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Translations: Gintama 531 (2) , One Piece 776 by cnet128 , Bleach 615 by cnet128

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 385

Base Invasion


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 385

Kenichi 385 –

Page 01:

Battle 385 – Base Invasion.

Captain: Oy! Stop! What are we fighting against!?

Man: C-Captain!! T-the enemy’s… The enemy’s a…

Garyuu X: Nuhaaah-!!!

Page 02 - 03:

Side text: Go easy on me…

Elder: Chotto Torimasu Yo~

Soldier: Monster! It’s a Japanese Youkai!!

Page 04:

Captain: A monster!?

Old Lady: There are spirits known as the ‘Kijimunaa’ that live in the Curtain Figs of this island. Sometimes they appear as children, and sometimes they appear as large men.

Captain: Is that so?

Captain: Ha-!!

Captain: That’s impossible!!

Captain: Hey! Why hasn’t anyone fired at it!?

Captain: You don’t have to kill it, but at least stop it from moving!

Garyuu X: Gomen-nasai-ne~

Someone: Uwah-!! He got the last searchlight!!

Captain: I don’t know what it is, but he’s going to pay for his violence.

Finger: Slide-

Page 05:

Garyuu X: Ryouzan Blast!!

Captain: Gghhh… This is ‘pressure’!? I’ve felt this on the battlefield from the opposing force…but to feel this much from just one man…!!

Captain: However, don’t think I’m just some new recruit!

Captain: Uooogghhhh!!

Page 06:

Captain: Gwaaahh!! It’s a Kijimunaa!! There’s a Kijimunaa on the loose!!

Niijima: It sort of looks like World War Three has started in the American base...

Kenichi: Where did you get that night vision scope from, Niijima?

Page 07:

Niijima: Ah, yeah I picked it up in the turmoil earlier. You can’t feel at ease in this sort of situation in just a bathrobe after all.

Kenichi: A-are you sure that’s ok? You seem to be wearing some pretty high-ranking uniform… / Miu: Make sure you return it later.

Sakaki: Oy! What are you brats doing, let’s go!

Akisame-Shigure: Hmm?

Ma: There’s some strange noise.

Sakaki: …and it’s coming closer.

Apachai: That’s the sound of a horse’s hooves!

Niijima: What!?

Kenichi: Ahh!!

Page 08:

Niijima: Waaaaah!!

Page 09:

Miu: What a huge war-horse!!

Page 10:

Kenichi: Shigure-san!!

Page 11:

Shigure: I’ll take this one…out.

Shigure: Keep going!

Akisame: Got it.

Kenichi: We’re not going to go after her, Koetsuji-shishou!!?

Akisame: I told you before, this is a tough base. There should be even more enemies than this. / We have to keep move forward as fast as possible.

Page 12:

Akisame: Besides, there’s bound to be data here on people from the financial and political world who support Yami. We want to take control before they’re able to destroy it all.

Niijima: Hmm, isn’t this just a normal hotel?

Kenichi: No-one's here?

Kenichi: Huh!!

Kenichi: There’s something unbelievably strong behind that door…

Page 13:

Ok so it seems to be a man, Lance Man: Woah, I suppose the Black Knight decided he was good enough to get rid of one of you…

Lance Man: So I suppose, I should get rid of two of you.

Page 14:

Sakaki: Oy, let me ask you something.

Sakaki: Why did you attack Shigure first?

Lance Man: Don’t misunderstand, I didn’t give any orders. He decided by himself…

Lance Man: that all of you who don’t have weapons…

Lance Man: aren’t dangerous so you can be finished off later.

Kenichi: Guh-…

Kenichi: He’s extremely confident despite being in front of all my masters! He even angered Sakaki-shishou!

Sakaki: Psst, did he just try to stir us up?

Akisame: Yeah probably, he just went with the flow.

Apachai: Maybe he praised us.

Ma: No, he wasn’t praising us.

Kenichi: They’re just as confident!!

Sakaki: Whatever!!

Page 15:

Sakaki: You look pretty interesting, so I’ll play along!!

Sakaki: By myself.

Kenichi: Fast-!! He stepped in so quickly…

Kenichi: Ah!!

Lance Man: Hmm, if you had only taken one more step it would’ve been over.

Page 16:

Sakaki: Which is why I didn’t take that extra step you fool!!

Lance Man: You’re a poor loser!! You’ll regret taking me on just by yourself!!

Sakaki: I’ll soon show you whether or not I’m just a poor loser!!

Akisame: Let’s go.

Lance Guy: Such impudence!!

Page 17:

Kenichi: I-it’s dark…

Ma: Akisame-don, will you take the left or the right?

Akisame: Hmm.

Kenichi: Eh?

Kenichi: Until my eyes adjust I can’t see a thing…

Kenichi: Ugh-!!

Page 18:

Akisame: The left side seems to kill in a much more elegant fashion, so I’ll take the left.

Ma: Then I’ll take the rough-looking right one.

Kenichi: You two are going to stay and fight here, so that means we…?

Akisame: Yes,

Akisame: You’ll go with Apachai-kun…

Ma: That’s right, it’s better if one fights one’s old enemy.

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