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Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (116)

+ posted by Brandish μ in Manga Reviews on Aug 6, 2019 21:59

Dr. Stone Chapter 116 Review by Belserion

Chapter Title: Miracle in Your Hands

The chapter begins with Senkuu explaining to Gen how to make the nitric acid by utilizing a small amount of the platinum. Gen admits that while he still doesn't know much about nitric acid it was enough to have Senkuu and Tsukasa fighting for it. Originally the cave where the nitric acid was found was called the cave of miracles, but now as Gen points out, it's no longer a miracle because Senkuu is creating it with his own hands. They now have the means of reviving all of humanity. In theory at least. Nitric Acid Acquired. All that's left for them to do is to win the battle against the petrification ray at the island where it all began. Elsewhere, Ibara informs his troops there is an intruder among them.

Gen is excited about the nitric acid since it means they can create gun powder, and in turn guns, that will allow them to have the resources to go to war. Senkuu says the lack of a factory makes it impossible to create many. The most they would get is a small amount. However, Senkuu considers this the perfect time to attack instead of waiting and plans to revive one of their teammates when they manage to generate enough of the formula for one person. The person Senkuu has in mind is Kaseki because he's the one that would make the drone. Unfortunately when they return to the ship it's to the sight of the soldiers dumping the statues, including Kaseki's, off a boat and into the ocean. Gen thinks this could work in their favor since it would've been tough to retrieve the statues off the ship with all the soldiers around. But now Soyuz raises a good point considering all the statues are in pieces. Just how exactly will they find all the parts? While this is indeed a dilemma, they decide to tackle it one step at a time. First they would need to read the flow of the water and for this they would need Ryuusui. Sadly they're forced to watch as Ibara, mistaking Ryuusui for the leader because of his nice clothes, has his statue taken.

Sometime later Ibara has Ryuusui's statue tied to a tree in front of the soldiers and girls of the harem. He announces there's an intruder among them and they would flush them out. He tells the girls if they are not a friend of Ryuusui's then they will have no problem destroying the statue. One by one the girls line up and take turns destroying parts of Ryuusui much to Kohaku's anger. Amaryllis has to stop her from blowing her cover and Ginrou reminds her that Ryuusui is not really dead as long as they can piece him back together and bring him back with the revival fluid. Kohaku suddenly receives a message from Senkuu, outlining some sort of plan. Whatever the plan is causes Gen to think Senkuu is crazy. It's now Kohaku's turn to break the statue, and because she hesitates it raises suspicion that she's the intruder. However, with great enthusiasm, Kohaku attacks Ryuusui's statue breaking it into rubble. She proudly presents it to the soldier who is as shocked as everyone else by her savagery. Kohaku reassures Amaryllis and Ginrou by telling them she broke the statue cleanly instead of letting anyone else break it into complex pieces since they didn't have Yuzuriha and her skills at the moment to put him back together. This way they would be able to do it without her.

Kohaku finds a way to transport the pieces of Ryuusui to Senkuu by using the mechanical rats. Senkuu calls it the "dismembered jailbreak plan" in which he plans to use their pertification ray against them. Gen tells him he's crossed right over into insanity. Kohaku predicts Ryuusui is telling them they've done a good job and he's now the first person to be revived twice. Senkuu and the others have put Ryuusui back together and there's a touching moment where Suika acknowledges Ryuusui as the one who saved her and gives him a new captains hat she made out of paper because the enemy took the one Yuzuriha had made. They proceed to use the revival fluid on him and watch in fascination as Ryuusui is revived completely, without the cracking and signs of weathering as with the first revival. It turns out that since Ryuusui was only petrified for a few hours he's basically back to good as new.

Ryuusui says exactly what Kohaku said he would, claiming the honor of being the first person to be revived twice. He then goes on to show amazing insight, predicting that Senkuu wants Kaseki revived next. With this, the process of reuniting with their petrified friends has begun.

Chapter Rating: 8/10

It's great to have Ryuusui back. Not only can he help locate Kaseki, but I think he can help out with the harem, as well as breaking into the palace. The revival fluid making process is slower than I anticipated so that might make it difficult to depetrify everyone right away. After Kaseki I think they should revive Kinrou, since he's a warrior and the mission they're on will include fighting against some great opponents like Kirisame and Mozu. The plot is definitely moving forward. They'll locate Kaseki, revive him, build the drone, then we'll see what happens from there.

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