I have to do!
[sfx]: Wipe

All right, it’s finished.

If I upload my journal now,
/ I’m sure there’ll be a response.
[sfx]: Tap

[background]: Latest Comment
We’ve got one!

p6: ===============================
Hiro-sama, long time no see. I have been an eager reader of your daily entries.
[background text on top is from what he wrote, ending in “I am truly thankful that my sister is dead.” Bottom rows are these black boxes now]

…I am surprised to learn that your sister passed away.
And from suicide, no less.
[background is black boxes]

I simply cannot believe it.
/ I do not mean to be rude, but are you telling us the truth?
[sfx]: Nod

Thank you for your comment.
Yes, I am certain of it. She killed herself.
[sfx]: Rat-a-tap-tap

…I see…. Your family surely must be in grief.
Oh, not at all.
[bg: top section is first black boxes, then hiro’s response, then black boxes, then hiro’s response (going into the next page)

p7: ===============================
Everyone in our family is feeling heartfelt joy over no longer being burdened by her.
[sfx]: Rat-a-tap-tap
Goodness… Is that the truth?

All right… It’s almost time to go for it.
Umm… Might you possibly happen to be…

The person who taught me how to exchange bodies?

…Yes, I am.
I knew it.

Wow! I was certain you were!
/ I’m so glad to get to speak with you again.
[sfx]: Rat-a-tap-tap

You see, the truth is, I’ve been longing to thank you.

p8: ===============================
I would love to meet you in person?
[sfx]: Freeze

…I must respectfully decline.
[sfx]: Rat-a-tap-tap
I am terribly anxious around strangers, you see.

Oh… That’s too bad.
After all, it’s because you taught me the method that I was able to experience something as wonderful as exchanging bodies…

And I’ve been given the biggest blessing of all: my sister’s suicide.
/ All of that is thanks to you.
[sfx]: Glare

Oh… In that case, how about this?

p9: ===============================
This time, how about you exchange bodies and then meet with me?
[sfx]: Rat-a-tap-tap

In that event, you would be able to meet me in another’s form.
/ Shouldn’t even one as shy as you be able to handle that?

That is a good idea.
/ That way, I would be able to get through the event without suffering overly from nerves.

Truth be told, there is something I would like to discuss with you as well…
[sfx]: Rat-a-tap-tap

p10: ===============================
Let us schedule it for… Tomorrow night, at midnight. I will prepare for you a white door you can use to meet with me.
The door will have a very peculiar look to it, so you should be able to quickly identify it.

Thank you for making all of the preparations.
I cannot wait to meet you.

Neither can I.

With that, until tomorrow… The situation will be a bit peculiar, but you and I, Hiro-san, will be alone together.

[sfx]: Rat-a-tap-tap

p11: ===============================
Let’s look forward to the Midnight Cross Method.

It looks like I got him to take the bait.

Right… Now I need to update everyone else about this.
[sfx]: Flip

Yes… Yes. Everything is ready.

Yes… I am mentally prepared, too.
/ So tomorrow, at midnight…

p12: ===============================
Let’s all capture the culprit who killed my sister!
Roger that!

p13: ===============================
The next day, at midnight.

[sfx]: Step x2

[sfx]: Press
So then… I’m off.

p14: ===============================

This time,
/ I’ll make sure to kill him.

p15: ===============================
[sfx]: Slide…

[sfx]: Squeeze

A slightly peculiar white door.
/ It must be this one.

[sfx]: Click

p16: ===============================
You’re here.
[sfx]: Pull
/ I’ve been waiting.

Yes… A pleasure to meet you, Hiro-san.

Let’s drop the charade. A pleasure to MEET me?
/ Don’t we know each other very well?

That’s why you’ve come to see me again.
All so that, this time, you could kill me for good.

p17: ===============================
I only had you come here because I knew that.

You must be amazingly furious.
/ But of course you are, after how much I insulted the person you love.

I fail to understand the meaning of your words.
I’ve spoken with you a number of times online, but this is the first time we’ve actually met—

Again, enough with the lies.
[sfx]: Clench
All we have to do is get a little confirmation.

p18: ===============================
I’m counting on you, Mikuriya.
[sfx]: Stand
On it.

Class Rep’s body’s power is called Truthful Name, or “Don’t Call Me Class Rep.”
/ It is the power to force someone to respond when called by their true name.

I will now have her call you by your true name.
If we are right about who you are…
/ You will respond.

p19: ===============================
[sfx]: Nod


Are Kamiya… Daiki, right?

…I am.

p20: ===============================
…I knew you were the culprit.
No… You’re the ringleader behind it all…


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