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Translations: Gintama 666 by Bomber D Rufi , One Piece 890 by cnet128

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 386

Battles on All Fronts


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 386

Kenichi 386

Page 01:

The decisive battle…is upon us.

Battles on All Fronts

Page 03:

Kenichi: W-We’re the only ones that made it to the top floor…

Kenichi: The four other enemies we’ve encountered started fighting my other masters…

Kenichi: Is it a good thing that we’ve managed to enter the depths of the enemy’s base so easily?

Akisame: You’ll go with Apachai-kun…

Ma: That’s right, it’s better if one fights one’s old enemy.

Kenichi: Yeah, Narasimha. Tirawit Koukin…

Kenichi: The only thing I should focus on now is my fight with him…

Page 04:

Miu: Huh? Now that I think about why have you followed us all this way Niijima-san?

Niijima: Well I…what I did was…

Niijima: Well I thought that I should intelligently withdraw to the safest location I found, however there hadn’t been a safe location thus far, so before I realized it I had already arrived at the most dangerous place.

Kenichi: That’s nothing to be proud about!!

Apachai: …it’s close.

Niijima: Eeek!

Apachai: I can feel an extremely evil presence.

Page 05:

Apachai: Let’s go.

Page 07:

Agaard: Yo-.

Page 09:

Apachai: Agaard Jum Sai…are you still using Muay Thai for evil?

Tirawit: It seems dying once just isn’t enough for you.

Tirawit: Shirahama Kenichi. / Kenichi: Don’t think that I’m the same as last time we fought. I’ll place my title as the Number One Disciple of Ryouzanpaku on the line…

Tirawit: And defeat you Koukin!!

Page 10:

American Soldier: It seems that some Kijimunaa monster is going wild… / American: Fucking idiots, it’s just practice right?

American soldier: Oy, it might just be me, but I’m hearing something weird, and it’s getting louder.

Soldier: WHAT!?

Page 11:

Shigure: A fine blade!?

Shigure: Has this spear been forged by a Yami swordsmith after my father’s demise?

Page 13:

Knight: I’ve caught a glimpse of the prodigy of swords and weaponry, Kousaka Shigure.

Knight: What fortune this is, to be able to cross blades with the one who is sung as the strongest in the Orient.

Knight: The others will meet their ends. To be unarmed against the 3 Lances of the Black Imperial Guard, …

Knight: Is the same as knight being naked on the battlefield.

Knight: However, Miss Kousaka, thou art quite lightly equipped for this battle.

Knight: EYAAA!!

Page 16:

Shigure: I believe…I’m not as…

Shigure: …lightly equipped…

Page 17:

Shigure: As you…say.

Page 18:

Knight: How very interesting...

Knight: Thou dares to challenge me to a joust?

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