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Chapter Review: Yakusoku no Neverland (146)

+ posted by Belserion in Manga Reviews on Aug 21, 2019 21:15

Yakusoku no Neverland/The Promised Neverland - Chapter 146 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: Battle at the Royal Capital

This Week's Chapter of Neverland starts with a Color Page celebrating the Manga's 3rd year of publication! It shows almost all relevant characters,past or present,surrounding a birthday Cake with some others like Ray carrying in even more food. But there is another Special Occasion to be celebrated by our heros, Emma's Birthday on the 22th of August is coming up as well so they're throwing a big party. Here is the Color Page:

It's the 10th of November 2047,the fated day, The day of the Tifari Ceremony. The Queen alongside the Nobles approach a ceremonial altar intended to serve their offerings and sacrifices to the Supreme being among the Demons: Several kinds of Fruit and 3 Premium Grade Meat Jar's. The method to send the Supreme Leader their offerings is the same as Emma and Ray used to reach the Seven Walls before, as their ritual seemingly begins and we see Demon Children and Adults celebrate their great leaders name a sudden explosion occurs at one of the Capital's gates shocking the Nobles. The Explosion has been triggered by Norman and his Allies, but this wouldn't be everything as several more explosions set off targetting the Bridges leading into and towards the Royal Capital cutting the City off from the outside completely. As the Citizens fall into panic and fear the Guards and Royal Knights realize that someone must be trying to attack them and need to take action quickly but as they turn around they're met by Barbara who immediatly attacks and kills them on the spot in a matter of moments. Soon after she is contacted by Cicero who claims that he and his Squad have successfully taken down all the Look outs on the West Side of the Capital while Barbara reports that she took down several guards on her East Side with Vincent reporting that he and his Squad have breached their Security Lines. As he concludes his report he opens the front gate for Gillan and his followers,who immediatly begin to attack the Royal Knights.

As all of their allies have entered the Capital and their surprise attack has been a success Vincent continues to lock all the Gates leading into the Capital to prevent reinforcements of the Demons getting into their way, the Capital usually houses a strong force of 5000 Demons but due to Normans schemes and tricks they divided their forces to search the culprit/s behind this crime out. Leaving the Capital with 1000 Soldiers currently,out of which 700 are outside taking care of Citizens falling in panic and trying to maintain order while the remaining 300 are inside the Castle facing off with Gillan's Squad of 50. Which comes in handy as their own forces won't have to deal with that as well, Gillan's half deterioritated Demons are holding up rather well to my surprise as they take down several Royal Guards instantly here. As they start fighting we see Vincent telling Cicero and Barbara to retreat and leave everything to the Gillan Squad as they don't need to risk their lives anymore at this point,meanwhile Norman and Zazie come face to face with Gillan who is impressed by his partners performance who only wishes him an enjoyable vengeance. Inside the Ritual Chamber we see the Nobles panic as they don't know what's happening and none of their servants have been reporting anything so far either, they send one of their retainers out to check on the situation but just as he opens the door and wants to report that there are bandits coming he is stabbed into the head with a Knife.

Some of the Nobles wonder if these bandits are the same that destroyed their farms before and are currently being hunted down but Ivelk denies their suspicion immediatly as he recognizes the large Demon entering their Chamber while greeting them all, to be none other than Gillan. Lord Bayon seemingly recognizes him as well while Lord Pupo takes matters into his hands as he sends his parents into safety as they'll deal with Gillan but to his shock instead of retreating his Mother stabs him straight into his mask's centre killing him instantly only to cut his head off entirely afterwards. As the Nobles attempt to strike back and question this action of Lady Pupo they're met by Gillan telling them that they should be able to recognize their own family, he claims that it was very easy to mimic the honorable Lord and Lady Pupo as well as some other Nobles as they have eaten plenty of their kind over the years as well as having stolen their masks containing their smell and voice. He praises the Nobles for having matured and grown into splendid warriors but their retainers should not and can't be trusted as they are all part of his House only waiting for a chance to strike, he picks up Pupo's head to eat it and as he starts eating his flesh and mask we see how his body begins to change into it's original Human like state. Gillan claims that they forgot nothing,not their grief,not their hatred nor the humiliation they felt when thrown into the Wild about 700 years ago by them.

As Gillan threatens the Lives of the other Nobles next he is only met by the Queen's cold expression claiming that their efforts are laughable at best...

Personal Thought's

I rate this Chapter a 8.5 out of 10.

Things had been moving pretty quickly this Chapter but it's understandable given the importance of this story point in Neverland i'd say. The surprise attack went all according to plan and even Gillan's Squad did their work splendidly this far which was surprising to me but i guess the beast like Demons are superior to the wealthy demons remaining with human stature.Norman and his allies are as calm and relaxed as can be,as usual,everything went according to plan and he is very close to executing the Nobles or well...Gillan is but he seems to be at his end already if i can take the Queen's last remark as an indicator of her or the nobles in general still having some cards to play. Which would make sense,though it may appear unlikely to demons at large the nobles were aware of a threat and tried to monitor it. They need/needed some sort of an emergency plan in case the worst happens. I wonder when and where we'll see Emma and Musica arrive at the scene,they should be there as well by now and their goal is to stop Norman before the nobles die at his hands. Whatever is going to happen here i only know that we're about to learn what exactly happened to Musica and Gillan to getting banished into solitude,anger and regrets. I'd be interested in that,especially since it would mean that we'd be able to meet and see Lewis again and perhaps discover his relationship with Musica...Till next time Everybody!

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