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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 390 (1 comments)
Kenichi 390

Page 01:

We’re going to properly respond to everyone’s expectations <3

Battle 390 – Ma vs Izayoi of the Mad Sword

Page 03:

Ma: You don’t really have to cut up all the fish…

Izayoi: Aha! It really is fun cutting up living things!!

Ma: Woah!!

Izayoi: So,

Izayoi: Exactly how long are you planning on running around you old fart!!

Page 04

Ma: Kuh…

Ma: I’ve been downgraded from ‘Old man’ to ‘Old Fart’!!

Izayoi: Of course you have, you’ve done nothing but run around.

Izayoi: What happened to the spirit you had at the beginning when you destroyed your right arm just so you could fight me?

Ma: If you’re going to say that much about me I’m going have to fight... Read More " "
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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 389 (0 comments)
Kenichi 389

Page 01:

Battle 389 – Akisame vs ‘The Lance of the East’

Text: To go further than the expectations. That is the Koetsuji way.

Page 03:

East Knight: Kahaaah!

East Knight: I, one of the Three Lances of the Black Imperial Guard, ‘The Lance of the East’ shall face you!!

Page 04:

Left top box: Ahahahaha

Ma: W-Wait Mad Sword-chan!! Please be gentle!!

Izayoi: Ahahaha!!

Ma: Heeey, Akisame-don!! Could you give my right arm a little first aid?

Akisame: Don’t die, Kensei!

Page 05:

Ma: You cheap bastard!! Uhyaa!

Akisame: My hands are also a little full at the moment.

East: Nuaghhhh!!!

Page 06:

Akisame: You’re quite destructive.

Akisame: With the world as it is, you must have been given a name... Read More " "
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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 388 (0 comments)
Kenichi 388

Page 01:
This is a fight that cannot be lost.

Battle 388 – Ma vs. Akisame

Page 02:
Ma: Alright, Akisame-don, you take the left, and I'll take the rough one on the right.

Akisame: Yes, the one on the left kills more elegantly.

Page 03:
Ma: Ku-…

Ma: What’s the matter Kensei?

Page 04:
Girl: So my opponent is the tall one with the moustache…?

Ma: The one on the left is a woman!! In these sorts of situations I have to activate my Bakusatsui!

Very Important TL Note: Bakusatsui is one of Ma’s ultimate techniques. It is a Katsujin Ken technique designed to prevent a woman from fighting by destroying her clothes without causing any harm to her body. Essentially he wants to strip her.

Ma:... Read More " "
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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 387 (0 comments)
Kenichi – Battle 387

Page 01:

Knight: How very interesting. Thou dares to take on the ‘Lance of the West’ of the 3 Lances of the Black Imperial Guard,

Knight: Using a lance…

Page 02 - 03

Knight: And you’re challenging me to a joust!!

Side text: A unique mounted battle begins!!!

Knight: Albeit thou be a maiden, I shall not hold back!!

Shigure: You’re quite…the gentleman.

Knight: I am no gentleman!!

Page 04

Knight: I am a Knight!!

Page 05:

Knight: To cross blades with me using such a shoddy lance…how pitiful! This shall be the end of thee, Child Prodigy of all Weaponry

Page 06:

Knight: What exactly is that bizarre bending lance?

Knight: Hyaa!

Page 07:

Knight: However, this joust is... Read More " "
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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 386 (0 comments)
Kenichi 386

Page 01:

The decisive battle…is upon us.

Battles on All Fronts

Page 03:

Kenichi: W-We’re the only ones that made it to the top floor…

Kenichi: The four other enemies we’ve encountered started fighting my other masters…

Kenichi: Is it a good thing that we’ve managed to enter the depths of the enemy’s base so easily?

Akisame: You’ll go with Apachai-kun…

Ma: That’s right, it’s better if one fights one’s old enemy.

Kenichi: Yeah, Narasimha. Tirawit Koukin…

Kenichi: The only thing I should focus on now is my fight with him…

Page 04:

Miu: Huh? Now that I think about why have you followed us all this way Niijima-san?

Niijima: Well I…what I did was…

Niijima: Well I... Read More " "
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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 385 (0 comments)
Kenichi 385 –

Page 01:

Battle 385 – Base Invasion.

Captain: Oy! Stop! What are we fighting against!?

Man: C-Captain!! T-the enemy’s… The enemy’s a…

Garyuu X: Nuhaaah-!!!

Page 02 - 03:

Side text: Go easy on me…

Elder: Chotto Torimasu Yo~

Soldier: Monster! It’s a Japanese Youkai!!

Page 04:

Captain: A monster!?

Old Lady: There are spirits known as the ‘Kijimunaa’ that live in the Curtain Figs of this island. Sometimes they appear as children, and sometimes they appear as large men.

Captain: Is that so?

Captain: Ha-!!

Captain: That’s impossible!!

... Read More " "
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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 384 (0 comments)
Kenichi 384

Page 01

Kenichi 384 - Front-on Attack!

Elder text: I’m your opponent…I’ll go easy on you

Page 02:

What’s happening with Yomi at the same time as the Okinawa Base is under attack…!?

Kajima: By the way it’s done a complete circle.

Chikage: Gnnngh…

Chikage: What are you talking about?

Page 03:

Kajima: The order. About which Yomi gets to fight Ryouzanpaku disciple, what’s his name? Shirahama Kenichi?

Chikage: Yeah…but, my turn was skipped by my master.

Rachel: Oh~!!

Rachel: I haven’t had my turn yet!! Fufufu, my turn has finally arrived!

Kajima: Well… you’re different,

Kajima: Because your master fell to them, you’re still being treated as under house arrest. It’s... Read More " "
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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 383 (0 comments)
Kenichi 383

Page 01

Text bubble near arm: Flash

Text on left hand side: Days spent battling. But every now and then, a blissful break-

Battle 383 – Anxious Friends

Page 02

Kenichi: Blue Sky

Kenichi: White clouds!! The vast ocean!!

Kenichi: The sound of Miu-san’s voice while she’s having fun at the beach!!

Kenichi: And…

Akisame: No, if we attack from there quite a few people will get injured.

Elder: Hmm…

Text at bottom: At Okinawa, attacking one of Yami’s Bases while pretending to be on vacation!

Page 03:

Kenichi: And behind me my masters are making plans to invade the American army base…

Elder: That’s true. We don’t want to damage the American army too much…

Kenichi: Someone save... Read More " "
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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 382 (0 comments)
Kenichi 382

Page 01

Box: It was suddenly decided that Ryouzanpaku would go on a trip to Okinawa.

Box: The Yami Base Niijima located was in Okinawa…there’s no way that this is just a coincidence.

Box: Also…

Box: If the Muay Thai Master, Agaard Jum Sai, is going to be at that base…

Box: Then his disciple will be there too…

Side text: Is the only thing waiting for them a short break, followed by a fight to the death!? Time to head out!!!

Page 02:

Battle 382 – To Okinawa
Matsuena Shun

Page 03:

Text on left: Everybody from Ryouzanpaku / Are heading to the frontlines!!!

Text on bottom right:
Volume 38 is out!!
So are all 12 of the DVDs!!

Page 04:

Elder: Is everyone here?

Miu: I’m so happy! Since... Read More " "
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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 381 (4 comments)
TL Diary: Today was a good day! New haircut and new Kenichi! Double yeah! Anyways, proofread by the always trustworthy Loserbait. And ready for scanlations. Enjoy!

Kenichi 381

Page 01:

Right side: Hurry up and read!!

Left: T-This week seems to be the beginning of a new arc!!

Battle 381 – Reaction

Matsuena Shun

Look for Hermit and Honoka on the cover!! The latest volume hits shelves on the 18th of May!! All 12 DVDs are also selling nicely!!

Page 02:

Text at the top: It’s been a few days since the hostage incident…Kenichi is also no longer under house arrest-

Box: This is Ryouzanpaku. This is a place where Masters who have mastered their respective Martial Arts gather.

Box: The man known as the... Read More " "
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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 380.5 (2 comments)
TL Note: Ready to go! Double thanks to Loserbait, and the combination of Bomberman and Kara-san.

Kenichi – Gaiden

Page 01

Text in the middle: A man’s strength comes from his heart!

Blue text: Cheering for the new student! It’s a special side-story!

Shun Matsuena Presents – ‘The boy who came from the mountain’ - Gaiden

Page 02:

Kid: For as long as I can remember, I’ve lived in the middle of the mountains with my father.

Kid: But, in the spring of my thirteenth year, I suddenly got permission to leave the mountain!!

Honoka: Mornin’. Did I keep you waiting, Nacchi?

Tanimoto: Stop calling me that.

Kid: Ahh, Shirahama-senpai!!

Page 03:

Kid: Good morning, Shirahama Honoka-senpai!!

Page 04:

Box:... Read More " "
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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 380 (1 comments)
TL Notes: Managed to get this one out quite early in comparison to other weeks. Mainly because I fortunately had nothing else to do . It's a great heartwarming chapter, enjoy.
Edit: Proofread by Loserbait, I suppose ready for scanlations huh.

Kenichi 380

Page 01:

He lives to turn his wishes into reality yet he holds the determination to lay down his life. With the coexistence of these contradictory desires, the History’s Strongest Disciple forms his fist.

Battle 380 – House Arrest

Page 02:

Akisame: Hmm, it’s almost completely healed. Even though you took the blade of a Master Class fighter, it’s healing pretty well.

Ma: It’s healed pretty well because we’ve strengthened his core, it’s... Read More " "
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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 379 (5 comments)
TL Note: Long chapter, little time, a little rushed. No tl proofreading just yet, check before you use it.

TL Note 2: Also late because I'm currently a nomad in Tokyo until my next job.

Kenichi Chapter 379

Page 01:

Danki: Now, I think it’s time for practice!!

Kenichi: Could this old man-!!

Swordman 1: What practice you fucking senile old man!!

Battle 379: Kugatachi Style Jou-Jutsu
TL Note – Jou-Jutsu, a style using a short pole as a weapon

Page 02 - 03:

Danki: I’m not senile you idiots!!

Text on Side: An Explosion of the spirit of Jou-Jutsu

Kenichi: So that’s it!!

Kenichi: He was just pretending to be senile while waiting for an opportunity!?

Agaard: Hahaha, I thought so

Someone: What the hell,... Read More " "
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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 378 (1 comments)
Page 01:

Battle 378 –A disciple of the armed division.

Sakaki: Yo-

Sakaki: I’m back!!

Sakaki: Pachinko went great today! / Look, Apachai, Shigure! It’s the new version of the game you wanted!!

Sakaki: Huh? No-one’s here.

Page 02:

Sakaki: Tsch, just before nothing would be able to pry them away from that game.

Sakaki: What? A letter from Shigure? That’s rare.

Sakaki: What does it say, ‘We’ve gone on another underground society field trip’?

Sakaki: ‘I’ve taken Kenichi and his friends’

Sakaki: WHAAAT!!?

Sakaki: Shigure did pretty well on the training to help Kenichi overcome his fear, so she’s been feeling pretty good about herself…

Akisame: Hmmm…

Ma: Oh no…

Ma: It’d be nice... Read More " "
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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 377 (0 comments)
Page 01

Bold actions are something more than plain tenacity!!

Battle 377: Cut down!?

Page 02:

Disciple vs. Master!! Is it even possible to rescue everyone on top of a moving vehicle!?

Page 03:

Kenichi: Everyone, I’ll look after this one!!

Kenichi: So hurry up and get out of here!!

Niijima: L-Look after…you’re insane, oy!!

Page 04:

Freya: This is an problem for us of the Kugatachi Style…in order to prevent everyone from getting involved I obeyed their orders and came this far.

Freya: …But I won’t obey them anymore! I’ll fight too!!!

Niijima: Why are those two getting so fired up when their opponent is a master!!

Page 05:

Kenichi: I know I can’t match this guy if I fight against... Read More " "
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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 376 (3 comments)
Foreward: Ok, so this week it's a little bit fast...and possibly sloppy. And also out before the raw is...but I translated it directly from a Shounen Sunday as I'm currently living in a ski resort in Japan and my friend picked me up a copy for me in the morning. Unfortunately, I cannot scan it, and I chose to board all day rather than translating it when I got my hands on it. So it could've possibly been released earlier...but then again the dorm's internet doesn't switch on until 5pm (2 hours ago as I'm writing this) so it really wouldn't have changed much.
Also one more thing, unless I say so this translation is free to be used for scanlations/international translations/criticism or... Read More " "
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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 375 (8 comments)
It's been a little while, I suddenly disappeared from the translation world about ... 4 months ago? but the reason behind it is that I've been working in a Ski Resort in Japan. Without a computer, and internet. While I've improved my Japanese and learnt how to snowboard, my English may have suffered, since I don't really use it that much anymore. But since I finally bought myself a notebook, I thought I might as well post this...Plus I had nothing to do between 2pm-3pm today.

Page 01

Battle 375 – All out War

There are things we want to protect. We’re going to keep on getting stronger.

Page 03:

Kisara: He just knocked out an armed opponent…

Kisara: With his bare hands!!

Kenichi:... Read More " "
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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 360 (2 comments)
I couldn't let myself lose this week. Also keep watching this space.

Kenichi Chapter 360

Page 01:

Text: Team Ryouzanpaku…is in the middle of a tough fight!

Battle 360 – The Struggle for the Excellent Swords

Page 02:

Kagerou: That’s it, you were definitely…

Page 03:

Kagerou: The disciple of the female swordsman who took my beloved Setsunamaru away from me!!


Kenichi: Crap, he’s gonna kill me!!

Page 04:

Kagerou: Could you please tell her to give my sword back to me!!

Kenichi: Ehhh!!?

Kagerou: W-W-When I don’t have Setsunamaru I have no confidence~~~

Kenichi: U-Uwah! Let go of me!!

Mikumo: What are you doing Kii Kagerou.

Page 05:

Mikumo: There could be a new sword waiting for... Read More " "
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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 359 (0 comments)
Looks like the first time I've been beaten for some time, didn't even know the raw was out. I blame heaps of overtime going towards paying for a certain trip-...

Watch this space however. There may be a significant, perhaps unfortunate, change for Kenichi translations in the next couple of months.

Kenichi Chapter 359

Page 01:

Side text: Have the preparations been made to attack the evil?

Battle 359 – Akabanetou

Page 02:

The Unarmed Division and Weapons Users, an enormous “Yami” has moved. “Ryouzanpaku”, move to the front lines, ready to guard the Akabanetou till the end!!!

Kenichi: This is Kenichi.

Page 03:

Shigure: Ohhh~

Shigure: Katana, Katana, Katana! Spears!!

Kenichi: They have entered... Read More " "
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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 358 (1 comments)
Kenichi 358

Page 01:

Battle 358: The Weapon Users and the Unarmed Division

A conclusion was reached in an instant. Now, Yami begins to move.

Page 02:

Box: A certain place in a certain prefecture

Chikage: Sensei, what exactly are we…

Mikumo: This is a hermitage of Yami’s Weapon Users.

Page 03:

Chikage: Weapon users!?

Chikage: Though they exist as part of Yami since our ideals are different they should be distanced from us…

Chikage: But on the night of that festival I even sparred against a disciple from the Weapon Users…

Chikage: I can’t comprehend this…does this mean there’s a change happening inside “Yami”!?

Mikumo: I thought I should show you what real weapon techniques are.

Chikage:... Read More " "
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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 357 (1 comments)
Kenichi 357 –

Page 01:

Battle 357 – Kenichi’s Choice

That heart could be either. A friend, or an enemy.

Page 02:

Niijima: Your master is Yami’s Ma Sougetsu!!

Niijima: Furthermore, that mysterious man “Kensei” who saved you when you were young was also from Yami…you’ve only inevitable that you were going to hold an interest in Yami.

Niijima: Right…

Niijima: You’re part of Yomi aren’t you!?

Niijima: Tanimoto Natsu!!

Page 03:

Honoka: If you’re going to come you should’ve said so earlier. I was worried.

Natsu: My bad.

Kenichi: That’s right. It’s a chance for everyone to wear Yukata.

Niijima: Wait, do you even listen to what other people say!!

Kenichi: You’re still digging... Read More " "
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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 356 (1 comments)
Kenichi 356

Page 01:

Battle 356 – The promise made to Honoka

Text: In the late nights of autumn, invited by the sounds of drums…

Page 02:

Kenichi: What’s this you have to talk to me about Honoka!? You have something so important you had to call me home?

Honoka: Just sit over there Onii-chan.

Page 03:

Kenichi: Uh, But I’m already sitting down.

Honoka: Alright, I went to Nacchi’s house and I found this letter.

Honoka: I thought that it looked a bit strange. So I was worried…

Letter: See ya.

Kenichi: Huh!!

Honoka: Are you even looking after your friend properly? Onii-chan!

Kenichi: Sorry, it was shameful… / … wait this is my fault?

Page 04:

Kenichi: To tell you the truth, Tanimoto-kun hasn’t... Read More " "
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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 355 (1 comments)
Kenichi Chapter 355 –

Page 1

Top Panel:




Honoka: Huuuuh? Nacchi isn’t here?

Box: Shirahama Honoka (2nd Middle Year Middle School). Kenichi’s Little Sister. She frequently comes to Tanimoto’s house to play.

Honoka: Ah, there really was one.

Honoka: Grrr. You’ve got guts to ignore the promise you made with Honoka!

Honoka: If your reason isn’t good enough you won’t be able to escape the death penalty.

Page 02:

Battle 355: Yomi, the decider!!

Text to the side of the letter: Tanimoto’s…”resolute” message!?

Letter: See ya.

Honoka: See ya?

Honoka: Nacchi…

Honoka: What’s this uneasy feeling!

Page 03:

Enshin: My name is Chou Enshin!! My nickname is “Pure... Read More " "
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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 354 (1 comments)
Kenichi Chapter 354

Page 01:

Battle 354 – Death Match

Text: Miu in her normal clothes. Here is another side to Miu.

Page 02:

Kenichi: Niijima said that Tanimoto-kun could have been the last member of Yomi!!

HW Elder: Can’t you go easy on an innocent old man!

HW Apachai: Sigh…You’re too weak Old Man

HW Ma: Miu could you give me a coin! I need to scratch this~

HW Miu: Why is it always me…this is sexual harassment!!

HW Akisame: If you can press this button the electricity will be turned off

HW Kenichi: You just moved it a little further away!!

Kenichi: So yeah, I remembered that Rachel was Yomi’s Castor, so I asked her about it!

HW Akisame: Oh you’re doing pretty good.

Kenichi: So, it turns... Read More " "
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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 353 (4 comments)
Kenichi Chapter 353
Page 01:
History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi

Honoka: Strangling Technique

Tanimoto: You’re missing the artery.

The Ex-6th Fist of Ragnarok, nicknamed “Hermit”.
…this is what his daily life looks like.

Battle 353 – True Form

Page 02:

Kenichi: Ugh…

Miu: What’s wrong, Kenichi?

Kenichi: I feel there’s a strange presence behind us…

Miu: Ahh, I’m feeling that too…

Page 03:


Niijima: Huh, this? Oh, whenever my brain's doing maximum revs this always happens.

Kenichi: So, what have you been planning since the morning on maximum revs?

Niijima: Do I have to be planning something... Read More " "
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