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Naruto 287

Naruto 287 Translation

+ posted by ratfox as translation on Dec 8, 2005 12:01 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 287

Here we go, use freely, etc.


Page 1:

Title: Untitled (you'll understand after)

Sorrow raging like a cold wind...! Blowing against me, it changes to hot wind!!

Page 2:

A night of friendship!? Dawn comes...

Sakura: Hmmmmmm! I slept well!

Page 3:

Sakura: Sai?

Sakura: Heee. Your drawing a picture or something?

Page 4:

Sai: What is it?

Sakura: You have a bad moutn, yet you have a delicate side, eh?
Sakura: ...That was unexpected.

Sai: This fake smile...
Sai: And you didn't you knock me down yet?

Page 5:

Sakura: ...I guess...

Sakura: ...Just joking!
Sakura: I just came to see your picture ...I wondered what it was.

Sai: ...Ah...

Sakura: Since you're drawing in this place, I thought it would be a landscape...
Sakura: This is an abstraction

Sakura: This paint... What is its title?

Sai: ...Who knows?

Sakura: You haven't decided yet?

Page 6:

Sai: It's not that...

Sai: ...I've drawn thousands and tens of thousands up to now, but
Sai: I've never given them a name.

Sakura: Hmmmm...

Sakura: But usually you give a name to paints...
Sakura: If it's a protrait, it's the name of the person
Sakura: And even if it's not, the situation at this moment,
Sakura: or your own mood, or feelings...

Page 7:

Sai: ...Even if I tried to give an accurate title to it, I couldn't...

Sai: ...Nothing occurs to me.
Sai: Nothing... I'm feeling

Page 8:

Naruto: That's probably why you only ever say insensitive things!

Naruto: We'll be leaving soon!
Naruto: Captain Yamato's asking you to come.

Sakura: Okay.

Naruto: Huh! This drawing.
Naruto: It's nothing much!

Page 9:

Sai: No, isn't it?
Sai: Like your dick.

Naruto: Wha...

Naruto: I'll say it honestly and distinctly!
Naruto: I HATE YOU!!

Naruto: If you want to complain, stop with the fake smile,
Naruto: and say it honestly and distinctly!


Page 10:

Sai: It's not that...

Sai: I really don't think anything of you.

Page 11:

Sai: Do go on first.
Sai: I'll come too, after gathering everything.

Sakura: I'll help you.

Sakura: ....This... it's a print, isn't it?
Sakura: Did you also draw this?

Sai: Yeah...

Sai: Heeee.... A picture book?...

Naruto: Huh!

Page 12:

Sakura: Say...
Sakura: This book, could you show it to me when we are on the way?

Sai: That's impossible.
Sai: ...It's not yet complete.

Sai: Also, It's not something to hand over to other people.

Sai: This is my brother's. (Niisan, big brother)

Page 14:

Yamato: This is a good place.
(House of four pillars technique. WOW! )

Yamato: We'll camp here tonight.

Sakura: This... is not what I would call camping.

Page 15:

Yamato: All of you come here a bit.
Yamato: Then... Sakura. There's something I'd like to ask you.

Sakura: What is it?

Yamato: ...About this Sasori of "Akatsuki".

Yamato: I've received from the hidden sand the file on Sasori, but
Yamato: I want you to tell me in details, as much as possible, about this guy's pesonality, conduct, behavior or if he had any peculiarities.

Yamato: You're the only one who saw Sasori with your own eyes.

Page 16:

Naruto: What's it about?

Yamato: The spy from "Akatsuki" who got inside Orochimaru's circle.
Yamato: He thinks Sasori is coming to the World Bridge.

Yamato: Perhaps he'll see right through it, but
Yamato: It would be best to approach him disguised as Sasori. (henge'd as Sasori)

Sai: There is a fair risk involved with being a spy.
Sai: This one will also be fairly prudent.

Yamato: And then, just in case... If we also suppose it's a trap of "Akatsuki", I'll approach him alone at first.
Yamato: You lot will stand by until I give you instructions.

Sakura: This Yuura from the village of sand was certainly a spy of "Akatsuki"...
Sakura: From the way he spoke when he died...
Sakura: I think it probably wasn't lying, but...

Sai: One way or the other, this spy... He must certainly be fairly resourceful...

Page 17:

Naruto: I'LL DO HIM IN...

Tension runs in all present! Yamato explains his plan... The ennemy is a "strong one" without doubt!! This person walking in the shadows under the moon with a shrouded body... Is it the spy!?


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#1. by Zenith ()
Posted on Dec 8, 2005
that's scarily fast. thanks!
#2. by ChildGamez ()
Posted on Dec 8, 2005
super fast :) I like it!! .. so ... keep it up!
#3. by Chiru ()
Posted on Dec 8, 2005
Arigatou ratfox-san! ^_^
#4. by Dragonzair ()
Posted on Dec 8, 2005
Wow. Good job, ratfox ^_^
#5. by Leen (MH's Peacemaker)
Posted on Dec 8, 2005
Thanks ratfox. U are always quick. :glomp
#6. by Muk ()
Posted on Dec 8, 2005
thanks for translation :glomp
#7. by Syrah ()
Posted on Dec 8, 2005
great job, as always, ratfox !!  :cool
#8. by Narutosen ()
Posted on Dec 8, 2005
Thank You for the translation Ratfox ^^
#9. by batanga ()
Posted on Dec 8, 2005
Thanks, keep going man!!
#10. by nancymakuhari ()
Posted on Dec 8, 2005
Wow, that was quick!
#11. by Gold Knight ()
Posted on Dec 8, 2005
Awesome job Ratfox :occa
#12. by batanga ()
Posted on Dec 8, 2005
Awesome, great job!

Hm, so... why´s it untitled? Is it 'cause of the Sai thing or something...
#13. by Zenith ()
Posted on Dec 8, 2005
Sakura: This paint... What is its title?

Sai: ...Who knows?

Now you know?
#14. by Chiru ()
Posted on Dec 8, 2005
@Batanga: It's called untitled. The title is "Untitled".
#15. by Silaor ()
Posted on Dec 8, 2005
Thanks a lot ratfox ! :glomp Working on the fench transation right now ;)
#16. by batanga ()
Posted on Dec 8, 2005
Quote by Chiru :

@Batanga: It's called untitled. The title is "Untitled".

Yea, I know that, I read the RAW and I can see it has writing on it.

And I figured out the meaning, just wanted to make sure.
#17. by donkeyhigh ()
Posted on Dec 8, 2005
Quote by ChildGamez :


Best quote ever.. :)

oh, and the translation was good too :)

#18. by Momochi Gaara ()
Posted on Dec 8, 2005
quick as usual rat fox..

#19. by holmes221 ()
Posted on Dec 8, 2005
thanks for the translation Ratfox. cool
#20. by dylec ()
Posted on Dec 8, 2005
Very fast translation. Quite some talking, but looks like action is coming up.
#21. by Terra ()
Posted on Dec 8, 2005
Thanks a lot ratfox :D
#22. by Snake1786 ()
Posted on Dec 8, 2005
Thank you very much ratfox.

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