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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Mix 39

He Really Does

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Jan 25, 2017 22:17 | Go to Mix

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Mix 39

Reserved for use by RyColaa Scanlations

p1: ==================================
[insert]: Midsummer dreams, memories of a white ball
Chapter 39: He Really Does

p2: ==================================
[sfx]: Chirping

He’s making the same jokes as you?

What’s so bad about that?
/ Just give him the old “Hell naw.”

A half-cocked attempt at being sly will only cause you to embarrass yourself.

p3: ==================================
Besides, I don’t think people are expecting that much.
/ Not out of you, not now.
TV Life Counseling

--I see.
/ What do you think, Mr. John Doe?
Was Tsukikage-sensei’s advice helpful?

I’m so sorry about all this,
/ about talking like a know-it-all about high school baseball manga when I’m actually clueless.
[sign]: Tsukikage Kiyo

I feel like I’ve met her somewhere before,
/ that old lady.

She’s been showing up now and then on TV lately.
/ She’s a popular author, the way I hear it.
Fancy that.

p4: ==================================
Speaking of high school ball, today’s another day of young men all over the country giving it all they’ve got for a chance to go to Koshien.
Fuck all that.

Oh, no, it’s nothing…

/ what’ll I have today…

Sorry, but I’m closing up shop.

Uh, wait,
/ didn’t you only just open up?
Quit your babbling!
/ Now get lost!

p5: ==================================
/ Wssh

/ Wssh

/ Wssh

p6: ==================================
[sfx]: Snatch!



That manager – is he okay?
/ He looks kind of unsteady.

p7: ==================================
Manager Ekoda, eh?
/ That old veteran’s been leading Sankou Institute’s team for over thirty years.

He’s never quite made it to Koushien, but his teams have posted solid results year in and year out.

They weren’t good enough to be seeded,
/ but word is that his team this year is the best it’s been in a long while.

The cleanup batter’s supposed to be the pride of the team.

And who was it who gathered that information?

Well pardon me.

p8: ==================================
[sfx]: Wah!

From what I can see,
/ their coach isn’t the only unsteady on his feet.

Ball four!

[sfx]: Cheer

p9: ==================================
I’m told he pitched a wonderful game at his last match,
/ but today, he’s all over the place from the get-go.
Eh, Morishima?

/ it’s Kondou.

Oh, yes, yes.
/ Morishima left the team two years ago.
Yes, he did,
/ three years ago…

[sfx]: Cheers!

p10: ==================================
[sfx]: Whoof
Batter hit!

[sfx]: Cheer

No outs, runners on first and second?!

--And now,
/ it’s time for their pride-and-joy, the cleanup hitter?

p11: ==================================
In the end, he’s just a freshman, eh?
[sfx]: Cheers

Condition-forming losses can make for a good experience.
/ Eh, Watanabe?
It’s Kondou.

Hah hah.
/ I kid,
/ I kid.

[sfx]: Cheers

p12: ==================================
Umm, all right.
/ Now that I’ve returned your answer sheets,
I’ll do the usual announcement of the top five in the class.

p13: ==================================
How’d you do, Otomi?

/ I think I did fairly well, but…

What are you…


p14: ==================================
She’s even got bags under her eyes…
/ Well, I don’t think there’s anything to worry about.
She’s barely ever made top five before, that girl.

First place, Mita Arisa.




p15: ==================================
Hey, hey.
/ There’s no need to jump to your feet.
And stop striking that pose.

Second, Tachibana Otomi.
[sfx]: Oh!

[sfx]: Clatter

Why are you jumping up now, too?

Third, Akai Ryou.
[sfx]: Oh!

[sfx]: Oh!

p16: ==================================
The class average this time was pretty high;
/ the top three were all neck-and-neck.
As your homeroom teacher, I couldn’t be happier.

/ time for cla—

Who is it?
/ Who went straight to sleep?!

…First-place Mita-san.


[sfx]: Snore~

p17: ==================================
That girl…

She might be far more amazing than any of us realize.

/ that’s enough talking about some random test.

Aren’t you curious?
Your brothers are playing right now.

p18: ==================================
You didn’t “catch” a cold this time?

When I called our homeroom teacher this morning,
/ he said that, if I don’t show, he’d post my answer sheet up on the wall, so…

He completely found you out, right from the start.
But like I’m saying, don’t you wanna know how the game’s going?

There’s no need to worry about Tou-chan today!

He said this morning that his shoulder felt light as a feather, so—
He what?

p19: ==================================
Ever since elementary school, whenever he says that on the day of a game,
he gives up barely any hits.


[sfx]: Snatch!

p20: ==================================
Ball four!

[sfx]: Cheers

p21: ==================================
[sfx]: Cheers

Get a hold of yourself.
/ Every inning, you’re letting runners get on base!

Hey, hey.
/ There were errors in the second and fourth.

All of it’s because the rhythm of your pitches has been off!
Thanks to that, our offense is completely off, too,
/ and every good hit goes straight to a fielder!

/ I feel like I’m in good shape.

p22: ==================================
We can just sit back and wait for him to self-destruct,
/ that pitcher of theirs.
I suppose so.


Oh, no.
/ It’s nothing.

[sfx]: Tap!

[sfx]: Cheers!

p23: ==================================
But all the same,
/ that pitcher…

I feel like I’ve seen him before.

[sfx]: Cheers

p24: ==================================
[sfx]: Cheers

It feels like we get in scoring position every time, but never quite get that last hit.
Forget the last hit…

We still haven’t gotten even one.

p25: ==================================
Hey, hey.
/ What’re you worrying about?

Our lineup in the last game, in seven innings, got…
/ …Umm…
Twelve hits.

--Right, twelve hits and nine runs.
/ Every team I craft focuses on the offense.
In the thirty years I’ve managed,
/ we’ve been shut out, but we’ve never lost in a no-hitter.

Not even once!

[sfx]: Snatch

p26: ==================================

Not even once,
/ sir?

/ If you think I’m lying, go and check the record.
My memory’s always been something to be proud of, I’ll have you know.

[book]: Sankou Institute Baseball Club Records

p27: ==================================
[sfx]: Snatch!

Okay, okay.

He really does look like someone,
that pitcher…

[book]: <ditto>

1986, East Tokyo Tournament Semifinals,
Sankou Institute 0 - 6 Meisei Academy

p28: ==================================
[sfx]: Whoosh

[sfx]: Whoosh!

p29: ==================================
[scoreboard]: Meisei / Sankou

One out left!
One out left!
One out left!


p30: ==================================

Have you remembered now?
[book]: <same book>

[sfx]: Cheers!

Meisei Academy
Pitcher / Innings Pitched / At-Bats / Balls Thrown / Hits / Strikes / Walks / Earned Runs
Uesumi / <numbers>

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