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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean 14


-> RTS Page for Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean 14

1: Air currents...
2: He's reading the...
3: air currents inside this building!!?
4: Don't scream! Jolyne...
5: That thing even be reacting to changes in our breathing...

The Visitor (4)

6: It's pretty much impossible to figure out Johngalli A's sniping point from this room.
7: We'll just have to destroy that satellite Stand... Damage dealt to a Stand will travel back to its user, you know...

The Visitor (4)

1: Stay against the wall, Jolyne!
2: What are you doing?! That thing can track you!

1: Muscles can't be trusted.
2: When skin is exposed to the wind,
3: muscles become stressed and begin to subtly expand and contract.
4: The body can't control these movements.
5: A rifle should be supported with bone.
6: Bones sense the stability of the ground and unify the gun with it. That's the kind of anchorage one can trust.
7: Meteorologists say the wind's movements are unpredictable.
8: They have a point.
9: But the wind isn't completely unreadable.
10: Is this fly just flying around aimlessly?
11: No.
12: It's sensing scents and the flow of the air as it flies.
13: The fly's movements are the wind.

1: bzzz
2: bzzzz
3: There are three people in the meeting room.
4: I fired a bullet through one's shoulder... Judging from his height and the location of his shoulder, that was Kujo Jotaro...
5: It has to be.
6: And the guard.
7: He won't be moving anymore... I hit in straight in the head.
8: The problem is the first shot I fired. Jolyne Cujoh... I know that shot hit, but she's alive for some reason.
9: Did Jotaro happen to stop time then? So be it... This doesn't change the plan at all. My Stand, Manhattan Transfer...
10: is completely tracking your movements inside that meeting room!
11: The time has come to finish off your bloodline! Now, my life can finally begin!
12: You robbed my heart of its support, and for that, I must take revenge!!

1: You said we need to destroy that, right?
2: The sprinklers...
3: The fire alarm's probably going off too...
4: Look at its movements!
5: The drops of water are preventing it from reading the air currents!

1: Now!
2: Stone Free!
3: No! Wait! Look closely!
4: It's dodging them...
5: The drops of water...
6: It can even read the air currents from each separate drop.
7: Jolyne, get back to the wall! He's going to fire!
8: Listen carefully, Jolyne!
9: Kick the rock! Underneath that pillar!!
10: Hm!?
11: Against the door... there's another person!
12: No... Was he hiding there the whole time!?

1: Hurry!!
2: Move the stone wall under the pillar! Kick it really hard!!
3: Y... You?
4: Don't worry about me!
5: Hurry!
6: Okay!? Don't forget what I said! I want you to survive this!
7: What the hell!?
8: tok tok tok
9: I don't know what he was talking about,
10: but this gap between the walls leads downward. It must be a passageway. To the prison's sewer!? Or an air duct!?
11: It's deep. It might lead outside!

1: Let's go, Jolyne!
2: This is our only chance!
3: What are you doing!? He's reading our movements! Hurry up and get inside!
4: Where did it go?
5: The Stand's gone...
6: No it isn't! It's still nearby!
7: He's just looking for the perfect sniping angle!
8: No he isn't.
9: He followed that kid...
10: Outside the door...
11: He wants to start from him!
12: He wants to kill him first for telling us about the passageway...
13: Jolyne, get down there!
14: I came here to get you out!

1: Before I came inside this room, that kid grabbed my hand. I can hardly believe it, but he's here.
2: He's looks like a normal kid you'd see in a park. An absolute stranger to me.
3: But he grabbed my hand as if it was a piece of rope.
4: And the warmth of his hand soothed me.
5: I'm going back inside.
6: I'm going to defeat Johngalli A before he shoots that kid.
7: Give me a... break...

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