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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Mix 42


+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Mar 10, 2017 20:52 | Go to Mix

-> RTS Page for Mix 42

Mix 42

For use by RyColaa Scanlations

p1: ===================================
[scoreboard] {
[top row]: Team / 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6
[second row]: H
[third row]: M

p2-3: ===================================
[insert]: Everyone at the tournament has their eyes on his right arm. / Hurry to the mound!
Chapter 42: Jealous?

p4: ===================================
[sfx]: Ding!

[sfx]: Wobbly


p5: ===================================
[sfx]: Cheers

So what’s this supposed to mean?

Every borderline pitch gets called a ball,
/ and every shoddy hit gets called in.

Did I go and blow all my luck on the no-hitter from last time?

Now, now.
/ Who actually has no luck?

p6: ===================================
You, who’s been doing nothing but grumbling all game,
/ or the team that has four hits, three walks and zero runs?

He sure looks pissed…
[sfx]: Cheers

Regardless, they’re a team without any big hitters.
/ Their plan is to keep going one single at a time.
We won’t be punished even if you pitch straight down the middle.

Overpower them!
Isn’t that what Haruka-chan said,
/ back at the meeting?

p7: ===================================
Don’t “huh” me.
/ Weren’t you listening?

Don’t you remember how one the buttons on her blouse popped off as she stood,
/ and how she held it together with her hand while she spoke?!


A cold?
/ that doesn’t sound…
[small bubble]: *Sniff*

[sfx]: Cheers

p8: ===================================
[sfx]: Cheers

p9: ===================================
[sfx]: Cheers

Just like that, Touma.

Been thinking from the start, I have.
/ This lineup’s not hitting anything out of the park, so let’s simply overwhelm them.
/ You too?


Nah, nothing.
/ No wonder you were the captain back in middle school.

p10: ===================================
[sign]: Exit / Concessions

[sign to the right of the first one]: Smoking Section

p11: ===================================
[sfx]: Cheering

p12: ===================================
Whatever sport you chose, you would’ve been an ace at it,
/ Akai-kun.

/ Baseball was the one thing I never had a shred of confidence in.

[sign]: Register
Natsuno Ichiban (Baseball Team). Having lost the match, he has to pay.

I did grow up right getting to watch a bona-fide genius play.
Wouldn’t that be the ideal environment?

Screw being compared to him.

What’s so bad about that?
/ You’re brothers, and he’s older than you any—

p13: ===================================
/ He’s my brother.

A brother who showed up out of the blue when I was four, anyways.

My parents, they both had been married before.
Oh, really?

Then you’re the same as us!
I can’t believe it!


The same?
/ Huh?
You’re kidding!

I mean, your brothers are so—
/ Huh?
They’re not just twins who look nothing like each other?

p14: ===================================
Hey, hey.
/ What’re you talking about now?
It’s hard, trying to find someone in the neighborhood who doesn’t know.

[sfx]: Cheers


p15: ===================================

[sfx]: Cheers

p16: ===================================
[sfx]: Cheers

Hey, hey.
/ These guys, are they really Meisei Academy?

p17: ===================================
I thought the no-hit no-run game had been a fluke, and came here half on a lark,
/ but that freshman—he’s not given up a proper hit this game, either.
[sign]: Meisei Alumnus

The strongarmed catcher who bats third picked off all three attempts to steal, too.
/ Damn, those brothers are good.

--Hey, did you hear?
/ Those two perfectly-in-sync brothers? They’re not related by blood.

You idiot.
/ Sure I know that.
[upper left]: --Yeah. They live a stone’s throw from the school,
/ and both parents are in their second marriage.
[lower right]: That’s common sense.
/ There’s not a person in the neighborhood who doesn’t know.
[sfx]: Hah hah

p18: ===================================
[scoreboard] {
[top row]: Team / 1 / 2 / … / 8
[second row]: H
[third row]: M
[sfx]: Cheers

Look out there all you want, you ain’t finding her.

p19: ===================================
Otomi-chan’s over there.

[sfx]: Cheers

Those brass band guys scouted her, and now she’s performing.

p20: ===================================
[sfx]: Cheers

p21: ===================================
/ Is Mr. Soccer Team jealous?

In today’s Japan, there’s nothing bigger in summer than high school ball.

p22: ===================================

[sfx]: Cheers

…I’m jealous.

Don’t go telling me this’s making you finally start wanting to play baseball.

Not once in my life have I been confident about baseball.

/ I heard.


p23: ===================================
Recently, I managed to beat our middle school’s ace and fourth batter in a batting contest.


Y-You idiot!
/ Mine was at 130km/hr; yours, 100km/hr. You had a handicap!

/ That did give me confidence.

/ don’t tell me you’re—?!

p24: ===================================
I’m kidding.

[sfx]: Cheers

p25: ===================================
[sfx]: Cheers

[sfx]: Pitter-patter

p26: ===================================
[scoreboard] {
[top row]: Team / 1 / 2 / … / 9
[second row]: H
third row]: M
[final row]: m / 1 / 2 / … / 9

p27: ===================================
[sfx]: Whoosh

p28: ===================================
[sfx]: *Gasp*!


Stop wasting so many panels…

[sfx]: Cheers!

p29: ===================================
A no-hitter followed up by a shutout…
/ Nice pitching, and nice game!
[sfx]: Cheers

What game were you watching?

With how Touma was doing today, the fact that he didn’t get scored on was basically a miracle.

Well, to be fair,
/ that every instruction their manager gave them backfired really helped us out.

p30: ===================================
Souichirou took the lead and made it so everything backfired.
[sfx]: Cheers

--However, there was only one worrisome error…

Along with five more mistakes on offense and defense that won’t show up on the books.


You’re seeing everything there is to see, aren’t you?

Good boy.
/ umm…

p31: ===================================
[sfx]: Cheering

p32: ===================================
[sfx]: Cheering


I’m jealous.
[sfx]: Cheering

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