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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean 13


-> RTS Page for Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean 13

right: The "shou" kanji from Jotaro's name: To inherit, to understand
left: The "Jo" kanji from Jolyne's name: Slowly, quietly
The "Rin" kanji from Jolyne's name: A human path that should be protected, companions

The Visitor (3)

1: I told you to put out the cigarette! For some reason, he can completely follow your movements!
2: Cough...
3: And I told you to stop acting so high and mighty!! I was just about to put it out myself, you know!
4: What's going on with the far right side of that hall? Does it have a window?
5: Yeah... There are two or three, but they're all barred...
6: It's clear that Johngalli A fired that bullet. But I didn't hear a gunshot...
7: And this bullet is real... It's a Sniper Premium made for a rifle.
8: I don't know where he is, but he must have sniped you from somewhere far away!

1: ...which leaves us with this question.
2: Assuming he's a Stand User, how was he able to fire inside this visiting room?
3: A rifle?
4: Cough! Hold on a minute...
5: Why are you talking about a rifle?!
6: That guy in the photo...
7: I understand that he planned to have me thrown in here!
8: But you said he's a prisoner here too, right?
9: This is the women's prison! And prisoners don't even have their own ballpoint pens here!
10: You sure about that?
11: Guns can be taken part... Then, you just need to put each part inside a piece of ham or a bottle of shaving cream... Have a friend bring it, bribe the guard, and you'll be able to receive it without any sort of inspection.
12: Little by little, piece by piece... Then, after several months, you can put the pieces together and assemble your very own rifle.
13: You survived that shot due to pure luck. It was a coincidence. You won't be able to predict when he fires next.
14: Not with a silent rifle...
15: My Star Platinum can stop time for two seconds and allow me to dodge... But the problem is knowing when to stop it.
16: You mean he came over from the male prison to kill me?!
17: And he's still here?!
19: He has a rifle, plus some ability. Now, we need to decide what to do...
20: Prison bars, the guard... and Johngalli A...
21: How can we escape from here?

1: Don't go to the meeting...
2: Don't let go of this... Treasure it as much as you treasure your mom...
3: Hey...
4: Do you... know what this is?
5: I don't get it either. But it has some kind of secret...
6: It's a human bone.
7: The sacrum from an adult female's pelvis.
8: Judging from the surface appearance, it was melted with some kind of acid... Like a chemical, or an animal's stomach acid...
9: Acid?
10: I don't know why you have that... But it doesn't matter right now.
11: Look.

1: What?
2: Huh!?
3: Don't stick your face out too much..
4: Looks like that's more than just a piece of trash.
5: B... But...

1: What the... Now it's moving away...
2: No... It's floating down again... Seems like it's really light...
3: It looks like it's just dancing in the wind.
4: Don't do anything...
5: That must be his Stand... Don't do anything. Just watch and figure out what Johngalli A's trying to do...

1: It dodged! Can it see the strings?
2: I can't catch it!
3: Why did you do that... Quiet down. It's reacting to something.
4: But not the movements of the strings.
5: It's moving in a direction that has nothing to do with the strings...
6: Maybe it's reacting to THAT?
7: THAT.
8: That stuff the string's movements created...
9: Umm... What do you call it? You know. Like the cigarette smoke...
10: Air currents...?
11: So it's reacting to the air currents created by the strings' energy... and dancing around...
12: You bitch... FE40536...
13: Do you have any idea... what you just did to me...
14: Well?!
15: Hey!
16: Have you lost your fucking miiiiind?!
17: Jolyne Cujooooooh!!

1: It-it's coming this way! The air currents!
2: You're definitely going to solitary now!
3: Or maybe I'll give you an extra five years for attempted prison break!?
4: Well!?
5: Before that, though, I'm gonna pound the shit outta youuuuuu!!
6: C... Calm down!
7: Get away from the door! Stop swinging your baton around... Y-you're in danger!
8: It's coming up to the door!!
9: Jolyne. You can't move away from the wall...
10: The same goes for your Stand.
11: I know that!
12: Now stop ordering me around! I'm going to have to punch this guy again, or we'll be in deep shiiiit!
13: Who the hell do you think you're talking about, you whooooooore!?
14: Shit!
15: I have no choice...

1: Star Plati...

1: I knew timing would be a problem... I was just a little too late.
2: I can't tell when... to stop time...
3: Y
4: You...
5: He was aiming for this...
6: For when two people move... He knows there are three people in this room. He was waiting for two people to move at the same time, then pinpointed our locations and fired...
7: A single shot...
8: Johngalli A is using this to read the flow of the air...
9: And that Stand is a satellite!
10: He's aiming at that Stand with his rifle... It's a sniping satellite that acts as a relay for the bullet!!

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