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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 384

Front-on Attack


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 384

Kenichi 384

Page 01

Kenichi 384 - Front-on Attack!

Elder text: I’m your opponent…I’ll go easy on you

Page 02:

What’s happening with Yomi at the same time as the Okinawa Base is under attack…!?

Kajima: By the way it’s done a complete circle.

Chikage: Gnnngh…

Chikage: What are you talking about?

Page 03:

Kajima: The order. About which Yomi gets to fight Ryouzanpaku disciple, what’s his name? Shirahama Kenichi?

Chikage: Yeah…but, my turn was skipped by my master.

Rachel: Oh~!!

Rachel: I haven’t had my turn yet!! Fufufu, my turn has finally arrived!

Kajima: Well… you’re different,

Kajima: Because your master fell to them, you’re still being treated as under house arrest. It’s unfortunate by you turn was passed.

Rachel: Snaaaaaap!!

Rachel: So, does that mean that it’s the new recruits turn?

Page 04:

Kajima: …no, his master, Ma Sougetsu hasn’t expressed any sort of interest in Ryouzanpaku’s disciple…so he was passed. / That man’s more moody than what I’ve heard.

Kajima: Hey, newbie-kun. Why don’t you come over here and play a game?

Rachel: Hmm, it’s useless Kajima. Even when I observed him at high school he’s completely an unsocial guy.

Page 05:

Tanimoto: I’m good at…

Tanimoto: Othello.

Honoka HW: Take me to the amusement part~

Honoka HW: Let’s play Othello for it

Kajima: Hahaha!

Kajima: I’m also good at Othello. Alright, let’s get this battle underway!

Chikage: Kajima Satomi…this man probably doesn’t have a higher IQ than I do…

Chikage: But why haven’t I been able to land a single hit on him…

Kajima: That’s because your heart isn’t strong enough Chikage.

Page 06

Chikage: Wawah-!!

Kajima: Heheh, the most important thing in a match of any kind is the strength of your heart. Hasn’t your master always been worried about that?

Tanimoto: First guts, second power, third Kung Fu.

Star text:
*That means, ‘Courage, power and then techniques’, is the order of what’s important for a fight

Kajima: Exactly.

Kajima: Although the speciality of your Kushinada Style is that it aims to use no power…

Kajima: The turn to fight Ryouzanpaku’s disciple has been returned to the person whose has a stronger heart than I do…

Rachel: …You can’t mean Tirawit Koukin!!

Rachel: Him again!? I haven’t even fought him once! That’s unfair!!

Chikage: …Now that I think about it, Koukin has won against Kajima countless times…however what a simplistic…

Kajima: Well, it is actually quite simplistic,

Kajima: This world we live in.

Chikage: On top of that, this man’s IQ isn’t high, but instead it’s some other kind of ability!!

HW Rachel: Damn you Koukin-

Page 07:

Kajima: However, Koukin’s currently gone to Okinawa with his master Agaard-dono. So they won’t be able to fight again for a while.

Takeda: Why don’t you come with us to Okinawa!!

Niijima: Come with me! For my sake!!

Kajima: …is there something…

Kajima: You know? Newbie-kun?

Tanimoto: No.

Rachel: Let me join in too! Let’s play chess<3

Kajim: …hmm…

Kajima: It seems that you’re quite skilled at concealing your heart,

Kajima: Hermit-kun.

Page 08:


Agaard: Koukin, did tell me you felt that too?

Page 09:

Koukin: Yes, I can feel a powerful ki.

Koukin: And it’s not even trying to conceal itself a tiny bit…

Agaard: So, what does that show us? You have permission to speak freely about your opinion.

Koukin: …This reason this powerful being is moving around like it’s showing off the strength of its Ki…I think it’s…

Koukin: A diversion.

Agaard: Heh, a good assumption. Koukin, they’re coming here!! Even if we’re deep within the American Military base, it won’t bother them at all.

Agaard: Get ready for battle!!

Page 10:

American: Shit!!

American: Enemy!?

Akisame: It’s ok, come here.

Niijima: Why am I here too~

Kenichi: It would be dangerous if we got separated-

Akisame: Hmm, we’ve gotten inside quite well.

Kenichi: T-This is insane, Shishou!!

Kenichi: Even though it’s the Elder, taking on the American Military alone…

Akisame: The Elder? Ah, Garyuu X.

Page 11:

Akisame: Don’t worry, he won’t hurt them.


Niijima: Shhh Shhh

American: How many intruders are there?

Akisame: Woah-

American: I don’t know…but they’ve gotten into the base very easily!!

Kenichi: How does the Elder expect to fight…

Kenichi: Against such a large number of armed soldiers without hurting any!!?

Akisame: Ahhh, Garyuu X.

Akisame: Instead of using his special techniques…will probably use his special non-killing techniques…

Kenichi: S-Special … Non Killing Techniques!?

American: It’s useless! Stop resisting and surrender!!

American: Watch out! This bastard is extremely fast!!

American: He stopped!

Page 12:

Garyuu X: One of the Invincible Superman’s 108 Hidden Techniques…

Garyuu X: Nggghh-!!

Page 13:

Garyuu X: Ryou!!

Garyuu X: Zan!!!

Page 14:

Garyuu: Blast!!!!!

Page 15:

Miu: Ry…


Shigure: Oh…no ♡

Sakaki: He used it huh!!

Niijima: Oi!! D-Did you see that!? Kenichi!! A-A blast came out, a blast!!

Kenichi: C-C-C-Calm down, they were just blown away from the wind coming from the force of his fists and a Ki attack!!

Miu: Well in the end, they both blow away people…

Akisame: Hey what are you doing, let’s go everyone!

Page 17:

Kenichi: S-Shishou, is that a special non-killing technique?

Sakaki: Heheh, it doesn’t work against people who have learnt how to ward off Ki attacks but it definitely is an effective attack against ordinary people.

Garyuu X: Nuuuuagghhh-!!

Garyuu X: Ryouzan Blast!!

Sakaki: Anyway while Garyuu X is stirring up the American Military…

Sakaki: We’re going to attack this important Yami base!!

Page 18:

Agaard: It would be good if that disciple of Ryouzanpaku you seemed to kill but lived on has also come here.

Tirawit: Yes.

Agaard: My worthy opponent is probably here too…

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