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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Naruto 428


+ posted by HisshouBuraiKen as translation on Dec 12, 2008 16:34 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 428

So I was right once again. "The real one isn't with them." More evidence that I am the fucking man. ;D

Page 1:
Text: Konohamaru makes his stand!
Title: 428 - Discourse

Kono: All right, if he grabs me, I'm toast.

When he catches you, he kills you with some kinda special jutsu...

Page 2:
Kono: Kh-

Ebisu: Konohamaru-kun!

Page 3:
Ebisu: GUAH-

Kono: S-Sensei!

Naraka Pain: Is Uzumaki Naruto here in this village or not?
Ebisu: UGH-

Kono: Ah ha, and then that big thing becomes visible!

Naraka: Answer.

It appears YOU really don't know.

Konohamaru: I'm starting to get how his technique works...

I don't know anything, jerk!

Page 4:
Kono: NGH-

Ebisu: K--K--

Naruto: Pay attention! The next jutsu I'm gonna teach you is WAY beyond that last one!
Kono: C'mon, show me already!
I wonder what kinda super-perverted technique it'll be!

Naruto: The first part is "rotation!"

Kono: Sweet, he added dance moves?!

Page 5:
Naruto: The next is "power!"
Kono: You attack with a dangerously sexy body?!

Naruto: And the NEXT part IIIIIIIIIS-
Kono: WHOOOHOO, there's MORE!

Naruto: Compression!
Kono: Compress it all into the ultimate sexy pose!

Naruto: What the hell are you talking about?
I'm trying to teach you a super-complex A-Rank move...

Naraka: A shadow clone!

Naruto: You take "rotation", "power", and "compression" to the highest possible level...

Page 6:
Kono: Rasengan!

Page 7:
Ebisu: Wh-...when did he...

Kono: I am a genin of the Sarutobi clan, named after our village!
Sarutobi Konohamaru!

And don't you forget it!

Deva: You and I must talk.

Page 8:
Tsunade: You're...

The kid from back then...

Deva: I see you remember this face.
ANBU: Do you know him?
Tsunade: Sort of...
ANBU: Who is he?

Pain: The God who will reform this world.

ANBU: Well, he's definitely not sane.

Deva: Where is Uzumaki Naruto...the Nine Tails?

Page 9:
Tsunade: Beats me.

Pain: We have nearly completed our hunt for the Jinchuuriki.
Without the Tailed Beasts, the balance of power between the shinobi villages has been eradicated.

There is no longer any point in protecting the Nine-Tails...
Soon, there will be war.
The seeds have been spread across the land.

And we will be in control of it all.
Assist us, and you will retain a chance for salvation.
At this point, you must realize how powerful we are.

Tsunade: Don't sell the Five Kages short!
You're nothing but a terrorist, and your words will never sway the resolve of those who refuse to let the peace their ancestors strove for be destroyed!

Page 10:
Deva: Get over yourselves!

ANBU: What a horrifying chakra...
ANBU2: So this is the Rinnegan! It's unlike anything I've ever seen...it makes me feel sick...

Pain: To us, your peace is violence.

Tsunade: I'm not excusing the Hidden Leaf for its past mistakes!
But your actions are inexcusable!

Deva: Watch what you say.
God is giving you his final warning.

Page 11:
Deva: Tell me where Naruto is.

Tsunade: The only thing I'll tell you is that we'll muster every ounce of strength we have to stop you!
That's it!
And just so you know, YOUR side is making a fatal mistake.

The thing you seek won't simply fall into your hands.

Deva: If you think your Leaf Shinobi can completely shield Naruto...
Tsunade: WRONG.

Page 12:
Tsunade: Naruto...
is unstoppable.

Page 13:
Shizune: There are six Pains...each one can only use one specific technique.
That woman used summons...
Meaning the Pain Jiraiya-sama killed has been revived in another body.

Inoichi: And that woman was, without a doubt,
a corpse delivered to a tower in the Hidden Rain.

Shizune: At that time,
did she have anything like this embedded in her body?

Inoichi: No...
She was completely unmarred.

Shizune: Fukasaku-sama told us that Pain somehow had the ability to revive corpses, and this information proves he was right.
He can reuse these chakra antennae as many times as he likes - All he needs to do to control a corpse is to embed them inside it.

Every single body with these antennae implanted in them might have started as a corpse.
And if these antennae act as receivers, there has to be something broadcasting the signal.

Page 14:
Shizune: Meaning that someone, somewhere...
is using these chakra antennae to manipulate these corpses.

The code said, "The real one isn't with them."
Which must mean that the main body, the one in control, isn't amongst the six Pains, correct?

Ino: No way! You mean there's ANOTHER one?!
Shizune: I considered it
as the worst-case scenario...unfortunately, it looks like that's the case.

ANBU: This "main" body must have an unfathomably powerful chakra
to be able to control all these bodies so effectively from a distance.

Inoichi: It bears a resemblance to the Yamanaka clan's body-control techniques, but we're only capable of manipulating one person at a time.
There are six Pains here...could there be another SIX hiding in the shadows?

Shizune: We can't be sure yet.
Ino: Either way, if it's anything like our jutsu, the "transmitter" needs to be as close to the "receivers" as possible, otherwise he wouldn't be able to control their movements, or even use the jutsu at all.

Page 15:
Shizune: Then he must be hiding somewhere near the Leaf village...
We have to contact Tsunade-sama and send a squad out to find the hidden Pain-

ANBU: What the-

I couldn't sense him?!

Page 16:
Human: Make one wrong move and the woman dies.

Inoichi: Shit!

Page 17:
Shizune: Unh-

Human: Myouboku...Mountain...

Ino: Dad, it's your technique!
H-He invaded his mind with no equipment in just a few seconds...

Deva: I see that Naruto isn't here, after all.
Myouboku Mountain, eh...

Tsunade: What?!
Text: Pain knows where Naruto is!

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#1. by Goji ()
Posted on Dec 12, 2008
Thanks for the trans Hisshou! ^^
#2. by NaruJunky ()
Posted on Dec 12, 2008
Thank you again for a wonderful translation.

on Page 11:
Tsunade: We
And YOUR side is making a fatal mistake.

(is "We" supposed to be there?)
#3. by KroguZ ()
Posted on Dec 12, 2008
nice one hisshouburaiken
#4. by mansemino ()
Posted on Dec 13, 2008
Surely you are the man, Hisshou-sama!! ^_^
Thanks a lot for the translation!
#5. by dylec ()
Posted on Dec 13, 2008
Always nice to read HBK's.
#6. by zidane ()
Posted on Dec 16, 2008
Indeed, indeed.

Thanks a lot Hisshou.
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