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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 383

Anxious Friends


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 383

Kenichi 383

Page 01

Text bubble near arm: Flash

Text on left hand side: Days spent battling. But every now and then, a blissful break-

Battle 383 – Anxious Friends

Page 02

Kenichi: Blue Sky

Kenichi: White clouds!! The vast ocean!!

Kenichi: The sound of Miu-san’s voice while she’s having fun at the beach!!

Kenichi: And…

Akisame: No, if we attack from there quite a few people will get injured.

Elder: Hmm…

Text at bottom: At Okinawa, attacking one of Yami’s Bases while pretending to be on vacation!

Page 03:

Kenichi: And behind me my masters are making plans to invade the American army base…

Elder: That’s true. We don’t want to damage the American army too much…

Kenichi: Someone save me~

Akisame: Hmm

Akisame: Then how about plan b?

Kenichi: Aaahhh, why does it have to always be me? Why do I have to go through these ordeals? Where did I go wrong in my life!!

HW Text: Hahaha

Kenichi: I can’t do anything else but laugh!!

Kenichi: I wonder what everyone from Shinpaku are doing right now?

Kenichi: It seems that they were all making plans to go on vacation.

Kenichi: I should’ve gone on that trip instead (There wouldn’t be any dangers to my life as well)

HW Kenichi: Ahahaha

HW Miu: Ufufufu

Kisara: Ohhh, here they are.

Page 04:

Ukita: Yo, Kenichi!

Takeda:Hiiii-, Kenichi-kun and Honey!!

Miu: Huh!? Kisara-chan, Ukita-san?

Miu: Ohh Kisara-chan’s in the lead <3

Kenichi: Ehhh!! Takeda-san? Even you’re here?

Page 05:

Freya: Shirahamaaa~

Freya: What a co-incidence!

Miu: Even Freya-san’s here <3

Sieg: Master Kenichi~

Kenichi: I can here Sieg-san, but I can’t see him?

Sieg: I’m here.

Kenichi: Eeek!! Sieg-san!?

Sieg: As you can see I’m playing with the waves. Lalala~

Kenichi: W-Why is everyone here!!?

Thor: We just happen to be here. By chance.

Page 06:

Takeda: There’s no way anyone would believe that! We tied Niijima up and made him tell us about this incident!

Niijima: I told you guys the truth!! But why the hell did you have to take me along too!!

Kenichi: Niijimaaaa-

Niijima: It’s not my fault!! These guys getting offended every time you try to take on everything by yourself!!

Kenichi: Thanks.

Niijima: Heh?

Kenichi: I’m truly happy that everyone feels that way. I’ve always been isolated since the very beginning of primary school and for the first time I truly have a large group of friends.

Sieg HW: Three parts.
/ Seaweed of the Southern Sea~ / How did you / Float to this sea ~~

Takeda: What’s with you, you’re being honest for once?

Kenichi: Of course! Since I was brought along by my masters, I’d really appreciate re-inforcement!!

Ukita: You’re really good at surfing Freya! I heard the waves on the western side are the best! How about we go over there?

Kisara: Of course Freya-nee’s good at surfing!

Freya: Nah…I’m happy here.

Kenichi: Just,

Page 07:

Kenichi: Just…the only person that’s going to fight that man, Tirawit Koukin,

Kenichi: Is me!!

Takeda: So he is here after all?

Sieg: I’m predicting an unusually large battle~

Kisara: We get it already, no need to get all serious about it!

Niijima: Geez…

Niijima: As the General, I’m probably in the most dangerous position possible at the moment…

Takeda: Anyway, we’d like to be part of Ryouzanpaku’s operation!!

Page 08

Elder: Operation? What are you talking about?

Akisame: We only came here on vacation.

Sakaki: Yeah yeah.

Apachai: We’re not even thinking about attacking a Yami base which is difficultly located in a base of AmeRRRFFF!!

Shigure: Sshhh.

Takeda: Well everyone already knows, Great Master Koetsuji.

Takeda: Super Master Shiba has too…

Shiba: Don’t let those bastards take all the glory!

Takeda: …That’s what he told me.

Elder: Even if you say that we’re just here for vacation.

Akisame: Elder, there’s a massage chair over there.

Kisara: It looks like they’re never going to admit it.

Takeda: Sure does.

Page 09:

Elder: There are quite a few troublesome conditions this time.

Akisame: We don’t even know if we’ll be able to protect you.

Kenichi: Then please stop worrying about it and just leave me here!!

Akisame: Since everyone’s heading out,

Akisame: We decided that it was more dangerous to leave you alone.

Kenichi: Do you mean… / The situation is much more urgent than you originally thought?

Akisame: Exactly.

Page 10:

Kisara: How is it?

Thor: We’ve got the lobby completely covered but there haven’t been any movements.

Thor: We’re lucky we’ve set up camp in the same hotel. All thanks to Sieg’s arrangements.

Page 11:

Kisara: Ok, we’ll stand guard tomorrow.

Kisara: Anyway, make sure that you don’t give Ryouzanpaku any openings that they could use to get out!!

Freya: The shower’s free Kisara.

Kisara: Ah, Freya-nee!!

Freya: I still think it’s going to be difficult to keep watching Ryouzanpaku, even if we try our best.

Kisara: But doesn’t it piss you off to be left out of everything!

HW above Kisara’s head: Stare-

Freya: They’ve probably thought about this in depth. Rather, they probably don’t want us to burden them.

Kisara: Now that you mention it,

Kisara: Ukita’s been worrying that he’s a burden since he got cut by that Katana~

Page 12:

Freya: Are you worried?

Kisara: No, I don’t really care about that guy at all…

Freya: ..Really. I was sure that you both had feelings for each other…

Kisara: Stop it Freya-nee!

Kisara: I don’t have a single speck of interest in guys at all!!

Freya: Ohhh…is that so?

Kisara: Oh by the way Freya-nee, / Can you please wear something.

Page 13

Freya: Eh? / But I always sleep like this?

Kisara: I-I’m going to have a shower!!

Niijima: Hmm…this year’s Fanta has been brewed quite well…

Niijima: Article 1 from Niijima’s Teachings on how to be a successful Emperor

Niijima: A commander must place his safety at the highest priority at all times!!

Niijima: …even if I say that…my goddamn underlings. How could they bring me to such a dangerous place!

Niijima: Well, if even if the captains try to get involved with those old men they’ll just be left behind…

Niijima: Hmm?

Niijima: Wha-!!

Niijima: Waa-!!

Sakaki: Whoops.

Niijima: A-Aren’t we on the fifth floor!?

Kenichi: Sa-…

Page 15:

Niijima: K-Kenichi!!?

Apachai: Ssshh.

Kenichi: aaave meee!!

Page 16:

Akisame: Now, this Yami base is in the American Army’s Territory.

Akisame: If we attack head on it’ll become an international problem.

Kenichi: …Apachai what are you carrying?

Apachai: Ohhh! I carelessly carried Niijima!!

HW Miu: Well you’re always careless

Niijima: Don’t carelessly bring me to place I could die!!

Shigure: Ssshh.

Niijima: Ah, ok.

Kenichi: However, even after we managed to leave everyone behind, of all the things we could bring we brought this one…I’m sorry everyone.

Akisame: We’re grateful for the goodwill of Kenichi’s friend’s, / But the base we’re attacking now is one of Yami’s important bases. We have no idea what’s waiting for us

Niijima: Geez…how are you going to attack such a troublesome location like this, it’s really unthinkable!!

Akisame: Like that. We actually have quite an intelligent plan.

Page 17:

Niijima: Pfff-!!

Kenichi: I-Is that!!?

Army: You there! Stop this instant!! The area in front of you is a zone of the American base!!

Niijima: How is this intelligent?

Kenichi: D-Don’t ask me…

Page 18:

HW Elder: Nuooooghhh-

Star text: Simplicity – Is – Best

Niijima: He broke in from the front gate!!?

Apachai: Ah, Garyuu-X!!

Akisame: Indeed~

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