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Chapter Review: Black Clover (215)

+ posted by Brandish μ in Manga Reviews on Aug 8, 2019 04:42

Black Clover - Chapter 215 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: Three Problems

This week in Black Clover we pick up at last time's cliffhanger where Yami and William had set out to see about Julius preserved body who was believed to be dead this whole time only to encounter a much younger version of the current Magic Emperor, who is now 13 years old again!. Yami and William are still in disbelief over their friend and mentor's current state and most importantly that he is still alive, Julius himself is rather nonchalant about the situation as he is kidding and giggling about what occured. Yami questions how it is even possible for this to be real as he believed to have witnessed the Magic Emperor's Final Moments before,he teases and mocks Julius in a comical manner and lifts him up even but ultimately voices his relief about the fact that he's still alive because he thought he'd never see him again. Next up is William who mournfully approaches Julius while calling his name, as he is struggling to apologise for his actions he is cut off by Julius who tells him that while the crime of betraying the Kingdom and it's people as well as hurting it and them is a heavy sin that with time people and the country may recover from it but that doesn't mean he'll get to relax or just spend his time in a prison,the Magic Emperor won't let him get off that easy as he will have him do many various duties and jobs for the Kingdom and it's people's sake from here on out. Julius also blames himself because it was him that lost to Patri and it was him that promoted William to Magic Knight Captain or get him into joining the Magic Knights in the first place.

Yami mentions that this way of handling the matter is too lenient and lighthearted but thinks to himself that it's typical for Julius, meanwhile the Magic Emperor asks William if he is prepared to suffer and face the Kingdom's resentment for their actions and failures together with him and keep working hard to push past the frustration and bitterness build up and look forward to a better tomorrow. We see William saluting Julius under heavy tears and swearing to dedicate his Life and his Grimoire to him and Clover Kingdom from here on out, the scene switches to Clover Kingdom where Julius and Yami have summoned Asta and Co. to his side. The Magic Knights are all in awe and shock from Julius appearance and condition but he just brushes it off acting like everything is like always,until this moment at least, the Magic Emperor praises Asta and his friends for their services in saving and protecting the Kingdom but also mentions that the current situation while seemingly peaceful brought forth 3 certain problems that he fears will have rather severe consequences for the Kingdom and it's people. The first problem is that due to him being in his teen years again Julius can't resume his post as Magic Emperor for the time being,meaning there isn't a deterrent for enemy nations or a middleground between the Commoners and Nobles within the Country that will surely not sit still after these events that transpired between Humans and Elves.

Before Julius can continue his warning he is cut off by Asta who can barely contain his curiousity about the Magic Emperor's appearance and condition,Julius explains that it was possible for him to store Magic and Time away due to an object he found on one of his journeys which is called "Swallowtail". A name that is recognized by Secre because it is the device she built together with Lumiere, anyway, Julius Time Magic was extremely compatible with Swallowtail and allowed him to store both Time and some of his Mana inside of it. Proof of his contract with Swallowtail was the Mark on his forehead,while it did not work out as he hoped he is still glad to be alive. Asta tells Julius how glad he is to see him alive and well even while small and gets rewarded with praise for his efforts during the battle,suddenly he spots Secre whom he has never seen in her human form before and asks her in his usual manner about her magic and it's particulars to his dismay Yami intervenes and tells him to continue his warning as there is no time to waste for them given the Kingdom's state. Julius apologizes and mentions that the 2nd and 3rd issue are closely related to another,them being that Clover will end up destroyed at the hands of a foreign enemy nation like Spade or Diamond Kingdom and...that Asta might die resulting in everybody being shocked and scared.

Personal Thought's

I rate this Chapter an 8 out of 10.

The small Julius is something i need to get used to but it's a fun change of mood i give it that,doubt it'll be permanent but from the looks of it he'd continue to be Magic Emperor but he will have to step down for someone else to take over until he recovered and re-trained himself in using his Magic and Skills. Wise decision. His 3 fears make sense to me as well,he acknowledges that he isn't much of a help in his current state so he names the lack of his battle power and influence inside the Kingdom as a factor for disagreement and rebellion within the Noble Ranks and Magic Knights. And a deterrent to other nations being gone as he isn't nearly as powerful as he used to be anymore. Another Nation attacking Clover while it's at its lowest is something it can't afford but is highly likely due to their battle with the Elves and the Final Clash inside the Shadow Palace,they all need to recover and learn to use and control their newly found powers. We learned about new Races like Dwarves and Hybrids during the Arc and it is possible for pretty much anything to make an appearance from here on out as we do not know what Spade or Heart Kingdom is like. Diamond Kingdom isn't on the best terms with Clover either,but it would allow us to meet Mars again but i suppose we're in for new characters and magics with new Kingdoms being introduced and all. I'm hyped either way,Clover Kingdom would need time to recover and gain it's composure for a bit though. This fear of Asta dying is a bit confusing to me as he shouldn't be more important than any other Magic Knight in Clover despite his Magic to Julius,which makes me think that he is either considered a key factor in an upcoming battle with a foreign nation but not strong enough to face off with any of their Captains and Vice Captains(Which makes them fairly strong.) and hence will fall in battle. Either that or he is stricken with some sort of disease or condition that is going to be Life endangering at some point and Julius learned about it somehow,betting on his lack of Mana inside his body being not a coincidence but sheer misfortune perhaps caused by the Devil inside his Grimoire? We'll see here,i'm looking forward to it.

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