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Kangoku Gakuen 277

Bonnie and Clyde

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Dec 25, 2017 17:28 | Go to Kangoku Gakuen

-> RTS Page for Kangoku Gakuen 277

Prison School 277

p1: ====================================
Even now that it’s too late, she still can’t give up

Chapter 277: Bonnie and Clyde / The End of Our Road

p2: ====================================
[sfx]: Smash!

p3: ====================================
NO! No!
I just can’t fucking take this!

No, no…
This is all wrong!

p4: ====================================
You’re embarrassing yourself, Midorikawa Hana!
[sfx]: Point!

Get a hold of yourself!
/ Why are you upset?
How would I know? I just am!

And to think you said you’d forgive me…

p5: ====================================
Was that all a lie?
Do you hate me that badly?!

Shut your fucking mouth!
/ You and Chiyo-chan won’t work at all!

I seriously don’t get you.

Or wait… Hana-san. Did you actually like me?
Are you like a grade schooler who can’t stop from messing with the boy she likes? <small: Haha! >

p6: ====================================
That is enough, Kiyoshi-kun!

Huh…? What?
Why are you angry, Chiyo-chan?

Try to think about… About how she feels!
…? But how would I know how she…

She feels…
the same…

[small bubbles]: Huff

p7: ====================================
as I…
…Ooh… Ooh…

[sfx]: Flash!

p8: ====================================
[sfx]: Smack!

Wh… What’s wrong with you?
[sfx]: Slide

p9: ====================================
Give them back this second!
I gave you back yours!
[sfx]: Stomp

Fucking give them back already!

H-Hana-san, please relax.
How about you start by putting on some panties?

p10: ====================================
Your panties aren’t here, Hana-san.
/ Kiyoshi-kun will give them back once he’s back at the dorm, so…
No! He has to give them back now!

Please don’t be ridiculous!
It’s easy! Just give me the ones you’re wearing right now!

Th-That’s clearly ridiculous!
Hana-san, I have to agree that that seems a little strange.

/ So today, honestly, I was planning on not coming here.

p11: ====================================
I was super, super nervous… None of my clothes felt right.
I couldn’t find the right outfit to tell you the truth in, and was running late…

But… I was wrong. My clothes weren’t the problem.
It was my underwear that didn’t feel right!
[small bubbles]: Huff

This really does feel right…
When I put Kiyoshi’s briefs on, everything felt right. I thought I could actually do this… Heh heh.
/ But you understand, don’t you, Chiyo-chan? Heh… Heh heh…‼

No, not in the slightest.

p12: ====================================
I knew that, today, Kiyoshi would be wearing the underwear that felt perfect to him, too: mine!

So… Take them off already!
[sfx]: Grab!

Cut it out! Wah!
Fine! All right already! I’ll show you my underwear!

p13: ====================================
But first, I have to go to the bathroom! <small: I’m really near my limit. >
No! You’ll just change underwear in there!
Who would bring a spare pair of underwear to a confession?!

Stop talking and strip!
[sfx]: Yank / Thud

Hana-san, there’s no need to be so forceful. He said he’d show you… Okay?
[sfx]: Step

p14-15: ====================================
[sfx]: Roll!

[sfx]: Thud


[sfx]: Swipe!

p16: ====================================
[no text]

p17: ====================================
[no text]

p18: ====================================
[sfx]: Blast!


p19: ====================================
See? I was right.

[sfx]: Shiver

p20: ====================================
Oh… Where did I go wrong?

What should I have said?
Was there a right answer?

What should I have done?

p21: ====================================
Yeah… These really do feel right.
No… It was impossible. If I hadn’t worn Hana-san’s panties, my confession never would have succeeded.

Maybe I never had a chance in the first place.
Kiyoshi-kun… You didn’t peep, right?
My entire relationship with Chiyio-chan was based on a lie, after all.

p22: ====================================
Maybe I’m still as immature as ever…

p23: ====================================
[sign]: Underground Student Council
President, it’s time to patrol.

Thank you, Vice President.

p24: ====================================
Shall we get going, then?
21st President of the Underground Student Council: Kurihara Chiyo

Time to see if any of those scummy boys are up to no good.
[insert]: Thank you for your years of love and support!
[sidebar]: Always and forever, in jail.
[bottom]: The final, 28th volume, featuring an epilogue, will be out in April 2018!
/ Look forward to Hiramoto’s next… WORK!

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