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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Mayonaka no X Giten 23


+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Sep 23, 2016 22:24 | Go to Mayonaka no X Giten

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Midnight Cross Method 23

p1: ====================================
Kirishima Sachi, age 18. Lived with his parents, an older brother, and a younger sister.
He was always at the top of his class. A prodigy, some called him.
/ His family was close. They were famous in the neighborhood for how well they got along.

…But all of that was strictly their public persona.

A heavy darkness lurked within the Kirishima household.

And that itself led to the birth of the serial killer X,

p2: ====================================
Kirishima Sachi’s other self.
[insert]: The serial killer born from the Kirishima Family’s darkness: Kirishima Sachi‼
Chapter 23: Emptiness
Midnight Cross Method
Story: Yamaguchi Mikoto

p3: ====================================
Kirishima Sachi had a split personality?
/ A strong indicator supporting the initial theory was our finding of left-handed scissors in the right-handed Sachi’s room.

…Even if that were true, can that method actually bring back the split-off personality?
It should… Right?

When they pressed the single, folded-in-half card between their foreheads, the personality returned to its original body.

…There’s much I can’t believe, but when the most unbelievable thing of all is happening right in front of my eyes…

…What do you say, Kirishima Sachi-kun?
/ There is much we’d like to ask you about the incident, if you are able.
/ …I supposed I don’t have much of a choice. I admit it; I’ve lost.

I shall tell you everything.

p4: ====================================
But first, please take Ai from this room.
/ None of this is anything she would want to remember.

…As you’ve requested, we’ve had her removed.
Then I’ll start again.

As some of those present may be aware,
every member of the Kirishima clan is as two-faced as could be.

However, even though we were counted among their number,
/ the world considered my family to be as honest and clean as they come.

But you know?
The truth is, my house…
/ was the darkest of all.

p5: ====================================
Especially my brother.
He was truly a man beyond redemption.

He played the serious and stupendous brother in public…

But beneath that mask was a mind warped by jealousy.
Whenever he saw something that wasn’t just the way he wanted it, violence followed.

He relentlessly beat me when I was little.

p6: ====================================
[sfx]: Thud!

B-Brother, why do you keep hitting my chest?
/ If you hate me that much, you’re welcome to hit me in the face.

I do that, everyone else’ll find out.
/ You think I wanna get shamed out in public?

/ Heh heh… Given that you’d attack your own brother because you’re jealous of his abilities…

I’m pretty sure you’ve already brought more than enough shame upon yourself.
…Sachi, you piece of…

Sachi… Nii-sama…
[sfx]: Pound!
In the house of two-faced liars stood I, a man who did not mince his words. That I was hated would be an understatement.

p7: ====================================
With each passing day, my brother’s violence escalated.
My parents, meanwhile, turned a blind eye.

It was a wretched time.
/ If I had had no one on my side, I wouldn’t have made it through—but I did. I had Ai.

But time went on, and eventually my brother’s beatings were suppressed.
Or rather, I should say I suppressed them myself.

Brother, if you continue this any further, I won’t hold back.
[sfx]: Creek
For by the time I entered my sophomore year of high school, I could outmuscle him.

p8: ====================================
After that, my days grew tranquil.

However, inversely, all strength seemed to drain from Ai.

And then…
Sachi-nii-sama, have you ever thought that you wanted to become someone you aren’t?
when Ai reached the point where she could ask me that puzzling question…

…I saw it.
[sfx]: Creek

p9: ====================================
I saw the true darkness.
[sfx bubbles, all over page]: Creek
It’s all your fault.
Because you always take his side.
Listen, and don’t you forget it.

It’s over, Ai. You’re mine now.
[bottom-left sfx bubble]: Ooh…

Suck it, Sachi. Now you’re all alone.
[bottom-left sfx bubble]: *Whimper*

Once I had born witness to that

p10: ====================================
My other self had already been born.
[sfx]: Huff

No. Perhaps he had always been there, deep inside my heart.

I had written that story of a protagonist enjoying the act of killing.
[sfx]: Type
And most of all,

When I returned to my senses, I saw I’d only struck my brother’s chest.
/ I’d let my subconscious take over, and had done the exact same thing he had.

p11: ====================================
Was it the Kirishima blood?
I, too, had a dark side; the thought revolted me from the bottom of my heart.

I’m sorry, Ai. Sorry I didn’t realize sooner.
But I won’t let this happen ever again.

…Sachi-nii-sama, I really do want to become someone I’m not.
/ I don’t want you to embrace me when I’m in this body, this defiled flesh.
…Don’t say that.

What’s more, so long as I’m in here, my true wish will never be granted.
Your true wish?

p12: ====================================
I want to become one flesh with you, Sachi-nii-sama.

Because I truly, truly love you.

p13: ====================================
Ai’s mind had already all but snapped.

If I left her alone then, she probably wouldn’t have been able to live on.

Okay… Let’s do it, Ai.
We decided to use the cards to perform the act.

Later, I would take my incorrigible brother, who again tried to lay his hands on Ai…
And my parents, who did know of everything he was doing, but said nothing…
It’s not our fault!
/ It’s all yours, Sachi!

p14: ====================================
And killed them all.
[sfx bubbles]: Splat / Thud / Crash / Slam / Rip / Crunch
(rip is lower-right, rest are in order)

p15: ====================================
/ I laid all the blame…

On the Sachi I left behind, who only remembered the Kirishima family’s good side.

The culprit is my brother, Kirishima Sachi.

I did so because that was the only method I could devise that would let Ai survive.

p16: ====================================
That concludes the facts behind the Kirishima Family Murder Incident.

…Don’t mess with us.

[sfx]: Push

Don’t mess with us, Sachi!
[sfx]: Grab

p17: ====================================
In that case, why’d you kill my sister?!
Why did you even kill Shin’ichirou-san?!
[sfx]: Squeeze

If you’re telling us the truth, then even if you were going about things the wrong way…
/ You were doing all of it to protect your little sister!

But they had nothing to do with that, so why’d you have to kill them?

p18: ====================================
…I’m sorry to say this,
/ but no amount of probing will provide a satisfactory answer to that question.

…The one thing I can say…

Is that, in the end, the two broken souls literally became one flesh.

So within us lay not only a tremendous insanity, but additionally, where there should have been something to restrain it, there was only emptiness.
…Wouldn’t that be it?

p19: ====================================
The heck does that mean?

Now that I have returned to my own body…

When I match my memories of my time with you…

With those of my actions as X, I realize…

p20: ====================================
I truly am the worst.

…I’m sorry, Hiroki.
You placed your faith in me, but…

I was never worthy of it.


p21: ====================================
You freaking idiot…!

And so the curtain closed on the X incident.

Along the way, the police learned of the existence of body switching,
and came to understand my circumstances.

Yes. Everything had come to an end.

p22: ====================================
Hello… This way.

My sister is in here.

I-In the refrigerator?
U-Umm, what’s going to happen to Kamiya-kun?
/ Is he going to be charged with anything?

…It probably won’t be anytime soon,
/ and I don’t believe he’ll be charged with a major crime, but I can’t guarantee he’ll be considered innocent.
But Kamiya-kun’s—

p23: ====================================
It’s fine, Class Rep.
[sfx]: Pat
All I wanted to do was avenge my sister.

I’ve prepared myself for when the police come knocking.
/ And I’ll quit school.

Now then. Let us confirm your sister’s body.
Yes, ma’am.
/ …Please do the honors.
[sfx]: Snap

[sfx]: Open

p24: ====================================
My sister’s body—it’s missing?!

What the… How can this be?

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