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Translations: Gintama 645 by kewl0210 , One Piece 872 by cnet128

Naruto 287

Naruto Ch. 287 Translation

+ posted by Nihongaeri as translation on Dec 11, 2005 02:18 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 287

Page 1

Number 287: Untitled

Heed me, poor raging wind of winter...! Blow yourself against me and become a wind of fiery passion!!

Page 2

Frame 1, Text:
As a night of bonding (!?) gives way to morning...

Frame 2, Sakura:
Aahhhhh! I slept soooo well!

Page 3

Frame 1, Sakura:

Frame 5, Sakura:
What's this? So you're an artist.

Sidebar Preview:
The four team members finally arrive at the Tenchikyou! Who is the person that awaits them there!?
("Tenchikyou" - "Bridge of Heaven and Earth")

Page 4

Frame 2, Sai:
Do you need something?

Frame 4, Sakura:
You may have a dirty mouth, but you also have delicate side, huh? ... I'm surprised.

Frame 5, Sai:
That fake smile... Did you come here to hit me again? ... Just like yesterday.

Page 5

Frame 1, Sakura:
... Actually, yes...

Frame 2, Sakura:
... Kidding! I just wanted to see your picture... I was curious what you were drawing.

Frame 2, Sai:
... I see...

Frame 3, Sakura:
Since you're sitting in a place like this, I thought I'd find you drawing the scenery... But that, it's an abstraction I see.

Frame 4, Sakura:
That picture... What's its title?

Frame 5, Sai:
... Who knows?

Frame 6, Sakura:
You haven't decided yet?

Page 6

Frame 1, Sai:
It just doesn't have one...

Frame 2, Sai:
... I've drawn tens of thousands of pictures in my life, but I've never given even one of them a title.

Frame 3, Sakura:

Frame 4, Sakura:
Still, you're usually supposed to give a picture a title, right? Like if it's a portrait, then that person's name... Or even with other pictures, the title might be the circumstances at the time, or maybe you're state of mind or your emotions...

Page 7

Frame 3, Sai:
... To be more accurate, it's not that I don't give them titles, it's that I can't...

Frame 5, Sai:
... Not one thing comes to me. I just don't... feel anything at all.

Page 8

Frame 1, Naruto:
Well, that sure explains why almost everything you say is so insensible!

Frame 2, Naruto:
We're about ready to head out! Yamato-taichou told me to come get you.
("taichou" - "team captain/leader")

Frame 3, Sakura:

Frame 5, Naruto:
Heh! That picture, it's nothing special!

Page 9

Frame 1, Sai:
Indeed. Just like your penis.

Frame 2, Naruto:

Frame 3, Naruto:
I'm going to be completely straightforward and honest! I absolutely hate you!!

Frame 4, Naruto:
If you have a problem with me, then quit it with the fake smile, and start being straightforward and honest yourself!

Frame 5, Naruto:
If you want to fight, I'll take you on anytime!!

Page 10

Frame 1, Sai:
You don't understand...

Frame 3, Sai:
I just don't think anything of you, one way or the other.

Page 11

Frame 1, Sai:
Please go on ahead. I'll follow as soon as I've cleaned things up here.

Frame 2, Sakura:
Let me help.

Frame 4, Sakura:
... This... It isn't printed, is it? Did you draw this also?

Frame 5, Sai:

Frame 6, Sakura:
Oh really... A picture book, huh...

Frame 7, Naruto:

Page 12

Frame 1, Sakura:
Hey... Would you mind showing it to me along the way sometime?

Frame 2, Sai:
Actually I would... This book, it isn't finished yet.

Frame 3, Sai:
Also, I make a point of not letting other people touch this.

Frame 4, Sai:
Because it's my brother's.
(Actually, "older brother's"... If anybody cares...)

Page 14

Frame 2, Yamato:
This looks like a good place.

Frame 2, Yamato:
Mokuton - Shichuuka No Jutsu!!
("Shichuuka" = Lit. "Four Pillar House"... Yamato sure likes his "four pillars"...)

Frame 4, Naruto:

Frame 6, Yamato:
We'll be camping here tonight.

Frame 6, Sakura:
Umm... I don't think you can call this camping.

Page 15

Frame 2, Yamato:
Everyone, gather over here for a bit. Also... Sakura, there's something I need to ask you about.

Frame 3, Sakura:
What is it?

Frame 4, Yamato:
... It's about Akatsuki's Sasori.

Frame 5, Yamato:
I got a hold of Sasori's data file from Sunagakure to get me started, but I need you to tell me as much as you can about his personality, speech-style, mannerisms, habits, and anything else.

Frame 6, Yamato:
After all, you're the only one who's seen Sasori with your own eyes.

Page 16

Frame 1, Naruto:
What are you talking about?

Frame 2, Yamato:
The Akatsuki spy who infiltrated Orochimaru's organization is expecting Sasori to show up at the Tenchikyou. That means, that while he may end up seeing right though it, it's still going to be best to use a henge and approach him disguised as Sasori.
("henge" = a transformation justu)

Frame 3, Sai:
Being a spy carries a significant amount of risk after all. That means we're not going to be the only ones taking this seriously.

Frame 4, Yamato:
Also... Just in case this does happen to be an Akatsuki trap, I'm going to approach him by myself at first. I want the three of you lay in waiting until I send a signal.

Frame 5, Sakura:
Still, it is fact that an Akatsuki spy named Yuura was in the Suna village... And given how Sasori said things right before he died... I don't think he was lying...

Frame 6, Sai:
Either way, that spy... There's no doubt he's a very skilled shinobi...

Page 17

Frame 1, Naruto:
Let's do this...

The team's tensions run high! Yamato's plan makes one thing clear... Their opponent is unmistakably "powerful"!! With a body shrouded in darkness, a lone figure travels beneath the moon - Who is the "spy"!?

Chapter Preview:
Yet more trouble occurs within the team!! Next Issue, "Amongst the Darkness of Betrayal"!!

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#1. by Chiru ()
Posted on Dec 11, 2005
I collect your translations in hopes they will help me with my japanese. Thanks again Nihongaeri-san! :D
#2. by Zenith ()
Posted on Dec 11, 2005
Thanks nick for the awesome translation.
#3. by One Eyed Sharingan ()
Posted on Dec 11, 2005
Whoa, at last...
been waitin' fer your translation man....
Great job. Many thanks
#4. by njt (Last Boss ♪~( ̄。 ̄))
Posted on Dec 12, 2005
Thanks for the translation :) Yeah, life is always first :ossu, then you can worry about us :)
#5. by Terra ()
Posted on Dec 15, 2005
Thanks Nick :thumbs
#6. by bebong ()
Posted on Dec 15, 2005
Nihongaeri's trans is always nice eh, Terramare??
#7. by Sariachan ()
Posted on Dec 15, 2005
It clarified lots of points, thanks! :)

P.S. I'm quite done with the Lee fanart I promised you, I've only to color it! ^^

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