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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Naruto 466

Battle in the Private Suite!

+ posted by HisshouBuraiKen as translation on Dec 3, 2009 03:38 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 466

Page 1:
Title: 466 - Battle in the Private Suite!
Text: The Mizukage has Sasuke cornered!
Mizu: I'll send you off with a kiss that'll really make you melt.

Karin: Who the hell do you think you are?!
Stop trying to seduce Sasuke, you filthy cougar!

Chou: Mizukage-sama's ready for a fight...
I have to protect her...

But this man fought Zabuza-san...
Do I even stand a chance...?

No...I do. I'll fight hard, too!

Mizu: Tsuchikage-sama, please get away if you aren't joining in.

Tsuchi: Bah!

Page 2:
Mizu: Melting Element - Dissolution Technique! (Youton - Youkai no jutsu)

Karin: Again?!

Page 3:
Karin: Eee!

Mizu: Choujuurou!
Chou: R-Right!

Page 4:
Chou: Hiramekarei, release! [H: Hiramekarei is a combination of Hirame (japanese for lefteye flounder) and Karei (japanese for righteye flounder)]

Page 5:
Sasuke: Ngh-

Karin: Did...did they kill him?
I DID feel his chakra stop flowing a while ago...

Sasuke: Every cell in my body is on fire...must be the price for using Susanoo...
I knew using it for a long time was risky, but this...

I couldn't even get it to fully materialize and my whole body is burning with pain...
I can't imagine how much Itachi suffered...

Page 6:
Mizu: And now we're all alone...

I closed off that wall
behind you with my first attack.

Now we've got our own little private suite...
And you've got nowhere to run.

I can use fire, water, and earth elemental techniques...
Which gives me TWO bloodline limits.
Boiling Element - Foxy Mist technique! (Futton - Koumu no jutsu)

Karin: Where's Sasuke?!

Page 7:
Karin: Behind that wall!

Sasuke: It's...melting?

Sasuke: Haaaaa!

Page 8:
Karin: Shit, Sasuke's chakra is fading!
He's pushed himself too far!

Mizu: I guess Raikage-sama ran you ragged back downstairs...
And I'm afraid I didn't seal you in here to save you.

It's never easy for me to end the life of a handsome man...
but it's time for you to die.

Sasuke: Ngh!

This is acid mist...

Page 9:
Mizu: What?!

Chou: Huh?!

Aka: Guh?

Karin: This chakra is-!

Page 10:
Mizu: Y-You're that Akatsuki member!

Sasuke: HE did this...?


Mizu: This thing's sucking away my chakra!

Page 11:
Samurai: It's growing bigger off our energy!
Mifune: When did he do this?!

Tsuchi: A time-release technique he set up before the Raikage snapped his neck.

Sasuke: Shit, now what?!

My chakra's...coming back...

Page 12:
Chou: Ack!

Karin: Sasuke, are you okay?!

Mizu: The mist is seeping out to the rest of the room, I have to neutralize the acid!

Page 13:
Tsuchi: They're really getting roughed up out there...
What say we give 'em a hand, Akatsuchi?
Aka: Yay!

Tsuchi: Bah!
Earth Element - Weighted Boulder Technique! (Doton - Kajuugan no jutsu)

Page 14:
Karin: Eeeeek!

Tsuchi: So you're the little whelp who killed Deidara...

I don't have any particular grudge against you,
but we're all shinobi...we all seek death.

Dust Element - Dimension Splitter Technique!

Page 15:
Karin: Sasuke!

His chakra's...gone...!

No...it can't be...

Tsuchi: Oh, it is. I just obliterated him at the MOLECULAR level. And YOU'RE next.

Chou: Rrrh-Get off!

Page 16:
Gaara: Kankurou!

Raikage: Where's Sasuke?!

Tsuchi: I evaporated the damn kid.

Kankurou: Hrgh!

Page 17:
Taikage: What?! He was MINE, you old bastard!

Madara: Then you'll still have your chance.
Stop your whining, Raikage.

Karin: Sasuke!

Madara: My name is Uchiha Madara.
I'm here to explain something to you...and once you've heard me out, to ask a question.

Raikage: Yeah? What?!

Madara: My ultimate plan...the "Moon's Eye."
Text: Akatsuki vs. The Five Kages...The final chapter begins!

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#1. by One Eyed Sharingan ()
Posted on Dec 3, 2009
yaay, thanks again for the translation..

Page 14:
Tsuchi: So you're the little whelp who killed Deidara...

I don't have any particular grudge against you,
but we're all shinobi...we all seek death.

your translation for this part's the best!!!!
#2. by InvincibleUchiha ()
Posted on Dec 4, 2009
thx thx thx!
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