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Translations: One Piece 920 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Naruto 428


+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Dec 12, 2008 09:41 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 428

#428: Discussion
[Insert text: Konohamaru goes all out!!]
Konohamaru: *pant* // *pant* // *pant*
Naraku!Pain: ......
Konohamaru: (It certainly looks like I'm done for if I let this guy catch me. // He'll just kill me with that unusual technique he used before...)

Konohamaru: ?! // Ngh!! // ?!
Ebisu: Konohamaru-kun!

Ebisu: Nguahh!!
Konohamaru: S... Sensei...!!
Naraku!Pain: Is Uzumaki Naruto in this village or is he not? Which is it?
Ebisu: Unghh!!
Konohamaru: (I see... so if he catches you, you can see that thing...!)
Naraku!Pain: Come... answer me.
Flashback!Naraku!Pain: You, it would appear, honestly did not know.
Konohamaru: (I think I'm getting a good idea of this guy's ability.) // Sorry, but I don't have a clue...!

Konohamaru: ?!
Ebisu: *pant* // Ng...hh... // (Konohamaru-kun...!) // *pant*
Flashback!Naruto: Listen up! The jutsu I'm about to teach you is on a totally different level to anything you've seen before!
Flashback!Konohamaru: Then hurry up and teach it to me! // (What kind of incredible pervy jutsu will it be?)
Naraku!Pain: Hurry up and answer me... or you will die.
Flashback!Naruto: The first important point is "rotation"!
Flashback!Konohamaru: (It has motions and everything?!)

Flashback!Naruto: Next up, we have "force"!
Flashback!Konohamaru: (You mean being forcefully suggestive...?!)
Flashback!Naruto: And the most important point of all is~~~~~~!!
Flashback!Konohamaru: Aaaahhhhh! There's even more to it than that~~~~~?!!
Flashback!Naruto: "Constraint"!!
Flashback!Konohamaru: Oh, I can just imagine the sexy poses now!!
Flashback!Naruto: ? // What are you talking about? / I'm trying to teach you a super-difficult A-rank jutsu here, you know...
Flashback!Konohamaru: ?
Konohamaru: Kage Bunshin......!
Naraku!Pain: !!
Konohamaru: (The super-high-level ninjutsu combining "rotation", "force" and "constraint" in the ultimate form...)

Konohamaru: RASENGAN!!!

Ebisu: (Wh... When did he learn... a thing like...)
Konohamaru: I am a Genin of the Sarutobi clan, entrusted with the name of the village itself! // The name is Sarutobi... Sarutobi Konohamaru!! // And you'd better remember it!!!
Deva!Pain: There is something I would like to discuss with you.

Tsunade: Aren't you... // ...the brat from back then...?
Deva!Pain: It looks like you remember me.
ANBU: You know this guy?
Tsunade: A little...
ANBU: Who is he?
Tsunade: ......
Deva!Pain: A God who brings order.
ANBU: He certainly doesn't seem normal...
Deva!Pain: Where is Uzumaki Naruto... where is the Kyuubi?

Tsunade: I wonder.
Deva!Pain: We have all but completed our hunt for the Jinchuuriki. // The power balance between the villages, upheld by the Bijuu, is no longer stable. // There is no point in protecting the Kyuubi now... / Conflict will soon be upon us. // The coals of war are once more beginning to spark. // And we will be the ones in control of that war. // Cooperate with us, and we will not hesitate to spare you. / From this situation... you should already have some idea of the power we possess.
Tsunade: Do not underestimate the Five Kages! // You terrorists, working to destroy the stability that our ancestors worked so hard to build and to maintain, can say what you wish... / ...but it means nothing!!

Deva!Pain: Foolish pride.
ANBU: (His Chakra is ridiculous...!) // (So this... is the power of the Rinnegan...?! / It's not like anything I've seen before... it gives me a really bad feeling...)
Deva!Pain: Your so-called "peace" means nothing but violence to us.
Tsunade: I will not claim that the actions taken by the village of Konoha have always been just! // But I cannot forgive what you people are doing!!
Deva!Pain: Watch how you speak, now. // This is your final warning from God.

Deva!Pain: Tell me the location of Naruto.
Tsunade: ......... // I'll tell you what we will do - send every last shred of military force we have to crush you! / That's all there is to it! // And it looks like you've got something very wrong.
Deva!Pain: ......
Tsunade: I'm afraid you're never going to get your hands on what it is that you want!
Deva!Pain: ...If you mean to say that the shinobi of Konoha will be able to protect Naruto, then...
Tsunade: No.
Deva!Pain: ?

Tsunade: Naruto... // ...is strong.

[Sign: Konoha Cipher Dept.]
Shizune: There are six different "Pain" bodies... and each one of them can use only one type of jutsu. / But that woman was using summoning techniques. // It can only mean that the Pain whom Jiraiya defeated has been revived in a different body.
Inoichi: And it's a fact that the woman in question... / ...was brought to that tower in the Rain Village as a dead body.
Shizune: When she was brought there as a dead body... / ...was she wearing any of these?
Inoichi: No...... / I'm certain she was not.
Shizune: It's clear enough from this information that, just like Fukasaku-sama was saying before, Pain has the power to return the dead to life. / He can revive them in a new body as many times as he likes, simply by implanting these Chakra receivers into the corpses. // In other words, it's possible that all of the bodies with these receivers implanted into them are originally corpses. / And where there's a receiver, there has to be some kind of transmitter.

Shizune: I can only conclude... / ...that there is somebody hiding in the shadows, transmitting the Chakra signals that control these dead bodies. // That code, "Honmono wa inai" - "The real one isn't here"... / Could it signify that the real Pain isn't amongst the six bodies that we're seeing here?
Ino: No way! You mean there's another one of them out there somewhere?!
Shizune: (The thought had occurred to me...... / But that was the one possibility that I really didn't want to think about...)
ANBU: And he must himself have serious quantities of Chakra... // After all, he is manipulating all of these corpses perfectly from a distance with his Chakra alone.
Inoichi: It seems somewhat similar to the mind-shifting techniques that we of the Yamanaka clan use, but we are limited to manipulating a single person. / There are six of these Pain bodies... does that mean that there are six people controlling them from the shadows?
Shizune: We have no way of knowing.
Ino: Either was, if it's like our mind-shifting techniques, he'll want to be as close as possible to the receiving bodies in order to do the transmitting... Otherwise, he couldn't possibly pull off all those acrobatics and techniques.

Shizune: It seems likely that he is hiding somewhere in the vicinity of Konoha... / We should contact Tsunade-sama immediately and have her send out a search squad to uncover whoever's doing the transmitting... // !!
Ino: ?!
ANBU: What?! // (I couldn't see him coming at all?!)

Inoichi: !
Ino: !
Human!Pain: No sudden movements... or the girl dies.
Inoichi: Shit...!

Shizune: Ungh...
Human!Pain: ...Mount...Myouboku.
Ino: That's the same technique my father uses!! // But to gather that information in a matter of seconds without even using any equipment...?!!
Deva!Pain: It would appear Naruto is not here, after all. // Mount Myouboku...
Tsunade: (What?!!)
[Insert text: Pain has learned Naruto's location...?!]
[Bottom text: The invincible Pain's crimes...!! Next issue, "Pain"!!]
[TN: That's the Japanese word for "pain", rather than the guy's name =p]

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#1. by One Eyed Sharingan ()
Posted on Dec 12, 2008
thanks a lot... that was fast
#2. by Godaime_Raikage ()
Posted on Dec 12, 2008
thanks cnet
ahh i hope shizune wont die >_<
#3. by Chakra ()
Posted on Dec 12, 2008
Thanks, Cnet-san!
#4. by Goji ()
Posted on Dec 12, 2008
Thanks for the trans!
#5. by unok-kun ()
Posted on Dec 12, 2008
Thanx a lot!! Gonna translate it to Spanish.
#6. by Goji ()
Posted on Dec 12, 2008
Carlos, while I was doing my dutch trans from your trans I found a very small spelling error in your translation.
On page 13: Inoichi: And it's a face that the woman in question... -> face should probably be fact... :P
That's all, anyways, thanks for the quick and great trans. You're the best! ^^
#7. by cnet128 (MH's Best Translator)
Posted on Dec 12, 2008
#8. by juUnior ()
Posted on Dec 12, 2008
Big THX Carlos! xD
#9. by ant ()
Posted on Dec 13, 2008
thanks man!!
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