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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean 21 (0 comments)
Name: Johngalli A
Prisoner ID: MA-56002
Cell Number: 313 (Male Prison)
Term: 7 Years
Charge: Murder
Physical Characteristics: 185cm tall / Mostly blind
Bio: Military Veteran, Sniper
Can acutely sense the movements of air between his and his target's body. A rifle sniper who never misses his mark.
Stand Name: Manhattan Transfer

1: Prison... also known as "The Aquarium."
2: The short version of the story is that I've always lived here in hiding.
3: At a certain point in time, a 'mystery' and a 'power' was born here... One that normal people can't see...
4: And it's an especially turbid one...

Herm├Ęs' Sticker (1)

1: As turbid as the bottom of a deep lake filled with corpses, this... Read More " "
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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean 20 (0 comments)
Stand Name - Manhattan Transfer
User - Johngalli A
Destructive Power - E
Speed - E
Range - A
Durability - A
Precision - A
Growth - C

Ability - This Stand is a sniping satellite that deflects bullets that hit it and send them towards targets. Manhattan Transfer itself looks like it's dancing in the wind like a piece of dust and doesn't do anything, nor does it attack. It simply floats around the trajectory of the rifle. And when it's attacked, it only dodges.

1: Where is it...
2: I'm at the beach... Where is it?


3: The Speedwagon Foundation...
4: The organization you're... involved with...
5: I don't know what kind of group they are...
6: But if that UUV is really here...
7: They must... Read More " "
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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean 19 (0 comments)
Stand Name - Star Platinum
User - Kujo Jotaro (Jolyne's Father)
Destructive Power - A
Speed - A
Range - C
Durability - A
Precision - A
Growth - Complete

Ability - Star Platinum is so fast that it's become able to surpass the speed of light and stop time itself, for a maximum of 5 seconds when Jotaro was in his prime (18 years old). Its power and precision are also superb. It's the most invincible Stand ability that has ever existed.

For more info, see: Part 3 (Volumes 8 - 17) and JOJO-A-GO!GO! (stands)

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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean 18 (0 comments)
1: tok
2: tok
3: tok
4: tok
5: tok tok
6: tok tok
7: tok
8: Ahh!
9: Looks like there's no camera in this hall.
10: If we turn this corner, the hallway's window will be right in front of us... Once we break it and get out, we'll be 20 meters from the sea.
11: Let's go.
12: tok tok
13: tok
14: tok
15: tok
16: Oh...
17: That noise was only the spinning of the fan...

1: Aaahh!!
2: Owwwww...
3: Gh... Ggh
4: Stairs...
5: At least look where you're going when you run.
6: C'mon...
7: Don't panic... Stand up.
8: What's wrong?
9: Stick out your hand.
10: It... It was just an accident...
11: Uhh...
12: Th... Thanks.
13: But I don't need your hand. I can stand up on my own...
14: That's not what I mean.
15: You need to be... Read More " "
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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean 17 (0 comments)
1: being shown a dream...
2: I can't... move...
3: The secret passage... never existed...
4: Johngalli A isn't our enemy! This is a different enemy's ability! That sniper... never existed!
5: From the moment I entered this meeting room!! My dad, this table, the chairs, even the guard was all caught up in it!
6: We were slowly being melted... like mice inside a huge snake's stomach!!

The Visitor (7)

7: From when...
8: At...
9: At what time...
10: did he put us to 'sleep?'
11: I can't move... my body... at all...

1: But it looks like...
2: the fact that I... punched the guard in this room...
3: is reality...
4: The photo... my dad...
5: showed me this photo...
6: And told me about how the accident with... Read More " "
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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean 16 (0 comments)
1: Who are you?
2: How can a kid like you move freely around the prison?

The Visitor (6)

1: Oww!!
2: Ggh... I fell on this...
3: Yeah... This thing.
4: This bone that was melted in some sort of acid.
5: A female human bone...
6: What the hell is this?
7: What's going on here?! None of this makes any sense!!
8: Not... yet.
9: You...
10: still... have to hold on to it.

1: He's safe...
2: Once I caught Johngalli A's Stand, he was a cinch to beat.
3: Look!
4: I smashed it into pieces.
5: What?

1: He...
2: Holy shit! Hold on a minute! There's no way!
3: He's here!!
4: He... He's over there!
5: He's right there! Moving!
6: He's hiding! He has his rifle!
7: In the shadow of that pipe! He went above that... Read More " "
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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean 15 (0 comments)
The Visitor (5)

Manhattan Transfer
(Sniping Satellite)

Star Platinum
Can stop time only for a few seconds. The strongest Stand ability ever.

Stone Free
Can change from strings into a solid shape, and its power is A class.

1: He's around 140 cm tall.
2: He's a shrimp... Just like a child...
3: I don't know who he is, but that hole they suddenly opened in the meeting room is a ventilation shaft, and I can tell by the wind's movements where it leads... But!
4: I don't want to let that little guy lead Jotaro and Jolyne into the ventilation shaft... It might allow them to hide in a place where my bullets can't reach them...

1: I won't lose sight of them ever again!
2: But first, I'll take out the... Read More " "
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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean 14 (0 comments)
1: Air currents...
2: He's reading the...
3: air currents inside this building!!?
4: Don't scream! Jolyne...
5: That thing even be reacting to changes in our breathing...

The Visitor (4)

6: It's pretty much impossible to figure out Johngalli A's sniping point from this room.
7: We'll just have to destroy that satellite Stand... Damage dealt to a Stand will travel back to its user, you know...

The Visitor (4)

1: Stay against the wall, Jolyne!
2: What are you doing?! That thing can track you!

1: Muscles can't be trusted.
2: When skin is exposed to the wind,
3: muscles become stressed and begin to subtly expand and contract.
4: The body can't control these movements.
5: A rifle should be supported... Read More " "
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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean 13 (0 comments)
right: The "shou" kanji from Jotaro's name: To inherit, to understand
left: The "Jo" kanji from Jolyne's name: Slowly, quietly
The "Rin" kanji from Jolyne's name: A human path that should be protected, companions

The Visitor (3)

1: I told you to put out the cigarette! For some reason, he can completely follow your movements!
2: Cough...
3: And I told you to stop acting so high and mighty!! I was just about to put it out myself, you know!
4: What's going on with the far right side of that hall? Does it have a window?
5: Yeah... There are two or three, but they're all barred...
6: It's clear that Johngalli A fired that bullet. But I didn't hear a gunshot...
7: And... Read More " "
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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean 12 (0 comments)
Stand - Stone Free
User - Jolyne Cujoh
Destructive Power - A
Speed - B
Range - 1 ~ 2 m
Durability - A
Precision - C
Growth - A

Ability - This stand is basically a clump of string that's gathered together. Its power and speed have a range of 2m, but if the string gets unraveled and stretched out, it can extend for as long as the string is. In this form, it becomes extremely brittle. Like a string telephone, it can allow her to hear people's voices and sounds.

The Visitor (2)

The Visitor (2)
1: Hey!
2: The wind's picking up!
3: Let's go inside. I quit!
4: What are you doing?! Pick 'em up already!
5: You should stand up and help too! What if they get blown out to the ocean?!
6: Is that all of them?
7:... Read More " "
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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean 11 (0 comments)
United States of America
Atlantic Ocean
Disney World
Green Dolphin Street Island
Key West
Gulf of Mexico

1: You can't go to to see that man tomorrow,
2: Jolyne.
3: If you do...
4: It won't just affect you...
5: Something even worse than death will happen.

The Visitor (1)

1: Wh-who was that just now?!
2: That boy! How...
3: He was walking around in the hall to the cafeteria!
4: Hey, what are you doing?!
5: Stop hanging on to the bars!
6: Step back!
7: Guards...
8: O-Open this door!
9: I want to get out of the library!

1: Aaaaaahhhh
2: I said let go of the bars!
3: Ahhh!
4: G...
5: Goddaaaaamit! Who the hell was that?!
6: Oww... Wha...
7: Uuu...
8: Ggh...
9: Stop being so dramatic... Your fingers... Read More " "
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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean 10 (0 comments)
Stand Name - Goo Goo Dolls
User - Guess
Destructive Power - D
Speed - C
Range - 20 - 30m
Durability - D
Precision - B
Growth Potential - B

Ability - Guess' desire to stand superior to her fellow inmates became the characteristic of this Stand ability. In order words, Guess feels that "I want to be friends with them, but I also want to control them," meaning that her twisted mind is inclined to look at people like pets. Goo Goo Dolls clung to Jolyne and shrunk her. If betrayed by a target, Goo Goo Dolls will kill it automatically.

right 1: Has to have short hair, according to the rules. But if you bribe the prison barber, you can have any hairstyle you want.
right 2: A star-shaped mark on... Read More " "
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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean 9 (0 comments)
Stone Free (2)

1: My energy's...
2: clumped up!
2: Gah...
3: Goo...
4: Gah...
5: When lines gather and clump up, they become three-dimensional!
6: This concept!!
7: Gyaaaaaaasu!!
8: Scream, you piece of shit!
9: Call Guess, the one who's controlling you, back from wherever she went!
10: And get my neck off this steel pole!!
11: Hurry up and call her heeeere!!
12: Jolyne...
13: I didn't expect...
14: that you
15: would have an ability too...

1: Aaaaaaaahhhh! Wa! Wa-wa! Wa!
2: Guess!
3: Waaaait!!
4: I... I know!!
5: Looook! Look how damaged my face is!
6: Don't squeeze my Goo Goo Dolls so tightlyyyyy!! You're breaking my fucking teeeeeth!!
7: Your unrealistic prison break plan is finished.
8: Guess! Shrink my... Read More " "
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Baptism 1 (0 comments)
What is a daughter to a mother?
What is a mother to a daughter?
What does a mother give to her daughter?

1: OK! We're going to take one more close-up shot. Give us a little more of that smile!
SFX: bzzzz...
2: OK! Cut!!

1: Great work today!
2: Thank you very much.
3: Excuse me! Smile please!
4: Like this?
SFX: snap snap
5: Can you comment on your next film?
sign: Wakakusa Izumi's Dressing Room
SFX: creak
SFX: slam

SFX: click

jar: Cleansing Cream

1: Ms. Wakakusa!
SFX: knock knock

1: The Rainbow Family photo shoot is about to begin. All the staff is waiting for you to come out.
2: Alright, alright! I'll be right there! I'm going to remove my greasepaint and put on my makeup, so just hold ... Read More " "
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Scorpion 4 (0 comments)
#4. A Mad Reward

1: Okaaay...
2: Now, those who are finished planting need to go work on the fence repairs.
3: What's this fence for, anyway?
4: To keep us from escaping, probably.
5: Are you kidding me? If someone manages to get over the prison wall, this fence would be nothing. It's for the chrysanthemums, so that no one steals 'em.
6: Huh... And I thought all the thieves were in here. Heheheh...

1: Tie up all the old pieces
2: in a single stack.
3: Assholes. I can't believe they're making us do their own duties as well.
4: What else would you expect from a women's prison?

SFX: crack
1: You should work on it from the ground.
2: Matsushima...
3: Since when did you become a cell leader?
4:... Read More " "
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Scorpion 3 (0 comments)
#3. A Black Lure

1: All this sunlight has made the grass too hard. There's nothing we can do.
2: I'll say.
3: Judging from the looks of the weather, though, there won't be any rain for a while.
4: Okay,
5: time for a short break.

1: Gather up with your group and rest for 10 minutes.
2: Tch... I've heard that so many times already that I could get a callous on my ear!
3: They keep making us pull up grass day after day... What could they be trying to plant here?
4: Hah... I hope I never get old. They're planting chrysanthemums. Can't you tell?
5: Oh yeah, I think I did hear them mention that.
6: Dalmatian chrysanthemums, to be precise. (*T/L Note: Flowers that can be used as natural insect... Read More " "
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Planet Waves 7 (0 comments)
1: Try guessing what these two cards are.
2: Slowly, now...
3: Focus your senses on the cards and imagine them.
4: Slowly... Slowly...
sfx: stare x7

sfx: stare x2

[#7 : Clairvoyance and Precognition]
1: Your heart...
sfx: heh
2: is twitching.

1: Oh, come on... Not my organs again!
2: See? Twitch!
3: twitch
4: twitch
5: Yabe... I want you to try and adjust your clairvoyance a bit.
6: If you can see into a human body, it should be easy for you to look at the other side of a card.
7: For example, how about her panties?
8: You should be able to see it with your ability.
9: panties
sfx: stare x5

1: Uterus!
sfx: heh heh heh
2: I saw it in my health textbook once.
3: Uhhhhh...
4: I've already done... Read More " "
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Planet Waves 6 (0 comments)
sign: Men's Toilet
1: Women are always waiting
sfx: dash
2: for a dramatic,
3: fateful meeting.
4: And now I've surpassed time and space
sfx: bwooon
5: all in order to
6: meet you!
7: Huh?

[# 6 : Mission]

1: She isn't here!
2: That girl isn't here!
3: Why? Why?!

1: D-don't tell me...
sfx: click
2: Aahh!
3: She left just before I dived...
4: No...
sfx: slide
5: Just when I finally managed to teleport in...
6: Hm?

1: That's hers...
2: She's only just watching club practice, so her bag should be different from the other members.
3: This has to be hers!
4: Her uniform...
sfx: slip
5: is still warm.
6: What did Ezaki always used to say?
7: Even when you know you're going to lose, there should still be... Read More " "
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Planet Waves 5 (0 comments)

1: One day, all of a sudden,
sfx: bwooh
2: I became able to hear the voices of people's hearts.
3: When I focus my nerves,
4: I can hear the noise inside their hearts like the hiss of a radio.
sfx: fsssh
5: When I match up the frequencies,
6: I'm so tired...
7: I have to meet with the section chief from the start today...
sfx: fssh x2
8: I start to hear their voices.
9: But
sfx: pssh
sfx: beep
10: sometimes, when people think very powerful thoughts,
11: they jump into my mind
sfx: klak klak
12: whether I want them to or not.

[#5 : The Naked Man]
1: Huge tits!
sfx: fssh x3
2: Uuuu...
3: Big boobies!

1: Ohhh! Big tits!
sfx: fsssh x4
2: So big!
3: Tig ol' bitties!
4: Holsteins!

1: I-I don't want to hear... Read More " "
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Planet Waves 4 (0 comments)
sign: The Homeland of Kicchomu
1: Uooooh! I'm gonna shit myself!
2: I'm gonna shit myseeelf!
3: I should have just taken a shit before club practice!
sfx: dash
4: I'm not going to be able to hold it until I get home!
5: It's all because of those damn poser girls who came to watch us practice!
6: I can't even take a shit now because of them!
sfx: clench
7: Hgggh!
8: Kuuuuuu!
9: Toilet!
10: Toilet, toilet!
11: Toilet!
sfx: dash x2

[#4 : Teleportation]
1: Toi...
sfx: bwoon

sfx: fsssh
sfx: thud
1: Ahh
2: My house!!
3: My bathroom!!
4: Whaaaaaaaat?!
sfx: plop plop plop plop
sfx: fssssh
sfx: click

1: Why am I here...
2: And why am I naked?
3: When I got off the bus today, this huge gust of wind came...
4: It... Read More " "
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Planet Waves 3 (0 comments)

tl by molokidan

SFX: fwooosh
1: In this town,
2: there's another ESPer like me.
3: Today my mom doesn't have work, so she's at home!
4: It sucks! I really wanted to show you that Ozawa Yuuka DVD on the big screen!
5: I thought for sure I'd be able to partner up with Ezaki
6: We're going to change the world.
7: Yes!
8: and combine our abilities for the greater good.
9: The gifted person, however,
10: On the big screen, it feels like you're right there in front of her when she squirts!
11: turned out to be not Ezaki, but...

[ #3 : A Stormy Day ]
black(right): Uncle Teru!!
1: Ewww!
SFX: whisper x3
2: Gross!
3: What is that floating thing?!

1: Hey, Yoshirou! You got nothing to do,... Read More " "
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Planet Waves 2 (0 comments)

tl by molokidan

1: Good morning!
2: Man... Yesterday was the worst day ever...
3: There's more miso soup if you want it, dear.
4: It was really shocking to find out about how Asami feels about me...
5: I bet he masturbates to me.
6: But I guess it's my fault for using my power like that.
7: Yoshirou, did you know there was a lunar eclipse 4 days ago?
8: I heard it was really beautiful.
9: R-really?
10: I was listening to the radio in my room the whole time, so I had no idea.
11: Did you see it, mom?
SFX: fssh x2
12: No, I didn't get to either.
13: On that night, for the first time in a long time...
14: Ah, here comes something!

[ #2 : Telekinesis ]
1: we did it all night... Read More " "
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Orochi 9 (0 comments)

1: My house was a big mansion.
2: No matter how far I walked, there were always more rooms.

1: I'd always get scared along the way and start running back.

1: My older sister and I were both born in that mansion.

1: I always played with her. No matter how much we played together, I never got bored.

1: She was a very nice sister.

1: When would go outside sometimes,

1: and when we did, she would always hold my hand.
2: People would look back and stare at us.

1: Whenever we had picnics together inside the mansion,
2: or when I would drop a cake that I was eating for a snack,

1: Ahhh!
SFX: splat
2: she'd always give me all of hers.

1: I loved my sister.

1: But I hated... Read More " "
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Orochi 8 (0 comments)

1: Darkness lives in my eyes. No matter how hard I search for a tiny star somewhere, the darkness only continues. No matter how far I walk, no matter how much sky I cover...

1: I am Orochi.
SIGN: Orion
2: I stopped walking because I saw a blind girl.
SIGN: Umeyama School for the Blind

1: It seems like she's completely blind. Is she attending that blind school?
2: I'm afraid she might get hit by a car, so I'm going to follow her.
SFX: vroooom
3: She's using to following this path. She walked right up to the street and then stopped.
4: I wonder when she became blind?
5: These houses all look the same...

1: This must be company housing. And she must live in one of them...
SIGN:... Read More " "
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Planet Waves 1 (0 comments)

tl by molokidan

sign: The Homeland of Kicchomu
(*t/l note: Kicchomu is a famous character born in Oita Prefecture, where this manga takes place)
sign 2: Nozu Shopping District

sign, right side: Nozu Townspeople Charter

Table of Contents

#1. Induction
#2. Telekinesis
#3. A Stormy Day
#4. Teleportation
#5. The Naked Man
#6. Mission
#7. Clairvoyance and Precognition

1: It's just like
sfx: fsssh
sfx: fssh
2: tuning a radio.
3: Right here on the 98th page is the important part. After the Ounin War...
sfx: fssh...
4: Search...
sfx: fssh
5: People have different frequencies...
6: OK, Asami, start reading from here!
sfx: fssh
7: Oh...
8: Asami Sae?
A: Afterwards,
middle line: This story is... Read More " "
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