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Chapter Review: Yakusoku no Neverland (145)

+ posted by Belserion in Manga Reviews on Aug 9, 2019 11:12

The Promised Neverland Chapter 145 Review by Emperor Spriggan

This chapter was a bit transitionary, nothing exactly big happened except towards the end. Probably why the title 'Many Threads' is kind of fitting.

It begins where last chapter picked off, with both Ray and Emma heading to the Royal Capital to stop Norman. The two decide to stop Norman before he kills the nobles, since once they were dead there would be no one to negotiate with. Emma asks Ray how long it takes to get to the capital, and Ray says 5 days. 3, if they rushed without taking any detours or short cuts.

Anna says that there are only 2 and a half days left till the Tifari, so regardless they are short on time. Emma and Ray also needed time to rest as well. At this point Oliver and the Goldy Pond kids show up with horses, beckoning the Grace Field kids to get on them. On the way to the Capital, Oliver explains that while Ray and Emma were at the Seven Walls, they taught themselves how to ride horses.

Emma asks Gilian if she is okay with the idea of stopping the war, considering how much she hated the demons. Gilian says that she still feels the same way, but she wants to save Norman, and help Emma (This scene was a little blehhhh, not really a fan of the Emma nakama stuff). Perspective shifts to Norman, who is with his lackies.

Norman receives information that the demons are heading to the bait place, and will be there by the morning of the Tifari. Vincent is asked about a trump card (I'm assuming its that demon converting device we saw in practice a while back), and he says it will be ready. Everything seems to be going perfectly, but the kids are cautiously optimistic. Which is a nice change, would be incredibly cheesy if we just saw them being confident and cocky. It's obvious most of them (Probably all of them) will die, leaving Norman by himself, but its still nice seeing they aren't being overconfident.

The kids of Grace Field back at Norman's base remark about how Norman seemed to be in a hurry to leave. Norman tells the Lambda children to take their medicines, plus to get a good rest. The Lambda children say they don't have a lot of time left (Quite a dark turn), but regardless, they were still grateful to Norman. Before they died, they could at least do some good in the world.

As their leader, Norman tells them no one is dying on his account (Again, more death flags for his crew). They can save their gratitude for when they win the war. Quite a good exchange, it highlights Norman's incredible leadership skills. Plus charisma. After a resounding battle cry, he distances himself from the rest of his crew. Looking towards the sky, he thinks back to Emma and Ray, and how they wanted to live with them. Coughing out blood (The Itachi syndrome, where a character is ill with an unspecified illness), he apologizes. This was the big event I was referring to in the first part of my review. We basically learn Norman is dying/short of time, something that no one else seems to be aware of. Not even his Lambda assistants. That would probably mean that he wouldn't make it till the end of the story, but I have this sneaking feeling the story will end with the original trio all reunited. So in a way, that kinda removes the tension from this scene.

The Tifari kicks off, and there's an explosion in the building where the demons are gathered together. Quite a good cliffhanger, I'd say.

My overall thoughts on the chapter are that while transitionary, it was actually pretty entertaining. In regards to the Norman stuff, at this point its painfully obvious everyone of the Lambda kids will die in the war, leaving Norman by himself. Which will be tragic, but it will be interesting to see what the plan will be if that happens.

Chapter rating:7.5/10.

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