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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Naruto 466

Battle In Closed Doors

+ posted by =Urahara= as translation on Oct 2, 2009 08:31 | Go to Naruto

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This translation is used by "† Hueco Mundo † Scanlation Group"... but it's free for all who wants to use it...enjoy it!!! ^_^

466: Battle In Closed Doors
[insert text: Mizukage has blocked Sasuke!!]
Mizukage: I'll give you my kiss as a gift to remember me.
Karin: What the hell are you saying!? // An old pig like you cannot be so attractive!!
Chojiro: Mizukage wants to fight him for real... / I must defend her... // But this guy... he defeated Zabusa... // Can I really …? // ...No... I can do it... I must try... maybe!!
Mizukage: If you don't want to fight, then get out of here, Tsuchikage.
Tsuchikage: Hmph!

Mizukage: Yoton Yokai No Jutsu!!
Karin: That Jutsu... again!

Karin: Whoa! // Oof!
Mizukage: Chojiro
Chojiro: Okay!

Chojiro: Hiramekarei Release!!

Sasuke: Ugh!
Karin: But... is he, dead? // I felt strange when i couldn't sense his chakras, but...
Sasuke: This is really bad... is this the risk in the Susanoo jutsu...? // Maybe I used it too much in the last time... // I haven't perfected it at all and I'm really in trouble... // Did Itachi feel such pain like me...?

Mizukage: Now we're alone... // It's useless... / I blocket the wall behind you with my first attack... // This room is sealed / no chanche to run away. // I can use water, fire and earth. / I have two kekkei genkais // Futton komu no jutsu!!
Karin: Hey, but where's Sasuke!?

Karin: Is he behind that wall!?
Sasuke: It's melting... // AAAAAHHHH!!!

Karin: ! // Wait, Sasuke's chakra is decreasing! // He really passed his limit this time!!
Mizukage: It seems that the fight with the Raikage really damaged you... // ...but I wont let you go free from this place... // It always a pain for me to melt such beautiful guy... // But in the end you have to die.
Sasuke: Ugh! // Crap, this is an acid mist.

Mizukage: !? // What!?
Sasuke: !?
Chojiro: !? // Wha~!?
Akazuchi: What's going on?
Tsuchikage: !?
Karin: !! // Those chakras!! // ….

Mizukage: Y... you are the Akatsuki guy!
Sasuke: It's... Zetsu...
Zetsu: I can't believe none of you noticed my Hoshi no Jutsu. // Really you five are a mass of fools.
Mizukage: My chakras...

Akazuchi: He's taking our chakras in order to grown faster!?
Mifune: When did he do that!?
Tsuchikage: He must have used some sort of time jutsu before Raikege hit him.
Sasuke: Shit... What's this!? // My chakra... I can feel it full again...

Chojiro: Wah!
Mifune !?
Tsuchikage: !?
Karin: Sasuke!! It's all right!?
Mizukage: The mist is reaching the room with the others inside... I have to make it less acidic...!

Tsuchikage: Looks like she's in trouble... / Akazuchi may we join the fight?
Akazuchi: Sure!
Tsuchikage: Hmph! // Doton Kajuran no Jutsu!!

Tsuchikage: I can't believe a brat like you killed Deidara... // I have nothing against you, / but we decided you have to die... see ya. // Jinton Genkai Hakuri no Jutsu!!

Karin: SASUKE!! // Sasuke's chakra... / vanished...!! // No... it cannot be...
Tsuchikage: Surely it's gone... his body was smashed in pieces. And now it's your turn, girl.
Chojiro: Ugh! Damn you!

Tsuchikage: !
Gaara: Kankuro!
Raikage: And... Sasuke!?
Tsuchikage: I smash him to dust...
Kankuro: Right!

Raikage: … What!? // That was my duty! How can you...!!
Tobi: You still... have a chance... // So stop complaining raikage.
All: !!
Karin: Sasuke!!
Tobi: I am Madara Uchiha. // And I'm here to explain something to you... I want to make it very clear.
Raikage: What!?
Tobi: I want to tell you my real task, the moon's eye plan.
[insert text: Akatsuki vs Five kages! Climax is yet to come...!!]

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