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Toriko 203

Gourmet Antidote!!

+ posted by JinHea as translation on Sep 12, 2012 06:09 | Go to Toriko

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tl by JinHea

- We’ll lend you a hand with the antidote-making.
- Yuda-chan, Komatsu-kun.
Title: “Toriko”
Text beside panel: Save the whole of humanity! The strongest National Treasure joins the battle!!

Komatsu: Se…
- Setsuno-saaan!!!
- Well, well.

- National treasure Setsuno-sama.
- A most reliable person has arrived.
- …however…

- In all honesty, we are not…
- even one millimetre closer to assembling enough gourmet chefs…

- I thought that would be the case…
- and hurried here.

- I’m not sure if I could be of much help…
- but please allow me to help in your mission.

- Chi…Chiru-san!!
- Oh.
- The head chef of “Kumogakure Cusine”.

- Fufu, seems you’re in a bit of a fix…
- Komatsu-chan.

- I’ll help out too.
Left bubble: Livebearer-san!!!
- You came!!

- Boss of the “Underground gourmet world” Livebearer.
- Former. / We’re no longer involved in underground dealings.

- We’re totally above-ground now [heart]
- Fufu, it’s all thanks to Komatsu-chan.

- Although you are all masters in your own right…
- there still aren’t enough people, am I right?

- You are…

- The owner and chef of “Damala’s Curry”, a curry restaurant with annual turnover of 10 trillion yen!!
- Ranked fourth on the World Gourmet Chef Ranking!! Damala Sky the 13th!!

- The owner of restaurant “Guts”!!
- Ranked 22nd by the Gourmet Chef Ranking!! Chef Leloubou!!!

- The proprietess of snackbar “Tsurara”!!
- Ranked 31st in the world!! Mama Tsurara!!!

- Entering the top ten for the first time as “Cafeteria granny”!!
- Cafeteria manager at “Nakaume Gourmet School”!!
- Ranked 10th in the world!! Chef Sumire!!!

- W… wooow!!
- To think so many gourmet chefs would be gathered in one place!!
- It’s a dream come true!!

- …But how did you all…
- hear about this situation?
- I told them.

- Company president Johannes!! / It’s been a while

- The truth is I wanted to assemble more people… / but unfortunately these are the only superior master gourmet chefs around here at the present time.
- The others are all in places from whence they cannot immediately reach here, so…

- It’s an emergency situations, after all. It can’t be helped.
- We are pitifully short on time.
- There’s nothing for it but to make do with the people we have here.

- Leave the FourBeasts to the “Gourmet hunters”.
- We “Gourmet chefs” have our own work to do!!

- Now then, I shall teach you…
- the Yuda secret recipe for gourmet antidote!!

Blocks: Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi

Logo: Toriko
Above logo: Gourmet 203: Gourmet antidote!!
Aside: Hunt or be hunted! The final showndown between human and beast!!

- Endorphin smoke!!

- Toriko!!
- waft
- waft
- Are you guys alright!?

- Rin!!
- tup
- The Four Beasts’ capture level is unbelievable!!

- It was just over 300 at first, but…
- now it’s gone up to 350!!

- 350, huh… I can see why.
- I can’t believe it’s that high…

- Rin, you get away from here.
- No way!
- I wanna fight too!!

- Tell all the people getting drenched by this rain to take refuge.
- That’s what you can do right now, Rin!

- Toriko…

- “Umbrella tree”!!

- That’s right…
- There are still a lot of people being drenched by this rain, unaware that it’s poison.
- We must get them to take cover as soon as possible.
- Teppei!!

- Hahhh!?
- A Gourmet Revivalist!?

- Hey now, dredging up the past is uncouth, Zebra.
- Besides, this isn’t the time for that.
- Keh

- Could you use “dense fog” to guard against the rain, little lady?
- It might be able to dissipate the concentrated rain and thus weaken the strength of the poison.
- Eh… uh…
- Rin…

- Please...!!
- Toriko…

- Ok, I got it!
- I’ll try it!! / And you, Toriko…

- please don’t die…
- I leave the Four Beasts to you!!

- My sense of pain is dulled thanks to your endorphin.
- Leave it to me!

- What’re you playing at, Teppei!?
- You’re not lending us a hand? / with beating down the Four Beasts

- It’s the Gourmet hunters’ job to capture (exterminate) ingredients (wild animals), no?
- I don’t know who made the request… but work hard!

- The request was made…
- by that Spartan old man!!!

- We’re gonna get laughed at by that old man if this keeps up!!
- Oh yeah! We’ll gonna bring this Four Beasts down!!

- Toriko.

- I’m sure of it…!! / Though their purpose is unknown…

- there is a MASTERMIND behind this.
- Be careful.

Linked bubble: …eesh
- That old man…

Sharp bubble 1: snap
- Is THAT…
- part of the request too…?
Sharp bubble 2: snap

- snap
- snap
- snap
- Oohhhhhhhh

- Aahhhhh

- I got it!!!
- 15 minutes have passed—

- since the “green rain” began…

- The people’s lives…
Sign: Serving King [literally “Zenou”]
- 45 minutes left—

- Th… this is…
- the antidote…!!
- Is…

- Is this… mochi?
- It’s purple…

- This is “Medicinal mochi” made using “coloured rice.
- By making a mochi with a colour complementary to that of the poison…
- the poison’s efficacy within the body is neutralized.

- The colour of the “green rain” is closer to “yellowish green” rather than pure green. / And the opposite colour on the “colour wheel” is “purple”!
Clockwise from one o’clock: aqua / verdigris / blue / bluish purple / purple / purplish red / red / reddish orange / yellowish orange / yellow / yellowish-green / green
- So that’s why it’s a purple mochi.

- Th… then let’s get to making it right away!
- As long as we have everyone here, we can mass produce the “Medicinal mochi”!!

- It’s not possible…
- Eh!?
- Leloubou-san…!?

- It’s true that we can make more… / but if we take into account distribution time, then we’ll need to finish cooking within 30 minutes.
- Even with the number of superior chefs we have here… / it would quite frankly be impossible for us to make enough for several hundred million people.

- That’s true… For example, if 500 million portions were needed…
- we would only be able to make 10% - that is, 50 million portions…

- Ch… Chef Sumire…
- …that’s…

- In that case, we get more people!! / We’ll get my colleagues at the hotel… and the cooks from everyone’s restaurants… As long as we increase the number of people cooking…
- That’s no good…

- Yuda-san!! / But why…
Text on Yuda’s top: Medicinal
- Because it’s a “special preparation dish”.

- You watched me make the sample, no?

- When making “Medicinal mochi”, the combination of coloured rice…
- steaming time… number of times beaten…
- you mess it up even 1 millimetre and it will fail. That’s why it’s a special preparation dish.

- Even if tens of thousands of people come, no one…
- apart from us high-level gourmet chefs, would be able to prepare it…!

- Of the chefs currently in this area…
- the only ones who can make this dish are us, you’re saying…

- N…
- No way…

- Can’t be helped…

- It’s a cruel thing to do…
- but we need to choose the 50 million people…
- who should eat the “medicinal mochi”.

- Th… that’s not right!
- To choose who get to be saved… / you’re going to let the rest die just like that!?

- But we’re running out of time…
- if you don’t start cooking… / no one will be saved.

- I…

- If “medicinal mochi” is a “special preparation dish”…
- then I think we should find a way that makes it possible…
- for even normal chefs to make it…!!

- Eh…

- Ten minutes…
- Just give me ten minutes!!

- I will find a way to do it!!
- For sure…!! / So…

- So call all the regular chefs…
- gather them here.
- Please!!!

- He’s serious.

- This kid…

- Hohoho, just on time.

- I just told all the chefs of my enterprise group…
- to gather here. / There are a million of them, I believe.

- Se…
- Setsuno-san!!

- Do your best.
- Komatsu-kun.

- …However… there isn’t enough time no matter what we do.
- Let’s start cooking immediately.

- Tyran.
- You’re right on time.
- Sfff

- You are…

- “Tyran” of “Poison cooking”!!
- He’s peerless when it come to handling poison!!
- The genius gourmet chef ranked 19th in the world!!

- Green rain… though I am unable to completely eliminate the poison…
- delaying its progress is a simple matter. / But only for three hours at most…!
Text beside panel: Save them all…!!

- That’s more than enough time!!
- However, Komatsu-kun!! Your time limit is “ten minutes”!

- Yes!!
- Leave it to me!!!

- Toriko /…Gourmet 203 / End

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