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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 388

Ma vs Akisame


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 388

Kenichi 388

Page 01:
This is a fight that cannot be lost.

Battle 388 – Ma vs. Akisame

Page 02:
Ma: Alright, Akisame-don, you take the left, and I'll take the rough one on the right.

Akisame: Yes, the one on the left kills more elegantly.

Page 03:
Ma: Ku-…

Ma: What’s the matter Kensei?

Page 04:
Girl: So my opponent is the tall one with the moustache…?

Ma: The one on the left is a woman!! In these sorts of situations I have to activate my Bakusatsui!

Very Important TL Note: Bakusatsui is one of Ma’s ultimate techniques. It is a Katsujin Ken technique designed to prevent a woman from fighting by destroying her clothes without causing any harm to her body. Essentially he wants to strip her.

Ma: Wait, it really looks like I have to fight the one on the left.

Akisame: Why?

Page 05:
Moustache: Nnn!

Ma: Aiya, just wait a little bit!!

Ma: Akisame-don.

Ma: Since ancient times, in China we say, ‘The Spear is the King of all Weaponry’.

Ma: As Akisame-don is still young, I want you to fight people like that!

Akisame: Or maybe you’re just planning something wicked!

Ma: What are you talking about! As much of a pervert as I am, in such serious life-threatening times even I seal the ‘Eros’ inside my heart and act appropriately!!

Ma: This is just pure concern!!

Akisame: But the one on the left looks interesting…

Ma: The one on the right is really interesting! That spear! That armour!! You can’t guess what attacks he’ll use; he’s definitely a strong enemy!!

Ma: Enough already, let’s switch! The dreams and hopes of me, your great friend, are hanging on the line here!! Anyway we only chose our opponents based on what we thought of their spirits!?

Ma: So, will you switch with me?

Page 06:
Akisame: Ehhhh-

Akisame: No waaaaay~

Ma: Gggh…

Ma: That’s bad, Akisame-don said, ‘’Ehhhh, No waaaaay’’!!

Ma Box: It was a few years ago…

Ma Box: A certain ruler of a country paid a visit to Ryouzanpaku…

Ma Box: He happened to see a statue that Akisame-don was in the middle of making. He instantly fell in love with it and said, ‘Please let me have that’.

Page 07:
Ma Box: At that time…

Akisame: Ehhhh

Akisame: No waaaaay~

Ma Box: Was Akisame-don’s reply.

Ma Box: Once he said that, it was over. Even when he was offered such a dizzyingly large amount of money, he didn’t even flinch.
- Show quoted text -

Akisame: Ehhhh~ No waaaaay~

Ma Box: Under the orders of that ruler, professional thieves were sent twice and assassins were sent once…

Paper on men: Ehhhh~ No waaaaay~

Ma Box: They were completely crushed by Akisame-don.

Ma Box: Ultimately, that statue is still at Ryouzanpaku…

Ma Box: where it’s used to make pickles.

HW Apachai: Apa

HW Miu: Please make more-

HW Right side Akisame Head: Yes, it presses…

HW Left side Akisame Head: Quite well indeed…

Page 08:
Ma: When Akisame-don says ‘Ehhhh No waaaaay’, his stubbornness

Ma: is peerless.

Boobs and butt: What are you doing?

Ma: Could you please wait a bit~

Ma: Since it’s come to this, I have no choice…

Ma: Let’s battle, Akisame-don!!

Page 09:
Akisame: Ok.

Ma: Nwaaa!!

Akisame: Hah-!!

Girl: Hmm, is that…

Page 10:
Girl: Rock Paper Scissors!?

Girl: Furthermore they’re looking at each other and rapidly changing their hands?

Page 11:
Ma: Since Akisame-don has remodelled all the muscles in his body into pink muscles, which have both power and endurance, in one swing he can change his chosen hand roughly 36-38 times…

Ma: On the other hand, as I have acquired the 12 Muscle Techniques of the Ma Clan that was developed from Yijing Jing, my muscles have been trained to maximise speed; I can change my choice roughly 36-39 times!!

Ma: However, as Akisame-don is very sharp…he probably has already discovered my usual patterns!

Ma: Ha!!

Ma: How naïve, Akisame-don!! Honestly, for times like these, I have usually taken part in battles that aren’t so dear to me, to have you memorise a fake pattern!!

HW Ma: Aiya- I lost the Taiyaki-

HW Apachai: Apaa-

HW Sakaki: I don’t need sweet things.

Page 12:
Ma: This match is mine, just you wait, Swordswoman!!

Akisame: As I thought, you weaken when beautiful women are involved.

Ma: What? Just now…a fe-…FEINT!?

Ma: What strength!! He used the feint to change the flow with only 3 hands left!!

Ma: O-oh no!! Even though I know as much, I can’t stop my hand!!

Page 13:
Ma: Ero…


Page 14:
Akisame: Sigh…

Akisame: Who would’ve thought you would manage to change your hand in that situation. I lose. / Fight who you want to, Kensei!

Page 15:
Ma: I-I won!! / However now I won’t be able to use my right hand for a month…

Girl: I want to fight you too, mister.

Ma: It’s mutual love <3

Ma: Though, due to the circumstances I’m going to fight you one armed!!

Ma: You’re throwing away the scabbard!?

Page 16:
Girl: Ahahaha <3 A scabbard just gets in the way doesn’t it? I like to go all out and cut people up!!

Page 17:
Akisame: Kensei…when you see beautiful women you misread them in various ways…

Moustache: That man plans on fighting Izayoi with only one arm?

Page 18:
Moustache: ‘’The Mad Sword Izayoi’’ is a very well-known assassin even for ‘Yami’.

Ma: Aiyaaaah- Could this be a big problem for me!!

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