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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Toriko 203

Antidote Cooking!!

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Sep 12, 2012 01:20 | Go to Toriko

-> RTS Page for Toriko 203

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Careful, because sometimes Jump comes out on Saturdays...
[Toriko 203 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Setsuno: I'll help you out with cooking the antidote,
Yuda-chan, Komatsu-kun.
Title: 「Toriko」
Side: For the sake of detoxifying humanity, the ultimate national treasure helper enters the fray!!
Komasu: Se...
Yuda: Well, well.
National Treasure Setsuno-sama.
We've been graced by a most reliable person.
To be perfectly honest, we still...
Don't have 1 millimeter enough chefs......
Chiru: I expected that,
so I flew here.

Page 2:
Chiru: I'm not sure if I can be of any help,
but please, allow me to lend a hand.
Komatsu: Chi... Chiru-san!!
Yuda: Hoh.
"Disappearance Cuisine's" Chef Chiru.
Live: Huhu. You seem to be quite worried,
I'll lend you my strength as well.
Komatsu: Livebearer-san!!!
You came?!!
Setsuno: Boss of the "Underground Cooking World", Livebearer.
Live: Former boss. ["Former" italics.]
I've washed my hands of black-market business.
Now I'm working center stage. [Heart]
Huhu. Thanks to you, Komatsu-chan.

Page 3:
Yuda: You're all excellent chefs, but...
I'm afraid it's still not enough.
Komatsu: !!
Yuda: With just you...
Komatsu: The owner chef of the curry stand that makes 10 trillion yen a year, "Damaras Curry"!!
4th in the World Chef Ranking!! Damara Sky the 13th!! ["Damara Sky the 13th" white.]

Page 4:
Komatsu: Owner of the traditional Japanese restaurant "Guts"!! [quote White]
22nd on the Chef Ranking!! Chef Lulubhu!!! [Chef Lulubuu white]
Big Mama of Snack "Tsurara"!! [quote white]
Ranking 31st!! Tsurara Mama!!! [quote White]
The first "lunch lady" to get into the top 10!!
"Nakaume Cooking School" Cafeteria chief!! [quote White]
Ranking 10th!! Chef Sumire!!! [Chef Sumire white]
Komatsu: A... Amazing!!
So many amazing chefs all together!!
It's like a dream!!
...But everyone, how
did you know about this whole thing?
Johannes: I informed them.
Komatsu: !!
Department Chief Johannes!!
(In Bubble): It's been a while!

Page 5:
Johannes: We actually wanted to gather more, but...
unfortunately these people you see here were the only skilled chefs nearby.
All others were in places where they could not reach here immediately...
Chiru: It's a situation that developed quite suddenly, so there's no helping it.
Anyhow, we have precious little time.
We have no choice but to cook with those we have here.
Setsuno: We'll leave the Four Beast to the "Bishokuya" [quote white]
and we "chefs" will do chef's work!!
Yuda: Well then, let me teach you
to cook my secret antidote dish!!

Page 6-7:
Insert: The final battle for humanity, where it's hunt or be hunted!!
Title: Gourmet 203 Antidote Cooking!!
Right Insert: ☆The newest volume, Jump Comics 21 goes on sale 10/4!!
☆Every Sunday at 9AM on Fuji TV
the TV Anime is airing, exploding with food!!
Author: Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi

Page 8:
Rin: Endorphin Smoke!!
Toriko: !
Rin: Toriko!!
Are you guys okay?!
Toriko: Rin!!
Rin: That thing's Capture Level is totally bad news!!
Rin: At first it was just over 300,
but now it's risen to 350!!
Toriko: 350, huh...? I wouldn't doubt it.
Coco: So they can really get that high...?
Toriko: Run, you need to get away from here.
Rin: No!
I'm fighting too!!

Page 9:
Toriko: Get the people who've been hit by the rain to shelter.
That's the job you can do, Rin!
Rin: ............
Teppei: "Umbrella Tree"!!
All: !
Teppei: Yeah, that's right...
There are still tons of people who got hit by the rain, not knowing it was poison.
They all need to take shelter immediately.
Guys: Teppei!!

Page 10:
Zebra: AAH?!
A Saiseiyaaa?!!
Teppei: Woah, there. They say that only the boorish bring up the long past, Zebra.
And regardless, now isn't the time.
Zebra: Keh.
Teppei: You may be able to guard against the rain with "dense fog", miss. [quote bold]
It may thin the concentration of the rain and weaken the poison.
Rin: Huh...? Ah...
Toriko: Rin...
I'm counting on you...!!
Rin: Toriko...
...Okay, got it!
I'll give it a try!!
So Toriko...
Don't die, okay...?
I'm counting on you for the Four Beast!!
Toriko: Your endorphins also lessened the pain.
Just leave it to me!

Page 11:
Sani: So wha the hell, Teppe?!
Are ya gonna help out here?
(In Bubble): With beating the Four Beast
Teppei: Capturing (eradicating) ingredients (wild beasts) is Bishokuya's work.
I don't know who requested it of you but... Do a good job!
Kings: The request...
was from that slave-driving old man!!!
Toriko: If this keeps up, the old man is gonna laugh at us!!
Okay, let's beat the Four Beast!!
Teppei: Toriko.

Page 12:
Teppei: That monster is being "revived"...!! ["Revived" in white.]
I'm sure of it...!!
Though I don't know their goal...
there's a mastermind behind it.
Be careful.
Toriko: ............
That damn old man...
Was that part...
of the request, too...?
Four: OooOO

Page 13:
Four: AAA
Kings: WE GOT IT!!!
Narration: Since the "Green Rain" had started falling---
15 minutes had passed...
Everyone's lives...
had another 45 minutes remaining---

Page 14:
People: This is...
The antidote ingredient...
Komatsu: M...
It's purple...
T/N: If you don't know, mochi is a rice cake made of glutinous rice, usually shaped into a ball.
Yuda: This is "Medicinal Cooking Mochi", it's made with "Color Rice". ["Medicinal Cooking Mochi" white]
T/N: Medicinal Cooking Mochi = Yakuzen Mochi, Color Rice = Irogome
Yuda: By completing the kind of mochi the color complementary to the color of the poison
it can neutralize the efficacy of the poison inside the body.

Page 15:
Damara: Though it's called "Green Rain" it's color is actually closer to yellow-green.
And on a "color wheel" the color across from that is "purple"! [quotes bold]
Tsurara: So then we'll be making purple mochi.
Wheel: Yellow-Green Green Blue-Green Green-Blue Blue Blue-Purple Purple Red-Purple Red Red-Orange Yellow-Orange Yellow [From the glowing one on the upper left, clockwise]
Komatsu: L... Let's all get hurry and make it!
With all these people, we can make produce massive amounts of "Medicinal Cooking Mochi"!!
Lulubhu: It won't work...
Komatsu: Eh?!
SFX: BIKUH (Surprise)
Lulubhu: It's true that we can produce it more quickly, but...
If you consider the time to distribute it, then we need to finish within 30 minutes...
Even in spite all of the skilled chefs we have assembled here,
honestly, it's impossible to finish cooking for several hundred million people.
Sumire: He's right... For example, if you assume there's 500 million people
we could probably only finish enough for 10%. Around 50 million.
Komatsu: Ch... Chef Sumire...
Then let's get more people!!
Like my coworkers from my hotel... Call all the cooks from your restaurants... If we increase the number of people working...
Yuda: That would serve no purpose...

Page 16:
Komatsu: Yuda-san!!
Yuda: Because it's a "special preparation ingredient". [quote white]
Komatsu: ............
Yuda: You saw me make that sample one, yes?
To make "Medicinal Cooking Mochi", mixing the Color Rice...
the steaming time... the number of times to pound it in the mortar...
they all need to be completed without one millimeter of disorder.
Even if tends of thousands of people besides us high-level chefs came...
they could not cook it...!
Live: The only chefs nearby
that can prepare this ingredient are us...
Komatsu: Th...
That can't be...
Johannes: There's nothing we can do...
It's deplorable, but...
we'll need to select 50 million humans
to eat the "Medicinal Cooking Mochi".

Page 17:
Komatsu: W... We can't do that!
Selecting certain people...?
And just leaving the rest to die?!
Johannes: But we have no more time to spare...
We need to start cooking immediately or...
we won't save a single person.
Komatsu: If...
If "Medicinal Cooking Mochi" is a "special preparation ingredient" then...
I think we should find a "method" so even ordinary chefs
can cook it simply!
People: -----!!
Komatsu: Please, just give me...
10 minutes!!
I'll find that cooking method!!
I'm sure of it...!!

Page 18:
Komatsu: So please call together...
lots of ordinary chefs!!
Damaras: He's serious...
Lulubhu: This boy's eyes...
Setsuno: Huhhuhhu. Perfect.
All: !!
Setsuno: I had just sent out a call
for all of the cooks in my group companies.
There're around 1 million of them.
Komatsu: Se...
Setsuno: Give it a try,
Chiru: ......But... even so, there's no time.
We should hurry to begin cooking, too.
Livebearer: Then I'm glad I called him.

Page 19:
Live: Tairan.
You did well to come here.
SFX: SU...
All: !!
"Poison Cuisine" "Tairan"!!
The man unsurpassed in handling poison!!
The genius chef ranking 19th!!
Tairan: Green Rain... I can't completely erase that poison, but...
I can easily make the circulation of it slow.
Though even so, it would be for a maximum of 3 hours...
Side: Save them all, leave no one behind...!!
Komatsu: That's plenty!!
Someone: But Komatsu-kun!! Your time limit is "10 minutes"!
Komatsu: Okay!!
Leave it to me!!!
Bottom: Toriko
...Gourmet 203
/ End

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