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Translations: One Piece 786 by cnet128 , Bleach 626 by cnet128 , Gintama 542 (2)

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 382

To Okinawa


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 382

Kenichi 382

Page 01

Box: It was suddenly decided that Ryouzanpaku would go on a trip to Okinawa.

Box: The Yami Base Niijima located was in Okinawa…there’s no way that this is just a coincidence.

Box: Also…

Box: If the Muay Thai Master, Agaard Jum Sai, is going to be at that base…

Box: Then his disciple will be there too…

Side text: Is the only thing waiting for them a short break, followed by a fight to the death!? Time to head out!!!

Page 02:

Battle 382 – To Okinawa
Matsuena Shun

Page 03:

Text on left: Everybody from Ryouzanpaku / Are heading to the frontlines!!!

Text on bottom right:
Volume 38 is out!!
So are all 12 of the DVDs!!

Page 04:

Elder: Is everyone here?

Miu: I’m so happy! Since Kenichi came here we’re always going on trips. / Kenichi: …hey Miu-san, I told you about Niijima’s information. How can you be carefree? It’s obvious there’s a grand fight waiting for us.

Miu: If you worry about those sorts of things you’ll never be able to enjoy our ‘trips’!

Kenichi: W-Wait, does that mean…

Page 05:

Kenichi: Now that I think about it, Apachai’s also a Muay Thai fighter…

Kenichi: He should know something about this Yami Master…

Sakaki: Hey, we won’t make the flight~

Elder: Umm...

Elder: The tickets we received from the police headquarters are…

Akisame: Elder Shhhh!!

Kenichi: A-…Apachai-san!

Kenichi: Huh…

Page 06:

Kenichi: Apachai-san…

Kenichi: Has such a serious face!!

Kenichi: He definitely doesn’t only know about him …

Kenichi: He must have some sort of relationship with him!!

Kenichi: He stopped?

Kenichi: What intense eyes…are they suggesting that this fight was bound to happen…?

Sakaki: Oy.

Akisame: Hmm?

Akisame: Ah.

Page 08:

Apachai: Anything…

Apachai: But an airplane!!

From his mouth: Ahhhhh!

Akisame: Not again!!

Akisame: Get hold of yourself!!

Miu: Geez, now that I think about it Apachai-san is bad with planes, he came here on a boat after all…

Apachai: I’ll go on a boat!!

Sakaki: You idiot! That would take a whole day!!

Kenichi: His serious face was just because he was scared of airplanes…

Text under Kenichi’s speech bubble: I would even beat up the President, but don’t make me get on a plane-!!

Elder: Hey stop it you two! If you try to tear him away with force you’ll break that steel pole!

Page 09:

Shigure: At this rate…

Shigure: We won’t board in…time.

Miu: Eh!!

Miu: Apachai-san, if you just get on the plane I’ll make you hamburgers every night for a week!

Apachai: No way! No way!

Apachai: Not an airplane!!

Miu: How about two weeks!!

Apachai: No way! No way!

Apachai: Not an airplane!!

Miu: Then what about three weeks…

Apachai: Maybe I’ll think about it…

Apachai: Are we there yet…?

Sakaki: We haven’t even gotten off the ground!!

HW Miu: Business class

Kenichi: Just you wait…Tirawit Koukin!!

Page 10:


Page 11:

Kenichi: Hm!?

Shigure: You…noticed?

Kenichi: Eh-…

Page 12:

Shigure: We’ve been watched the whole…time.

Kenichi: I thought so!! Are they from Yami’s Okinawa Base?

Elder: Nope, they’re probably from the government.

Kenichi: The government?

Akisame: This one’s quite troublesome. / Sakaki: Heheh, there’s a reason we look like we’re just here on vacation.

Girls: Uwah- You’re really good at taking pictures old man <3

HW: It’s amazing how they develop so quickly

Ma: I’ll take as many as you want. Don’t you young ones know about this kind of camera?

Kenichi: So we really did come here to have a showdown with Yami?

Elder: You’re too loud.

Elder: Though we’ve found the Yami Base,

Elder: Where it’s located is the problem.

Kenichi: Problem?

Page 13:

Akisame: Though at first glance it looks like an expensive resort, it’s a place where normal people are forbidden from entering.


HW Miu: Heeeey Kenichi-san

Apachai: Haaa…I thought I’d die…

Miu: Uh oh-

Kenichi: W-What are we going to do!? If we attack that sort of place it’ll be an international problem!

Akisame: That’s why we’ll…

Akisame: Do it properly.

Kenichi: So we’re attacking…I don’t have the will to…

HW Sakaki: However I can’t believe those Yami bastards have connections even in a place like that…

Flirty guy: Hey beautiful, where are you from?

Shigure: My…home.

Page 14:

Page 15:

Someone: Excellent!!

Someone: You managed to tie all the hanging strings and you hardly made them shake at all. / Your attacks aren’t just power, but you’ve even fortified the clarity of techniques.

Page 16:

Someone: Now, let me…

Tirawit: She untied them with a spear without even cutting them.

Page 17:

Scar…eye: I thought unarmed martial arts was nothing more than child’s play…

Scar-eye: But it seems that you’re quite powerful.

Scar-eye: The Underground Muay Thai World’s Demon Emperor, the Kentei Chuuou, Agaard Jum Sai-dono.
TL Note: The Kentei Chuuou = The Sovereign of Fists and the Emperor of Elbows…

Page 18:

Agaard: Well isn’t this a surprise. You men are the ‘The Three Spears of Kurokonoe’ aren’t you!!

Agaard: I also thought those who rely on toys like weapons were always far from the ‘Reasoning of Martial Arts’, / It seems there are a few with some backbone!! Well done.

Agaards: Weapons, unarmed… / We’re gathered together here for the ‘Setting Sun of Eternity’.

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