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Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (117)

+ posted by Belserion in Manga Reviews on Aug 20, 2019 17:10

Dr. Stone - Chapter 117 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: The Kingdom of Science's Counterattack

Ryusui aquired!
...and with that Ladies and Gentlemen i welcome you to this week's Dr. Stone Chapter Review where we are reunited with a Fan favorite,naturally one of mine as well, the self claimed greediest man of the World and Master Sailor! Ryusui! The one and only has been revived by Senkuu and Co. through their gathering of platinum from the Treasure Chest Soyuz. While he seems exactly the same as always he has lost his distinct markings at his fingers and face when he was revived for the 2nd time possibly hinting at the markings being leftover signs of thousands of years in petrification,or at least i'd believe that being the case. As he makes his re-entrance he immediatly concludes the events that happened since the crew has been petrified as well as what Senkuu is currently trying to do,stealing the Weapon in mid-air by using and creating some sort of invention to do so but he also praises Suika for her efforts and claims that he knew she would come and save him to return the favor from before. Seriously,i want this guy's "Sailor Sense" when i wake up in the morning...*loud coughing*...ANYWAY! Ryusui is certain that Senkuu is going to build a Kite and will use it for their Operation but the Scientist denies that and tells Ryusui of the plan to build a Drone and have it pick up the Weapon in mid-air resulting in a shock for Ryusui, as Gen claims that even Ryusui seems to have his limits the Captain of the Perseus announces that this desire and ambition is what the Kingdom of Science is known for.

They will need a "God-Level" Craftsman for this project and who else but Kaseki could pull this off? Right,nobody can. As the Science Team approaches the Perseus they're surprised to learn that their enemies have boosted their security and have now added Mozu,the Strongest Warrior of the Island, as well as Ibara,the Minister and right hand man of the Great Leader to their guard. Senkuu claims that with security this tight they won't be able to approach the Ship,but Ryusui claims that there is no need to approach if their target is underwater anyway and he and Soyuz will dive down once to retrieve Kaseki and bring him back up. They take off their clothes and dive into the Water attempting to take Kaseki with them but halfway there they notice that they can't hold their breath long enough to get down and take him with them. They come up for air which was expected by our Mentalist Gen as it's just too deep to get down within a single breath, Senkuu agrees which is why he is going to build an Oxygen Tank as it is only fitting for their adventure on a sun-kissed Island.
The Team gets super excited for this and as soon as Senkuu returns to their cave he starts taking their Lab-Car apart without mercy, which he is scolded for by Gen who reminds him that there went a lot of effort and sweat into making the Motor for it as well as gathering all the materials but Senkuu brushes it off as they're going to re-use these materials as good as they can in order to start their Counterattack and get Kaseki back.

They're going to use the Exhaust System of the Lab Car as a regular Metal Pipe,when putting a lid on top of it the Pipe looks like an actual Tank although nowhere near a Professional Equipment sort of thing obviously. As Senkuu,Soyuz and Suika take care of the detail and refinements of the Tank we see Gen and Ryusui question if this thing will actually hold in all of their Oxygen or burst underwater,Senkuu calms them down that if they were to continously use it that the Tank would burst within a month but since that is not their intention it works flawlessly for a few trips underwater. As the Tank is apparently finished we see Ryusui question its design which Senkuu tells him that while he can make it work he can't make it look cool since he isn't as skilled as Kaseki,having said that he needs something to fill the Tank with Oxygen as well so he returns to taking the Lab-Car apart. Gen mentions that it would break Kaseki's heart if he saw what they're doing to the Lab-Car but Senkuu and Ryusui respond that they shouldn't underestimate Kaseki's Skill and that once he's revived they'll just have him make all this stuff again. Which is of course a comedic relief moment,because Gen scolds them jokingly for it afterwards. Gen fears what comes next as they'll have to pump the Oxygen into the tank with a 2-men Pump but they don't have any of their Labor-Team around like Magma or Taiju for this sort of job, so its up to Gen,Suika and Soyuz who are surprised how easy this process is going with the only downside being it's duration.

They would continue to pump Air,cool the Tank and continue pumping for about 10 hours until the tank was entirely full with Oxygen and their pump had exploded from the continous pressure applied. They managed to fill 2 tanks full of Oxygen and with this Ryusui and Soyuz can now successfully recover Kaseki and the other Members of the Crew, as they start their dive we see Soyuz being overwhelmed by the experience of breathing underwater while we see a beautiful underwater scenery with it's fauna and flora. The tanks will last for about 10 minutes,after that they're out of breath meaning they have to recover Kaseki so he can build proper and stronger tanks with Senkuu and Co, Suika cheers for Ryusui as nobody knows more about the Ocean than he does in her eyes. He can do it! Back underwater we see Soyuz leading Ryusui towards the statues of their comrades as he perfectly remembers where they got thrown into the water and where they should have floated towards,which turns out was a Reef Current. As Ryusui spots their Crew he can't help but praise them for enduring so long and that it's time for them to reunite on the surface, Soyuz sends the signal to the surface that they found the entire crew while Ryusui thinks to himself that this fated battle from 3,700 years ago is about to restart as the Kingdom of Science is going to face off with the "Kingdom of Petrification" to win the battle Humanity lost back then when it was powerless against the Bright Light petrifying everyone on Earth.

It's time for the Kingdom of Science's Counterattack!,and as he concludes his thought he pulls up Kaseki's Statue from underwater towards the surface...

Personal Thought's

I rate this Chapter a 9 out of 10.

When i saw them go through the trouble of recovering the Lab-Car i did not think they'd end up taking it completely apart for all sorts of convenient inventions lol. But i suppose it works as the parts seem to be legit and their usefulness was limited to a 10 minute dive with the Groups skill and craftsmanship. Recovering Kaseki is a good first step into starting their counter attack against the Petrification Kingdom(For some reason i'm loving this title haha.) but a real savior in need seems to have been Ryusui here for me. Once he was back in the group there was nothing they had to fear anymore i felt like. Which only brings him higher in my Character Ranking for Dr. Stone, he is without a doubt one of the best in this Manga for me and he keeps progressing and developing for the better in my books. His interactions with Suika and Soyuz especially, with Kaseki returning we'll get some proper professional diving gear for the Team to use and with that we'll get the entire Crew back together and their counterattack can start for good. I wonder what the Great Leader will be like and what Kohaku,Ginro and Amaryllis are up to at the moment. I also wonder if they will actually trigger and attack the Petrification Kingdom or if they're going to just lure one of Mozu or Kirisame into a corner and have them use their weapon to steal it? We'll see,either way i'm hyped for it! Looking forward to the next Chapters for sure,till next time everybody!

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