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Chaos;Child ~Children's Collapse~ 3

First Contact

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Aug 5, 2018 03:00 | Go to Chaos;Child ~Children's Collapse~

-> RTS Page for Chaos;Child ~Children's Collapse~ 3

Chaos Child ~Children’s Collapse~ 3

p2: ================================
/ Mio!
[sfx]: Shake

[sfx]: Scratch

p3: ================================
It’s getting late.
I won’t bar you from sleeping here, but you could at least take off your lab coat.

All I’m doing is following your perfect example.

That is quite the thing to say after you surprised me with that paper during my presentation at today’s conference.
/ Submitted by referral, no less. When did you even lay the groundwork for that?
And how’d it do?

“Well written, but could use a bit more data and inquiry,”
/ was the general consensus.

[sfx]: Tch.
And you?

p4: ================================
Well, I believe I’ve managed to secure our budget.

One year had passed since I met Makise Kurisu.
[sfx]: Blow

I still showed up at high school now and then,
but I mostly hung out in Kurisu’s lab as a non-matriculated college student.

p5: ================================
I cannot recall the last time I heard you put on anything classical.

Have you ever applied Uexküll’s Umwelt* to your work?
/ Yes, on occasion.
* Jakob von Uexküll, a German biologist and philosopher, who introduced the idea of the umwelt, or the subjective world-view.

Living things do not perceive their environment, time, or space equivalently,
but rather process the same stimuli uniquely, and thus live in a unique world.

…Sounds like you take his view.
I suppose I do.

p6: ================================
Even after Beethoven grew hard-of-hearing, his compositions continued to be masterpieces.
Musicians have often viewed this as bizarre.

What’s more, he never knew more math than basic addition.
And Mozart, he’s supposed to have paced around his room even while washing his face in the morning.

Do you think they’ve got the same brains normal people do?
I see.

I wanna know what world it was they saw, the one other people can’t.

p7: ================================
And? Did you learn anything?

Someone wrote Europeans knock on doors in a four-beat pattern because of Beethoven’s Destiny.
[insert]: Thus Knocks Destiny at the Door
Though who knows if it’s true.

…Is that all?
As if this stuffy old music could teach me anything.

You need to let yourself grow a bit more accustomed to this sort of thing.

Now then. I’m heading out. Come along, please.


p8: ================================
…What am I even doing here?
[insert]: *Sigh*

p9: ================================
Perhaps that statement would carry more weight if you weren’t wolfing down all that food.

Some of us aren’t rich.
Besides, didn’t you once tell me you’d rather spend an hour talking to a wall than go to an academic social?

I’m not here by choice either.
But our lab’s sponsors are here. I had to come.

Then why’d you drag me a—
{Miss Makise!}

p9: ================================
{My, your presentation today was absolutely splendid.}
{Oh… Thank you very much.}
[sfx]: Twitch

{And who’s this young lady?}

{She’s something of a new researcher in my lab.}
{I’m sorry, but I have so many people to introduce her to, so…}

{Miss Makise?}

p10: ================================
You literally found yourself a wall.

You’re the one not used to stuffy high society.
Oof… That’s enough out of you!

{Miss Makise?}

p11: ================================

p12: ================================
{A pleasure to meet you, Miss Coleman.}

{I’m honored to see you’ve heard of me.}
{Your presentation was wonderfully intriguing, and rather stimulating.}

p13: ================================
{And yet, your budget! It appalls me. The University lacks proper appreciation for your work.}
{If you are ever in trouble, feel welcome to visit me. As a fellow researcher, you have my support.}
{…No, there are still too many details I am yet to handle properly. }
/ { But that is very kind of you to offer. }

[sfx]: Rumble

p13: ================================
{--Please, I would love you to pay me a visit. }
{ You need simply show the doorman my card. By all means, please. }

What was that?

Claire Coleman,
the head of the Coleman Institute for Cognitive Neuroscience.

And the kid?
…I have no idea.

p14: ================================
[sfx]: clap

p15: ================================
[sfx]: clap
She’s so far.

p16: ================================
[sfx]: clap

[sfx]: ooh

[sfx]: click


[sfx]: flap

[sfx]: Chah

p17: ================================
[sfx]: clap / haha

[sfx]: dash!


p18: ================================
[sfx]: tick tock

p19: ================================
[sfx]: tick tock

[insert]: Phew

[sfx]: Click open / jump!

[sfx]: slip

p20: ================================
[sfx]: crash

[sfx]: rattle

/ Are you all right?!

Hey? What’s wrong?!
[sfx]: creek

p21: ================================
[sfx]: SLAM!

{No… Stop… }

p22-23: ================================
What the hell?!

Where’s this music coming from?

[sfx]: lift

p24: ================================
[sfx]: silence

It stopped…?

[sfx]: bite

{Hey! Stop that‼ }
{Mnn! Mnnn!}

p25: ================================
[sfx]: grab

[sfx]: drip / twitch

So that’s what’s going on!

p26: ================================
{ Beth! }


p27: ================================
[sfx]: huff, huff.

[sfx]: Squeeze

[sfx]: phew

{Weren’t you Miss Makise’s… }
{I am terribly sorry for any trouble she caused. Are you all right? }

{A panic attack from auditory overstimulation? }

p28: ================================
{ …Yes. }

{I brought her along today in order to help develop her life skills, }
/ {but it looks like the noise-canceling headphones she had to play her favorite sounds broke.}
[sfx]: Scritch scratch

{Umm, let me treat you. }
{Forget me. More importantly… }

What was that sound I heard a second ago?

p29: ================================
{Yes? }
{…Never mind. Let’s get her to some place calming and get her some earmuffs. }

{ …Yes, let us do so. You know quite a bit about this sort of thing. }
{Not that much, really. }

{Come now, Beth. What do you say to the nice lady?}

{…Thank you. }

p30: ================================
{You finally come back here after who knows how long, and you got bitten? }
{You’re not some runaway boy living on the streets. }

{Whoa… What sort of fight were you even in? }

{A kid with hyperacusis bit me. }
{Hyper whatsit?}

{…Tell me you at least know what the Cocktail Party Effect is.}
{No, what’s that?}
*: The ability to pay attention to certain sounds within a noisy room. Those suffering from hyperacusis often struggle with it.

{ …Both it and hyperacusis come down to the same thing.}
[sfx]: sigh

p31: ================================
{ Have you ever thought about the world experienced by bats and dolphins, }
{ / the creatures in the animal kingdom with the strongest hearing and who use echolocation? }
{ Or how some who experience synesthesia can hear in color? }

{ …Fine. Don’t tell me. }
[insert] Hmph

{ No matter how many times I listen to a D-major chord, I can’t hear the yellow that Scriabin heard. }
{ That was a world all his own, one only he could hear. }
*Alexander Scriabin, a Russian composer and pianist.

There weren’t any speakers.
But the moment that girl tilted her neck…

p32: ================================
/ You were there, right? It even made the news. }

{ I was what? }

{… I’m no genius like her. }
{ You both seem the same to me. }

p33: ================================
{ We’re not the same! You have no idea how hard I’ve-- }

[sfx]: Ah!

{…Sorry. }

{ I’ve heard the university dean’s called our school again. }
{ They want you to skip the rest of high school and enroll this semester. }
{ … }

p34: ================================
--No. I won’t give you up.

Huh? Why not?

I just won’t.
What about you. Why be so fixated on this?

Don’t you remember what you told me a year ago?

p35: ================================
“We must use logic and reason as our tools to question the riddle that is the universe.”

I’m still saying nothing about becoming a scientist, but…

I could spend all my life trying to fight that riddle of yours…
And I’d never even lay a finger on it.

…But you believe a hint lies there?

/ But I’m planning to find out.


p36: ================================
I have one condition.

If anything catches your attention, no matter how trivial, you are to contact me immediately.

…You know something?
I would tell you if I did.

All I know is that it smells fishy.

…Hashida-san said that?

[sfx]: Slide

p37: ================================
Well you can tell Hashida-san that I’m still waiting for him to show me that database.
…According to him, you refused to pay compensation?

I’d sooner drop dead than cosplay as some random anime girl.
[insert]: Is that what that HENTAI asked for…?

/ please don’t forget that condition.
[sfx]: Click

…You might still have me beat in brains,
/ But I’ve got the edge in height, weight, and a feel for when people are up to no good.
Experience’s taught me that.

…Do be careful.

p38: ================================
Coleman Institute for Cognitive Neuroscience

[sfx]: typing

[sfx]: typing

DI-SWORD failed to materialize.

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