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Fullmetal Alchemist 102

Before the Gate

+ posted by HisshouBuraiKen as translation on Dec 10, 2009 02:28 | Go to Fullmetal Alchemist

-> RTS Page for Fullmetal Alchemist 102

This month had a lot of action so tl went quick. A scanlation is already up at MangaStream.com (thanks for the raw guys!) but once a public raw is out other groups and the international community are still free to use my translation here as long as you put me in the credits, as always. Have fun!

Page 1:
Red Text: The notes of their elegy ring out!

Page 2: [Ad]

Page 3:

Pride: I'd hoped we could avoid this,

but we're out of options.

There's no time left.

Side text: Roy is chosen as the final sacrifice! What are they trying to accomplish?!

Page 4:
Text: Memories of the countless steps they've walked form their bond.

Page 5:
Title: Chapter 102 - Before the Gate

Page 6:
Bradley: We will FORCE you to open the Gate,
Colonel Mustang.
White text: Open the gate?!

Mustang: I won't perform-
Bradley: Your motivations no longer matter.

Pride has assimilated another alchemist who possessed the knowledge.

This man knows everything there is to know about human transmutation.

Page 7:
Mustang: Wha-
SFX: zoru

Pride: I've got him pinned.
Get out of the circle, Wrath.
SFX: zo

SFX: Slip

Mustang: Gh-
SFX: zu

SFX: Ptheh-

SFX: wipe
Bradley: Hmm...

Page 8:
Bradley: I wonder what will be taken from YOU?
SFX: Bzz-

Hawkeye: Colonel!
May: No! You'll get sucked in too!


Page 9:

Scar: Nh-

Page 10:

Page 11:
Hawkeye: THAT'S-
not the colonel...
Is that THING the old doctor?

Page 12:
Bradley: Have no fear.
Colonel Mustang has been transported to our Father's room.

Although I can't guarantee he made it with all his limbs still attached.

Now then...
SFX: drip

Bradley: You can all see the state I'm in.

Page 13:
Bradley: Who will be remembered forever as the one who took my life?

The chimeras?

The foreigner?

Mustang's loyal dog?

Or perhaps...

ALL of you want your shot at immortality?

Page 14:
Darius: Oh man...
He's just a beat-up old man, and I feel like I don't stand a chance...
SFX: gulp

Jelso: Below us...

Below that hole...
Scar: What?
Jelso: When May said "He's below us..." that old man flipped his lid.

Something like "You can't interfere with his work!"
He definitely didn't want us going down there.

Scar: Ah ha...

So that's the "center" of it all.

Pages 15-16:
Scar: He's down
SFX: crick


Page 17:
SFX: zu

Page 18:
SFX: zu

SFX: pari

SFX: pari pari

SFX: baki baki

SFX: zzz

Page 19:

Mustang: Gha-

Ed: Colonel?!

SFX: zu

Page 20:
SFX: zuru
Small sfx: step

Pride: I've brought you the fifth one, Father.
Flask: Mmm...

We've got five "bodies," yes...but Alphonse Elric is not actually with us at the moment.

Mustang: Nnh...

Ed: You okay, Colonel?

Page 21:
Mustang: Fullmetal...
Where are we?
SFX: throb throb
Ed: In their boss's lair!
What happened to you?

Mustang: They took me to an empty white world with a massive gate...
Ed: GATE?!

What'd it take?!
Are your legs still there? And your arms?!
Mustang: Argh!

What are you doing?!
Are you WITH me, Fullmetal?!
Ed: Huh?

What're you talking about...
Mustang: It's pitch black...I can't see a thing.
Where are we? Can you see any lights?

Page 22:
Mustang: I...
...can't see...

SFX: wobble

SFX: trip

SFX: thud

Ed: N-...


Page 23:
Pride: Have you gone blind?

Of all the alchemists here, your abilities were the most troublesome.

...Now suffer...anguish.

Flask: The truth is cruel.

Page 24:
Flask: A pair of brothers who abandoned reason and tried to resurrect their departed mother, seeking her warmth once more...
One loses a leg to stand on and his only remaining family,
the other the ability to feel the warmth he so desperately missed.

A woman who tried to take back her dead child, only to end up with a body that will never again nurture the seed of life.


A man who had a grand vision to save his country loses his eyesight,
forever unable to see what his beloved nation will become.

All bestowed their proper punishment, put in their place, robbed of your pride.
THAT is what you humans revered as your God...
the "TRUTH."

Page 25:
SFX: clink

Bradley: Trying to stop Father, are you?

Pages 26-27: [soo much SFX...you guys figure it out :P]

Page 28:
Bradley: Hmm...
So my final opponent is the man with the power of destruction.

is your real name?

Scar: I have no name.
I abandoned it long ago.

Bradley: Is that so?
How funny.

I don't know MY real name, either.

Page 29:
Bradley: A battle to the death between two nameless warriors.
I like it.


Page 30:

SFX: badabadabada

SFX: Tap tap

SFX: Tak!

Page 31:
Ed: May!
May: There it is!

SFX: Crash

May: It may look different, but I can sense it...
You're the leader of the immortals, aren't you?!
SFX: crack crack

Flask: She actually broke into my abode...

That child...
SFX: glare

May: What's wrong with Alphonse-sama?
Izumi: I don't know,
it's like he's unconscious.

May: Wake up, Alphonse-sama!

Page 32: [N/A]

Page 33:
SFX: wobble

Al: ...Body...

SFX: wobble wobble

SFX: clank

Page 34:
Al-Body: I've waited so long.

Welcome home.

Page 35:
SFX: grab

Al: Why are my arms so think...

I'm all skin and bones...
It's like I've never even stood up...


Page 36:
Al: How am I supposed to fight in that body?!

Al: Everyone else is fighting for their lives...

Al-Body: You don't want your real body back?

Page 37:
Al: Always!
Always for years and years!
I've dreamed about getting my real body back!

I can't have that body...not now...

Al-Body: Do you want to go back?
Do you want to return, with that body?


Page 38:
Al-Body: If you do, I won't stop you.
SFX: gigigigi

SFX: giiiii
Al: Ah-

Page 39:
All SFX: on page: gi
Al: Forgive me! I'll come back!

Hang in there a little bit longer!

I swear I'll come back!

Al-Body: Sacrificing the body he's sought for years to save his loved ones...

Page 40:
Al-Body: My dear noble soul,
I would be proud to be your container.
SFX: gigigi

Al-Body: However...
SFX: gigigi

Al-Body: Your return may bring nothing but despair and ruin,

Page 41:

Ed: Al?!

SFX: gagagagagagagaga


Page 42:
Al: Buaaah!

Ed: Al!
Al: Brother?
All right, I'm back!
May: Alphonse-sama!

Al: Where are-

Page 43:
Flask: The fifth one
is here!!!
Text: All according to plan?!

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#1. by Viewtiful ()
Posted on Dec 11, 2009
Thanks for your translation! :D
And welcome back, I sure missed your translation ^^v
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