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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean 12


-> RTS Page for Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean 12

Stand - Stone Free
User - Jolyne Cujoh
Destructive Power - A
Speed - B
Range - 1 ~ 2 m
Durability - A
Precision - C
Growth - A

Ability - This stand is basically a clump of string that's gathered together. Its power and speed have a range of 2m, but if the string gets unraveled and stretched out, it can extend for as long as the string is. In this form, it becomes extremely brittle. Like a string telephone, it can allow her to hear people's voices and sounds.

The Visitor (2)

The Visitor (2)
1: Hey!
2: The wind's picking up!
3: Let's go inside. I quit!
4: What are you doing?! Pick 'em up already!
5: You should stand up and help too! What if they get blown out to the ocean?!
6: Is that all of them?
7: Yeah, I picked them all up.
8: Hey, let's keep playing in the cafeteria.
9: 51 cards...

1: 51 cards...
2: Boot...
3: Only one card... in the boot...
4: Hey, hold on, there are only 51 cards here!
5: You're missing two! There are 53 cards in a deck!
6: But I picked them all up!
7: I know I did! Recount 'em! There isn't another card on the ground!
8: You dumbass! Look in your boot! It's stuck on your shin!
9: Ahh!
10: Then where's the other oooone?!
11: Sorry...
12: It was stuck in the case... Another joker...
13: Apparently... a visitor just arrived. Not for you, of course...
14: Next door... got it? Just informing you.

1: Hey. Wait a minute!
2: You've got it on... inside out.
3: Your
4: pants!
5: Oh shiiiit! Did I punch him too hard?!
6: Hey, wake uuuuup! The meeting's overrrrr!

1: The man in this photograph is Johngalli A.
2: He's a veteran, a sniper who was supposedly able to hit his targets even through 20 meter wind speeds. According to an investigation, his cataracts have caused his eyesight to become extremely poor.
3: And he's currently being held in the male section of this penitentiary.
4: Listen to me, Jolyne.
5: The person who framed you for murder and put you in this prison wasn't your boyfriend Romeo.
6: It was this man...
7: That car accident was a set up.
8: Johngalli A sent orders to some thugs from inside this prison and got them to throw a random hitchhiker out into the street during the rain. Romeo and you both just jumped to conclusions and thought you hit him.
9: That lawyer is talented, but he's also sly and only lives for making money, so if we use him right, he'll be able to bend the law any way we want him to.
10: Since you already have car theft on your record, it was easy for them to pin you with something else.
11: The one who DIRECTLY hired that lawyer wasn't your rich boyfriend. First, Johngalli A lured some rich kid into a trap.
12: He was controlling everything.
13: Help me, Jolyne.
14: Were you lying when you said you liked me?!
15: You stole that car, didn't you?
16: It's called plea bargaining. If you admit your crime, you'll only get half a year.
17: 15 years! 15 years!!

1: You hit me twice yesterday, didn't youuuu?!
2: Motherfuckerrrrr!!
3: WHY?
4: WHY!!
5: Why would this guy want to put me in jaaaaaail?!
6: Johngalli A put himself in jail on purpose.
7: Because you're related to me.
8: So that he can dispose of you... whenever he wants.
9: Speaking to someone's heart is an amazing thing.
10: But sometimes... GARBAGE gets left over.
11: Garbage known as GRUDGES...
12: He never met him in person, but Johngalli A worked for an old enemy of mine... I'm sure of it.
13: Even though over 20 years have passed, he's turned his fanaticism toward that man into motive for a grudge.

1: You need to get out of here at once. That's why I came here. Got it!?
2: We're going to ignore the law.
3: You didn't genetically inherit anything, but since you're my daughter, you should have the potential.
4: Did you get a Stand yet? Just use that to escape.
5: Every time we meet, you always tell me something bad...
6: Like how you're going to leave mom for a few years...
7: or get divorced...
8: I'm sick of it...
9: Don't you dare give me orders like you're my father or something.
10: I get thrown in jail, and then you finally come to see me? Why? Because of love?
11: There isn't a speck of you in my heart anymore.
12: But whatever. I'll take that shocking story and the stuff about the pendant with a little optimism. You can go now. And don't come back.
13: I'll escape from here with my own power soon.
14: There's just something that happened inside that's been bugging me,
15: so I'm going back in for now.
16: Wait.
17: Who was smoking that cigarette?
18: I don't smoke. A box of them fell out of the guard's pocket,
19: but they're a different brand.

1: Smoke's rising up from it again.
2: Pfft
3: Jolyne! Get away from the door!!
4: Star Platinum!

1: Whaaaat?!
2: It can't be!
3: Jo...
4: Strings...?!
5: You made a net out of strings...
6: and dispersed the power of the bullet...
7: just like a bulletproof vest.
8: All in... an instant...

1: Cough!
2: Cough! Cough
3: Wh... What... was... that!?
4: A bullet!? Cough
5: Cough
6: Stay away from the door.
7: He's been aiming to kill us this whole time...

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