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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean 16


-> RTS Page for Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean 16

1: Who are you?
2: How can a kid like you move freely around the prison?

The Visitor (6)

1: Oww!!
2: Ggh... I fell on this...
3: Yeah... This thing.
4: This bone that was melted in some sort of acid.
5: A female human bone...
6: What the hell is this?
7: What's going on here?! None of this makes any sense!!
8: Not... yet.
9: You...
10: still... have to hold on to it.

1: He's safe...
2: Once I caught Johngalli A's Stand, he was a cinch to beat.
3: Look!
4: I smashed it into pieces.
5: What?

1: He...
2: Holy shit! Hold on a minute! There's no way!
3: He's here!!
4: He... He's over there!
5: He's right there! Moving!
6: He's hiding! He has his rifle!
7: In the shadow of that pipe! He went above that tank!
8: That's impossible.
9: He was sniping us from the male prison, which is about 200 to 300m away.
10: There are dozens of steel bars between us, and besides, he's practically blind. How could he get here within half a minute?
11: How the fuck should I knooow!?
12: But he's here, dammit! I saw him! Hide!

1: Oh shit! He's right above youuuuu!
2: Fine...
3: I'll believe you.
4: ORAAA!!
5: Now get ready.
6: I'm pretty sure it's built up by now.
7: The gas.

1: Yes...
2: We did it!
3: This time we really did it! He came here through the vent!
4: There are secret passages in this prison, and for some reason, that kid knows about them!
5: Hey! You!
6: I'm right, aren't I!?
7: Huh...?
8: Hey...
9: Where did he go?
10: Kid!!
11: Are you hiding? Hey! You don't need to be afraid anymore!
12: Come on out and explain everything to us!
13: There's no way he could have made it here in half a minute.
14: It's not enough time.
15: Even the door to this room was locked.
16: So we'll just get the kid to explain it to us!
17: C'mon! Didn't you see which way he went?
18: You're not making any sense.
19: Who is this 'kid' you keep talking about?

1: Ohhh, I get it... You didn't see his face, did you?
2: The person I was speaking to through the meeting room door was a kid...
3: Then Johngalli A tried to take him out first.
4: Take him out?
5: Seriously, what are you talking about?
6: You came here all by yourself.
7: That's why I followed you.
8: Wait. That doesn't make sense...
9: You should have heard the kid talking!
10: No, you had to've! He's the one who told us about the secret passage!
11: Were you listening to some ghost or something?
12: I never saw any secret passage.
13: You piece of shit! You're trying to mess with me at a time like this!?
14: The only reason you're here is because you came down through the secret passage...

1: H... Hold on...
2: S... Something's not right with you... Your wound.
3: What happened to the bullet wound... on your left shoulder?
4: Not only are you not bleeding... Your clothes aren't even ripped.
5: Wound?
6: Ahhh!

1: M... My clothes too! The hole from Johngalli A's bullet...
2: and
3: the wound underneath my neck!?
4: H... HIM!!?
5: What the hell!? This isn't Johngalli A!
6: Th... This is... the guard!!
7: He was shot in the face back in the meeting room!!
8: Shot in the face? What?
9: Who's Johngalli A, anyway?
10: Wh... What's going on here?! S... Something's wrong!
11: Nothing's making any sense! What my dad's saying... And the kid disappearing!
12: Ahh!
13: What the fuck is thiiiis!?

1: Something's coming out of the s-scratch that I just got on my hand...
2: You can't go to the meeting...
3: Something worse than death will happen.
4: You can't let go of this... Treasure it like you treasure your mom...
5: Did Johngalli A ever attack us?
6: And that cigarette back at the beginning! Who lit it? Who created that cigarette smoke! It wasn't Johngalli A!
7: None of this is adding up!!
8: This isn't reality! I'm seeing something... N-no... Someone's showing me something!
9: The cigarette smoke was there at the very beginning! Something was up with that smoke!
10: This is all a hallucination!!

1: Ahh!
2: Uu...
3: Ggh... Ahh
4: A dream...
5: Uuu... Ggh
6: I was

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