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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean 21


-> RTS Page for Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean 21

Name: Johngalli A
Prisoner ID: MA-56002
Cell Number: 313 (Male Prison)
Term: 7 Years
Charge: Murder
Physical Characteristics: 185cm tall / Mostly blind
Bio: Military Veteran, Sniper
Can acutely sense the movements of air between his and his target's body. A rifle sniper who never misses his mark.
Stand Name: Manhattan Transfer

1: G.D.st Prison... also known as "The Aquarium."
2: The short version of the story is that I've always lived here in hiding.
3: At a certain point in time, a 'mystery' and a 'power' was born here... One that normal people can't see...
4: And it's an especially turbid one...

Hermès' Sticker (1)

1: As turbid as the bottom of a deep lake filled with corpses, this power can put people to sleep...
2: Then, while its gloop digests their bodies, it steals their hearts... And the man who possesses this power has chosen not to leave the prison.
3: Who is he? And why is he trying to steal people's hearts inside this prison?
4: At this point, I don't have any idea either.
5: But he stole the heart of Kujo Jotaro... Jolyne's father.
6: Jolyne had a chance to escape, but she went back inside.
7: She believes that if she can retrieve her father's stolen heart, he'll come back to life! She says she can feel it in her blood.
8: squeak
9: squeak
10: Is really true?
11: ...I have hope... I have hope in how confident she looked!!
12: tok
13: As punishment for trying to escape, Jolyne got 5 years added to her sentence, and has to spend several weeks in solitary confinement. Everything will start after she gets out...
14: Everything...
15: But before that,
16: There's something else I have hope in. Something I need to investigate.
17: Another prisoner...
18: Her name is Hermès Costello.

1: Jolyne's already
2: met her once as well.
3: HEY!!
4: What the fuck are you doing!?
5: Ah! Wait a minute...
6: D-did I get money stolen?
7: Just now?
8: Sh-shit! Was it the janitor? Goddammiiiit!!
9: Hey!!
10: Hold on a second, you asshoooole!
11: OWWW!
12: The sickroom...
13: Is that where I am?

1: I remember now...
2: I
3: hurt my palm? Then I got a fever...
4: I think I cut my palm and started bleeding... But now...
5: peel
6: peel
7: There's hardly... any kind of scar...
8: Hold on a minute! Whoa!
9: toss
clipboard: Hermès Costello
10: My examination card... err, this file! I know this is mine, but how am I supposed to read this thing?
11: No waaay! It says the doctor came to check up on me six times? You mean...
12: I slept through six whole exams?
13: Wait, I remember even more now!
14: I got sent to this prison for robbery... With a five-year sentence.
15: Then, before the court ruling, I picked that thing up. In the holding jail...
16: It was stuck on the drain cover in the holding jail's meeting room...
17: A pendant that someone dropped, without any chain attached to it...
18: I picked it up and took it with me.
19: But then it cut my hand, and I got pissed,
20: so I sold it to her.
21: What was that girl's name?
22: Guess!
23: Yeah! I sold the pendant to a prisoner named Guess.
24: But then, that night... I got a high fever and was carried in to here. A 107 degree fever! Did some bacteria get inside me or something?
25: Have I been asleep here since then?
26: If they checked me six times, does that mean I've been here for six days?

1: Was I unconscious until I awoke
2: just now?
3: There's no way! I feel fine now!
4: Uhh...
5: I thought I just
6: Uhh
7: I thought... I just peeled it off...
8: This is the sticker that was stuck to my hand...
9: Am I remembering this right?
10: In the year 1492, Columbus discovered a new continent!
11: Mickey Mouse's birthday is November 18! I know I'm right...
12: Whaaaat!? But I just
13: peeled it oooooooff!

1: Uhh...
2: My shoes... Why... Uhh
3: Si...
4: Gehh!!
5: Waaaaaaah
6: Aaaaahhhh
7: Waaaaaaaggh

1: Owwwwww!
2: Whoa!
3: Waaaah!
4: Ahh!
5: Ahh!
6: 5!
6: I'm... back to normal!!
6: Wh-what was that!?
7: W-wait, is my fever making me delirious!? B-but that sticker just now!
8: That sticker was stuck on my finger, and when I took it off...!!
9: Wh
10: Where is it!? Where's the sticker I just took off!?
11: Ahh!

1: There are two..
2: bedpans...
3: There's the sticker I just peeled off...
4: Ahh! Waiiiit!
5: Gyaaaaaahhh!
6: G-groooooss!!
7: What the hell's going on?
8: What's all that noise?
9: Gyaaaaahhhh
10: Shut up already...
11: Looks like her illness is getting worse. Call the doc!
12: It's nothing! Go back to sleep!
13: What... happened just now!?
14: Is... is my fever... m-making me... hallucinate!? ...No!
15: This shoe! I'm actually touching it... It has weight!
16: This is actually happening. Objects are being doubled... It's beyond me, but it's actually happening right next to me!

1: This sticker! When I put this sticker on something...
2: it turns one object into two! And when I take it off,
3: it gets damaged...
4: but it turns back into one! How can it do that!?
5: Sticker! That's the only thing I can call it! It's crazy, but it just looks like a normal sticker!
6: And this sticker...!!
7: It came out of my own body!
8: And...

1: What happened to my body?
2: I can think I all I want... it isn't going to give me an answer.
3: The fact is, I can create this sticker with my hand. This is reality.
4: I just have to accept reality...
5: And once I do, it might be pretty useful...
6: OK, asshole! Time to give back the money you stole!
7: Goddammit!

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