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Planet Waves 5

The Naked Man

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Sep 3, 2015 06:43 | Go to Planet Waves

-> RTS Page for Planet Waves 5

1: One day, all of a sudden,
sfx: bwooh
2: I became able to hear the voices of people's hearts.
3: When I focus my nerves,
4: I can hear the noise inside their hearts like the hiss of a radio.
sfx: fsssh
5: When I match up the frequencies,
6: I'm so tired...
7: I have to meet with the section chief from the start today...
sfx: fssh x2
8: I start to hear their voices.
9: But
sfx: pssh
sfx: beep
10: sometimes, when people think very powerful thoughts,
11: they jump into my mind
sfx: klak klak
12: whether I want them to or not.

[#5 : The Naked Man]
1: Huge tits!
sfx: fssh x3
2: Uuuu...
3: Big boobies!

1: Ohhh! Big tits!
sfx: fsssh x4
2: So big!
3: Tig ol' bitties!
4: Holsteins!

1: I-I don't want to hear this...
2: Giant melons!!
sfx: fssh x2
3: Uuu...
4: She did have a really big chest, though...
sfx: glance
sfx: squeeze x3
5: I've never seen those two before... They must not be from around here.
6: Haa...
7: Good morning.
8: Morning!
9: Oh, Hayashi's standing at the gate.
10: Good morning!
11: When I first got this ability,
12: Hirano, a first year...
sfx: fssh
13: I thought I'd be able to use it to change how mundane I am...

1: She's cheeky, but her ass is really filling out well.
sfx: fssh x3
2: Two more months, and she'll be fully ripe.
3: Uuuu...
4: Hey, your shirt's hanging out! Make yourself look right.
5: Y-yes sir.
sfx: fssh x2
6: Students get scared when they see me standing at the gate,
7: but if only they knew how hard I am right now!
sfx: fssh
8: It's proof that your heart is unkempt as well!
9: Gggh...
sfx: stagger
sfx: thud
sfx: chatter x2
10: In order to arrive at this value...
sfx: chatter x2
11: Look!
12: Give me that back, you idiot!
13: What I really wanted to do with this power was...
sfx: chatter x2

sfx: chatter x2
1: Asami-san...
2: All I've used it for so far is...
3: peeping into her heart... and under her skirt...
4: Why can Uncle Teru use telekinesis, anyway?
5: You want to see her panties too, right, Yocchan?
6: Why him, of all people...
7: I'm the worst...
8: I was supposed to protect her...
9: I can't leave things like this...

1: I need to use this power to change the world!
sfx: fssh x3
2: She's totally lying.
3: We're just friends.
4: So annoying.
5: Oh no... I really have to take a crap!
6: That TENGA felt so good!
sfx: fssh x4
7: I'll just do it in the teachers' bathroom.
8: No text yet...
9: It's so hot.
10: I know she's lying!
11: But honestly... What can I possibly do
12: from this tiny rural town?
13: And why did Uncle Teru and I get these powers in the first place?
14: We're relatives, and yet we both got one...
15: W-wait...
sfx: fssh

1: I have a special power.
2: I don't need to beat around the bush like that anymore.
sfx: fsssh
3: What?!
4: As of now...
5: Th-this guy...
sfx: slide
6: Did he just say special power?
7: I can use my teleportation to do whatever I want with her!
sfx: fssh
8: T-teleportation...
9: Hm? What's wrong, Yoshirou?
10: I'm not the only esper at this school...
11: Oh, that's the streaker from the basketball team, right?
12: Wh-what is he trying to do?
sfx: glance
13: He was totally looking at you, Sae.
14: Yep, he totally was.
15: Whaaat?
sfx: fssh x2

1: I couldn't tell at all!
sfx: fssh
2: That gross guy? God, give me a break already...
3: Don't tell me... he's after Asami-san?!
sign: Men's Toilet
4: OK, I should be safe here.
5: After class... she's going to arrive at the badminton club later than the other girls
6: and start changing on her own.
7: At that point, I'll just teleport from here into the room.
8: I'll be all alone with her...
9: With the girl who smiled at me in the hallway...

1: Then if she sees me naked and gets turned on,
sfx: shake x3
2: Cha-cha
3: cha!
4: she'll be all mine!!
5: OK!!
6: This bathroom has more than enough room for me to get momentum.
sfx: tok
7: And if I leave my clothes in here, then it won't matter if I end up all naked.
8: I've seen the inside of that room numerous times when the door was open.
9: Let's start practicing!
sfx: squeal x2
10: Tch! They aren't changing?
11: If I imagine it in my mind, I should be able to dive into it...
12: But diving uses up stamina... I need to make sure it works the first time.
13: Uuu...

sign: Men's Toilet
1: I-I don't believe this guy... (He actually has that much confidence in his body?!)
2: Oh shit! I'm already half hard...
sfx: fssh
3: If I let him go, I'll be putting Asami-san in danger!
4: I should be able to
sfx: dash
5: prevent what he's trying to do before it happens!
6: The time has finally come for me to use my power to help someone!
7: I have to stop him no matter what!
8: I'm going to protect Asami-san!
sfx: stomp
9: Hm?

1: club room
2: don't
3: go in
sfx: whisper x5
4: What the hell?
sfx: fssh
5: girl
sfx: whisper
6: attack
sfx: whisper x3
7: crime
8: don't
9: Well?
10: Now have you learned your lesson?!
sfx: tok
11: don't
12: What is he, some kind of perv? Gross...
sfx: fssh x2
13: Whaaat?!

1: I need to make sure this works today, before someone like him goes in
2: and makes it into some kind of problem!
sfx: fssh x3
3: M-maybe I wasn't direct enough...
4: It feels like I only made him even more determined...
5: But Asami-san's safety comes first...
sfx: dash
6: I'll have to find a way to keep her from going into that room after school!
7: I'm going to protect you, no matter the cost!
8: Asami-san!
9: Uuu... But...
10: What should I say to her?
11: I've never even spoken to her before...
12: If I say something like that all of a sudden and she thinks I'm weird again...
sfx: ding dong ding
13: In the end...
14: Uuuu... School's already out...
15: At this rate... Asami-san's going to be...

1: Sae, what are you doing today?
2: Going to watch club practice.
3: Ahh...
4: Uu...
5: E-even with this power,
6: Auuu...
7: Aah...
8: I still
9: can't do anything!!
10-12: Auu
13: What the hell's with him?
sign: Unauthorized persons are forbidden from entering school grounds. If you have business with the
school, please stop by the office. -Principal
14: I'll be back in a bit!

1: Ggggh!
sfx: dash
2: I'm out of time!
3: I'll just have to stop him in the bathroom now!
4: No!
5: Even if I manage to corner him there, he could still teleport into the room!
6: First I'll need to get the key to the room!
sfx: fssh
7: But the spare key is in the teachers' room...
8: Why do you want the key to the girls' badminton club room?
9: Uh
10: And only club members can take it out...
11: But... I need that key!
12: In order to get the key out from the teachers' room without letting anyone notice...
13: I'll need HIS help!

sign: Seahorse
1: In order to find out whether or not a girl is doable,
2: you just need to look at her panties!
3: Woaaah.
4: Awesome!
5: Her panties?
6: Even middle schoolers know what lucky underwear is, right?
7: Women's desires naturally come out in their panties!
8: Although, it's hard to really get an eye for this until you experience as many women as your old
uncle here!
9: Hey, Uncle Teru!

1: How do we get to look at panties in the first place?
sfx: twitch
2: Whaaat?!
3: W-Well...
4: First you take them to Danke* or somewhere and feed them something good...
sfx: drip x3
5: And then
6: and then
7: Uncle Teru!!
sfx: bwap
* line: *Danke = a family restaurant off the highway in Oita
8: Can you come with me for a second?
9: Ohh! Yocchan!
sfx: fssh
10: Perfect timing!
11: Middle schoolers these days are something else!
12: Guess he's come here to ask me about a girl again!
13: I've finally found a chance to use my power to save someone!
sfx: haa x2
14: What?
15: A man is trying to attack Asami-san, one of the girls who comes here often!
16: We need to hurry back to the school!
17: Whaaat?!
18: Really?! That girl's in danger?!
sfx: kuoohh
19: Y-yes!
20: I guess he really is a responsible adult after all...
21: Let's get going, then!
sfx: bwap

1: Time to go and watch the fun! (We need to hurry, or it'll end!)
2: Don't you mean SAVE HER?!
sfx: tok x2
sfx: click
3: There she is.
sfx: slam
sfx: click
4: Yes!
5: I've practiced it so many times already.

1: Now it's finally time for my first real game as an esper!
sfx: stretch x2
sfx: tok
2: Gggh...
sfx: haa x3
3: Yocchan, wait!
4: Is she already in the club room?!
5: Yocchan, don't get so mad!
sfx: haa x2
6: I promise I'll save her!
7: We're out of time!!
sfx: clink
8: We need to get the key from the teachers' room!
sfx: dash x2
9: Yocchan, wait!!

1: There it is! The spare key!
2: Uncle Teru!
3: Please use your telekinesis to get us that key.
4: What?
5: Why? What's it a key to?
6: Please, just be quiet and do as I say!
7: Ahh, I'm so sleepy...
sfx: fssh
sfx: nod x2
8: We're out of time! Do it now! Hurry!
9: OK!
sfx: fwip
10: First I need to emit my mind power...
sfx: fssh x2
11: Hm?

1: Then focus my mind on my target...
sfx: fssh x3
2: and harden it!
3: U-Uncle Teru... Don't tell me, from that day, he's...
4: enhanced his telekinesis even further?!
sfx: bwap
5: Now, move!
sfx: fssh
6: Woaaaaaaahhhh
sfx: fssh x2
7: Wait!

1: It isn't moving at all!
sfx: silence...
top tag: Club
2: Uncle Teru! There's no more time to waste!
3: Yocchan, what is that key for, anyway?
4: The girls' badminton club room. Now hurry!
5: And what's in that room?
6: Come on! This isn't the time to be screwing around...
7: What's in that room?!
8: W-well... girls changing, I guess...
9: What in the world is he on about, at a time like this?!
10: Ahh!!

1: It's moving!!
sfx: fwooooh
tag: Girls' Bad Club
2: Wh-what else...
3: will that key let us see?
4: That's right! Normally he can only move perverted stuff!
5: There may be some panties in there too...
6: GIRL panties!
7: More details!! More!!
8: Even Asami's panties?
9: But we're trying to go save her now! C'mon, that's not right...
10: Oh...
sfx: fwoosh
11: Ahhh! It's falling!!
12: Y-yes! Hers too!
13: We don't have time for this!
14: Asami-san's panties!

1: Oh!
sfx: fwoom
2: Yes! Here it comes!
3: What color are her panties?
4: Pure white!
5: Whiiiite? (I don't like that color...)
sfx: fwoom
6: Whaaat?!
7: But they aren't just white! They're see-through! And they're string panties!
8: And she's a slut!
9: I'm sorry, Asami-san!!
10: What?!
11: That's insane!
sfx: fwooom
12: And they're freshly-removed, too!
13: More details!
14: Th-they were wedged into her skin!!
15: I'll...
16: Moooore!!
17: I'll protect you!
18: Asami-san's...

1: freshly-removed panties that were wedged straight up her piping hot cuuuunt!!
2: Stained too?!
3: Of course!!
sfx: gyooooosh
sfx: fwish

sfx: smack
1: Let's roll out, Yocchan.
2: OK!

[#5 : The Naked Man] END

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