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genichirou sanada

  1. Kaoz

    Match Sanada vs Fuji

    A few days ago I made the following remark in the chapter thread: Since the discussion didn't really go anywhere over there, I'm still quite curious what others think and we haven't had a VS thread in ages, here we are with Sanada vs Fuji. For those that don't quite remember, here are their...
  2. Kaoz

    Theory Parallels in New Prince of Tennis

    If I were to ask someone about parallels between Prince of Tennis and New Prince of Tennis, I'm sure everyone would be able to come up with at least some examples, however, today I want to focus on a specific set of parallels involving the pros and what that could mean for the WC tournament. To...
  3. Character I was wrong about Sanada

    I saw this article commenting how SABR (Sneak Attack By Roger) is a dirty move: The first thing I thought of when I read this was how in the national finals how the random nobodies were...
  4. ybr99

    Discussion The rivals

    Please only vote once for each pair Kaidou vs. Momo Chitose vs. Tachibana (going all out) Tezuka vs. Atobe Atobe vs. Sanada
  5. Kaoz

    Semifinal Beach Volleyball Tournament - Tanegashima/Sanada vs Tokugawa/Kadowaki

    Semifinals - Tanegashima/Sanada vs Tokugawa/Kadowaki Sanada serves first. Please make sure you've read the rules before posting. This round ends in 48 hours on Tuesday, September 16 at 12:20 PM GMT.
  6. Kaoz

    Beach Volleyball Tournament - Tanegashima/Sanada vs Irie/Niou

    Round 1 - Tanegashima/Sanada vs Irie/Niou Sanada serves first. Please make sure you've read the rules before posting. This round ends in 48 hours on Monday, September 8 at 12 PM GMT.
  7. -Ken-

    Match Oni (Without Kishin or PoP) vs Sanada

    Well, I think this could be a good match right now. We knows that Sanada seem to around the same level or higher than #6 with his black aura. Putting in Kishin or PoP will obviously make this match scale 6-0, so let's leave that out. How do you think Oni will fare? I don't know if he can...
  8. Discussion The greatest gathering of talent in the last 10 years

    During the nationals, the current generation of talent was referred to as the greatest gathering of talent in the last 10 years more than a few times. Obviously at the time there was no plan for NPOT presumably, but looking back, this statement seems pretty absurd. Sure, maybe Gin could be the...
  9. Kaoz

    Bonus Round Doubles - Sanada/Atobe vs Niou/Fuji

    Doubles - Bonus VERSUS Serve order: Atobe -> Fuji -> Sanada -> Niou Have fun discussing.
  10. Kaoz

    Theory Kaoz' Random Theories

    Basically at some point a few weeks ago, while going through the manga and discussing some aspects, I started theorizing that some additional parts were planned, but removed from the final product for whatever reason, but hints as to what could have been there still exist. There are two (major)...
  11. Character The most powerful non-violent player

    Tezuka is undoubtedly the most powerful non-violent player in NPOT, in the sense that his tennis is actually focused around trying to score without injuring the opponent. Since Tezuka has been banished to Germany, who is the most powerful non-violent player in NPOT now? By non-violent I define...
  12. kaibaman

    Match Is Sanada now strong enogh to beat Yukimura?

    Do you guys think that sanada with his black aurora is strong enough to beat yukimura..... sanada has improved a lot not sure how many balls can he hit now 6?...... so far Yuki can only hit 2 at the same time. The Emperor can beat The Chlid of God now?
  13. ashore

    Anime Yukimura vs Sanada OVA edition

    Ok so the OVA is out.... let's discuss the match and the new info on black aura and yukimura's playstyle. Do you want to take the OVA as cannon? because of course only konomi can make up the story line for these anyways. and the manga doesn't go indepth enough during this battle...
  14. Kaoz

    [Bonus Round] Singles 1

    Determine the strongest Singles 1 player of the tournament. The bonus round ends on Thursday, October 25th 8 PM GMT. Cast your vote and discuss (logically) why you voted for who you voted for. Have fun, but keep it clean!
  15. Kaoz

    [Finals - Team 3 vs Team 12 Singles 1] Sanada vs Fuji

    Singles 1Sanada Gen'ichirouFuji ShuusukeTitleEmperorProdigySchoolRikkai Dai Fuzoku 3rd YearSeishun Gakuen 3rd YearHeight180 cm167 cmWeight68 kg53 kgDominant HandRightRightPlaystyleAll RounderTechnical Counter PuncherTechniquesFuuRinKaInZanRai Black AuraHouou Gaeshi Kirin Otoshi Hakuryuu Kagero...
  16. Kaoz

    [Semifinals - Team 3 vs Team 6 Singles 1] Sanada vs Oni

    Singles 1Sanada Gen'ichirouOni JuujirouTitleEmperorGatekeeper of HellSchoolRikkai Dai Fuzoku 3rd YearHigh School 3rd YearHeight180 cm187 cmWeight68 kg83 kgDominant HandRightRightPlaystyleAll RounderAggressive BaselinerTechniquesFuuRinKaInZanRai Black AuraBlack Jack Knife Serve order: Oni ->...
  17. Fayte

    Discussion Konomi's Unofficial Rules To Prince Of Tennis.

    Okay, the time has come. Up until now, I have always just made up rules that go with the series. This time, I want to make it official. I want to keep a record of the basic laws of Prince of Tennis. You know, those things in the story that will always happen and never change. Post comments and...
  18. Kaoz

    [Round 2 - Team 3 vs Team 5 Singles 1] Sanada vs Irie

    Singles 1Sanada Gen'ichirouIrie KanataTitleEmperorPierrotSchoolRikkai Dai Fuzoku 3rd YearHigh School 3rd YearHeight180 cm178 cmWeight68 kg66 kgDominant HandRightLeftPlaystyleAll RounderAll RounderTechniquesFuuRinKaInZanRai Black Aura - Serve order: Sanada -> Irie This round ends on...
  19. Character Question regarding Sanada...

    Sorta a random, maybe outdated question haha, but I've just been googling a lot and not finding the answer so thought I'd try here. Also, possible spoilers for people who didn't read original series so look away!! It seems that the general consensus for why Sanada didn't use...
  20. sisco

    Theory battle vs the top ten high schoolers match order/outcome prediction

    my predication of the matches look something like this doubles 3 #9 ochi/#10 mouri vs niou/atobe = niou/atobe win doubles 2 #8 tohno/#7kimijima vs marui/kite = tohno/kimiijima win (to me it's hinted slightly that tohno and kimijima might be doubles partners. i REALLY hope kimijima isn't...