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Planet Waves 4


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jul 27, 2015 05:05 | Go to Planet Waves

-> RTS Page for Planet Waves 4

sign: The Homeland of Kicchomu
1: Uooooh! I'm gonna shit myself!
2: I'm gonna shit myseeelf!
3: I should have just taken a shit before club practice!
sfx: dash
4: I'm not going to be able to hold it until I get home!
5: It's all because of those damn poser girls who came to watch us practice!
6: I can't even take a shit now because of them!
sfx: clench
7: Hgggh!
8: Kuuuuuu!
9: Toilet!
10: Toilet, toilet!
11: Toilet!
sfx: dash x2

[#4 : Teleportation]
1: Toi...
sfx: bwoon

sfx: fsssh
sfx: thud
1: Ahh
2: My house!!
3: My bathroom!!
4: Whaaaaaaaat?!
sfx: plop plop plop plop
sfx: fssssh
sfx: click

1: Why am I here...
2: And why am I naked?
3: When I got off the bus today, this huge gust of wind came...
4: It flipped my skirt up and gave me a serious wedgie!
5: I never ever got one like that before!
6: My clothes...
7: Hey, have you seen my clothes?
8: Huh? Yousuke!
9: When did you get home?!
10: Huh?
11: And why are you naked?!
12: there they are... (Right near my house.)

1: Did I take them off here and run home naked?
2: But mom didn't know that I was home...
3: It's like I just teleported or something.
4: Go home!
sfx: clench
sfx: oooh
5: Of course not...
sfx: clink clink clink
6: Time to go home, jack off, and sleep.

sign: Kicchomu Land
sfx: chirp chirp
1: Yousukeeee! You need to hurry or you'll be laaaate!
2: Yousukeeee!
sfx: fssh fssh
3: OK, OK! Shut up already!
sfx: rattle x2
mag: Basketball LIFE

1: Tabuse Yuuta is so cool, isn't he?
2: The pro basketball player?
sfx: squeal x2
3: Yeah, I know!
4: And he's so stylish, too!
5: Our basketball team is doing pretty well this year too.
6: They might go to the nationals!!
sfx: squeal
7: Let's go cheer them on!
sfx: slip
8: Hooo..
sfx: rub x2
9: You like Ezaki-kun, right? He's soooo cool.
10: Yeah, he's like, serious cool.
11: And so stylish!
sfx: rub x7

sfx: bounce
sfx: squeak
1: Let's do one more!
2: Follow Ezaki!
3: Defense, defense!
4: Eeeek! Ezaki-senpaiiii!
5: You're so cool!
6: Shoot a three-pointer!
7: Ggh!
8: Silence, women!!
sfx: haa x2
9: Day after day... Don't they ever shut up?!
sfx: haa x2
10: I almost shit myself because of you!!

1: Basketball's all about your face.
sfx: bwap
sfx: kahah
2: I'm gonna stop Ezaki right here!
3: Bring it, Enomoto.
sfx: bounce
4: Gggh... Why does he look so calm?!
5: He was a starting member since his first year, and people treat him like a genius.
6: That first year is amazing!
7: He's a super rookie!
8: I'm a third year now, and I'm still a substitute!
9: And I've never been popular with the girls.
sfx: squeal x3
10: Why is it always him...
11: Basketball's all about your face.
12: If I stop Ezaki,
13: and girls start talking to me...

1: I'll finally be able to live like a real high school basketball player!
2: It's amazing that you were able to stop Ezaki-senpai!
3: That was so cool!
4: Let's do one more!
sfx: smack x5
5: Defense isn't all I'm good at.
6: Wanna see how I dunk at night?
7: What are you talking about?
8: I guess I kinda do.
9: Wow! But it's already the fourth quarter!
10: I'm not going to let these three years go to waste!
11: Bring it!
sfx: bounce
12: You're not getting past meeee!

sfx: hop
1: Wahh!
2: A feint!!
sfx: fwoosh
3: Oh noooo!
4: Ggggh!
sfx: squeak
5: A three pointer!
6: Miiiiiiss!
sfx: dash x3
7: I'll grab the rebound!
8: I-ll...
sfx: bwooh
9: Yes! It's going in!
sfx: tok

sfx: yoink
1: what
sfx: tok

1: Why are you naked?!
sfx: waaaahhh
2: Woaah!
3: He's buck naked!
4: What the hell are you doing, Enomotooooo?!
5: Th-this is the same thing
6: that happened yesterday!
7: Ewww! What's wrong with him?!
8: He's a perv! A pervert!
9: Come on!
10: Gggh! My clothes!
11: What the hell is this?!
sfx: wiggle x3
12: Hey! Stop rubbing your dick on the ball!
13: Senpai... It almost seemed like you disappeared for an instant...
14: I said stop the rubbing!!
15: What are you talking about?
16: Yeah right!
17: No... I think I really did...
18: Haha
19: just...

1: teleport!!
2: Stop screwing around and run back in!!
sfx: smack
3: Yes sir!
4: That feeling just now...
5: It was a good play, though...
6: C'mon, keep going! Concentrate, concentrate!
7: Yes sir!
8: First I need some running momentum...
9: Then I need to focus on somewhere I want to be...
10: The ball... I want to steal the ball...
11: Ezaki!!
sfx: bwoo
sfx: oon

sfx: smack
1: I... did it...
2: Wahh!
sfx: fwup
3: You son of a bitch... Again...
4: Stop rubbing your dick on the baaaall!!
5: Enomoto! You're off the team! Come to the teacher's room at once!
6: Enomoto, where did you come from just now?
7: Huh?
8: I-I just dashed up...
9: That was a nice cut, though!

1: The next day...
2: Did you hear about Enomoto from Class 4?
3: The streaking incident with the basketball team? Which one is he again?
4: He was always nothing but a substitute, so apparently the stress got to him.
5: He was trying to get revenge.
6: I heard he almost stuck himself up one of the girls who were watching.
7: What a scumbag.
8: I always thought he was a creep.
9: I see...
10: There's a bit of a difference when it comes to the momentum, but it looks like the boundary lies around 100 meters.
11: As long as it's within 100 meters, even if I can't see the location,
12: I can teleport to somewhere I've been before...
notebook (top to bottom)
(far right) bank
Parking Lot

1: I guess teleportation doesn't only exist inside TV shows and comics...
sfx: ha ha ha
2: I feel like I'm dreaming!
3: If I use this power right,
4: Let's go home.
5: I could get anything I want! Even money!
6: Then I can get as many women as I want!
7: Bye!
8: I won't even need to play basketball anymore!
9: The only problem left is to figure out whether or not I can teleport with something.
10: Currently I can only seem teleport my own naked body. I can't even take along the clothes I'm wearing...
11: If I can figure out a way to do that, then the world's as good as mine!
sfx: bwooon

1: But I was able to take the silver cap on my tooth with me. So it isn't just my own body...
sfx: poke
2: Maybe I'm able to take anything that's stuck to me.
3: What about a bandage?
sfx: smack
4: Maybe I'll gradually become able to teleport with more and more objects!
sfx: dash x3
5: Woaaaah! It's still stuck to meeee!
sfx: dash
6: Now dive into my house!!
sfx: bwooooon

1: Woah!
2: In exchange for my high school life,
3: Hm?
4: I've acquired the ultimate power!

1: Yousuke! What in god's name are you showing to your mother?!
2: Waaah!
3: Why were you pointing it at her mouth?!
4: No! No!
5: There she is!
6: That girl's so cute.
7: I think she's a second year.
8: Sae, that guy keeps staring at you.
9: Huh?
10: Wahh!
sfx: grin

1: Woaaaahh!!
2: Sae, you're going to come watch club practice after school today, right?
3: Wh-what was that just now...
4: Does she like me?
5: Maybe I should take the risk and try talking to her...
6: I'll leave the clubroom key with you, then. Come afterwards.
7: I'll come after I go home and change.
8: N-no...
9: I have a special power.
10: I don't need to beat around the bush like that anymore.
11: Special power?
12: Did he just...
sfx: fssh
13: As of now...
sfx: dash

1: I can use my teleportation to do whatever I want with her!
sfx: fssh x2
2: T-Teleportation...
3: Hm? What's wrong, Yoshirou?
4: I'm not the only esper
5: at this school...
6: Oh, that's the streaker from the basketball team, right?
7: Don't tell me...
8: he's after Asami-san?!
9: That guy's a hero!
[#4 : Teleportation] END

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