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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean 17


-> RTS Page for Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean 17

1: being shown a dream...
2: I can't... move...
3: The secret passage... never existed...
4: Johngalli A isn't our enemy! This is a different enemy's ability! That sniper... never existed!
5: From the moment I entered this meeting room!! My dad, this table, the chairs, even the guard was all caught up in it!
6: We were slowly being melted... like mice inside a huge snake's stomach!!

The Visitor (7)

7: From when...
8: At...
9: At what time...
10: did he put us to 'sleep?'
11: I can't move... my body... at all...

1: But it looks like...
2: the fact that I... punched the guard in this room...
3: is reality...
4: The photo... my dad...
5: showed me this photo...
6: And told me about how the accident with the hitchhiker was all planned...
7: That's reality...
8: But right after that... we were put to sleep...
9: Right after we noticed the cigarette smoke!! Reading the wind... the sniper satellite... getting shot, even the name 'Manhattan Transfer'...
10: Those were all hallucinations created in my mind!
11: The secret passage was also just my imagination!
12: In reality...!!
13: My body was being melted as I hallucinated...
14: Like I'm stuck inside someone's stomach!
15: And the strange boy in the trash can... who gave me this bone!!
16: He's real! The boy in the uniform really exists!! I was unconsciously squeezing it, so I hurt my hand... That's what woke me up. If it hadn't been for that pain, I would have stayed asleep!

1: This ability...
2: is the real Johngalli A attacking us!!
3: Uu
4: Aaaaahhhh
5: M... My string dissolves instantly!
6: I can't even shoot it a few centimeters!
7: Th
8: This is bad!!
9: I can't even move my arm...
10: I... I'm... getting sleepy again...
11: Forget about Johngalli A... I have to get out of here! I need to get outside... fast!

1: It... it's digesting us!
2: Our... flesh!!
3: Aaahhh
4: Aaaahhhh
5: Uooooooohhhh

1: Uu...
2: Mm... ggh
3: What...
4: I... did it...
5: Go... to the door... the chair's legs were half-melted...
6: That's why it worked... Now that you're awake, you should be able to do it...
7: Destroy... the door...
8: With your ability...
9: Star Platinum...
10: The meeting room itself...
11: was a trap... from the very beginning?
12: Hurryyyyyy!!
13: It's digesting our flesh!!
15: It opened!
16: The door!!
17: Yes! Now pull me out! We need to get out of heeere!
18: What did you just say?
19: Star Platinum? My Stand's name?

1: Jolyne... How do you know about that? I came into this room... We talked about the pendant,
2: and I saw your Stand.
3: But
4: you still haven't seen mine... Even if you can feel its presence, as my daughter, you still shouldn't know its name.
5: Something's not right here! This isn't reality!
6: This is a hallucination that my mind is seeing!
7: Ahhh!!
8: Uu...
9: Stone Free
10: Uuu...
11: You... finally...
12: opened your eyes... That took forever...
13: Because my strings dissolve instantly...
14: You were dreaming too? Ever since we saw the cigarette smoke... Were we seeing the same dream?

1: I can't... even... move a finger...
2: How about you? Can you move?
3: What's happening now...
4: might be another dream...
5: If you can't
6: even move a little... Then it's reality...
7: If there's no way for us to escape...
8: Then it has to be reality...
9: I see...
10: We may have woken up... But we're still... going to die...
11: The pendant's ability...
12: That's what woke me up. You said Stone Free, didn't you? Say it again.
13: I can't... I told you, as soon as I shoot it out, it dissolves!
14: No...
15: The clumped form you used to punch that guard.
16: That should work.
17: Yeah... That's it...
18: More.
19: I... can't...
20: If you're thinking of destroying the table... I thought of that too.
21: But there's no way for me to exert that much power... And the door behind is too far away... I'm so sleepy... I can't move...
22: That's not the idea... Can't you pull it out a bit more?
23: Just a few more centimeters.
24: Just a little more... toward me...
25: It'd be best if you could move it to the left just a little...
26: Oh well, that should do.
27: I don't really like this, but we're running out of time.
28: Let's escape this way.

2: Good... It worked. Now pull me out...
3: And yeah...
4: This is definitely reality.

1: Uuu...
2: Goddammiiiiit... Son of a bitch... Th-this pain...
3: This irritation... You're gonna... pay for this...
4: I managed to escape, but I'm still pissed off!
5: There's no way this is a hallucination!
6: Hey! This bone saved us.
7: What... do you think it means?
8: Means?
9: What are you talking about?
10: Is that a leftover from the breakfast they serve here or something?
11: Only I saw him, but I know that boy exists! I don't know how, but he really exists inside this prison!

1: Code 909! Security Level 4! We've got a situation outside the door to the meeting rom!
2: Security Level 4! Code 909!
3: We're definitely in reality right now!
4: There aren't any holes to anywhere, the guard is still on the floor, and the cameras are following us.
5: What should we do?
6: Now you'll become a criminal who gets a heavy sentence too.
7: That pendant... Do you have it on you right now?
8: That pendant is very important.
9: I have a bit of a connection with the Speedwagon Foundation...
10: So I borrowed a UUV that can hold two people and parked it on the sea floor nearby this place.
11: After I explain the plan, we'll get in it!
12: The location is... This is a blueprint of the prison. The X is the meeting room, and that's the hallway we're in.
13: This window and the area below it faces the ocean.
14: And the security level they have here is only for the general public, so it's pretty bare.
map text: Male Prison
15: From the beach, we'll get in and drive the UUV, which is easier to operate than a motorcycle, and escape to the outer sea!
16: I'm sure you're wondering about Johngalli A and a bunch of other things,
17: but we'll deal with all that once we get out! Got it...?

1: Let's go.
2: It's prison break time.
3-9: uju
10: gloop gloop
11-15: uju

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