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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Naruto 478

Susano'o, completed!

+ posted by HisshouBuraiKen as translation on Jan 13, 2010 15:23 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 478

Page 1:
Itachi: Die...

Text: Itachi's ghost stares a hole through Danzou!
Title: Susano'o, completed!

SFX: gogogogogog
SFX: gogogogogog
Eyes: Roll roll

Page 2:
Danzou: I'll commend you for actually trapping me in an illusion.

SFX: swoosh

Danzou: However...

SFX: Tremble

Page 3:
Karin: Sasuke, now's your chance!
Don't stop!

SFX: twitch twitch

SFX: twitch twitch

Danzou: Compared to Itachi's Tsukuyomi, where he could alter your perception of time at his whim...
You're as far below him as the land is below the sky.
Sasuke: Kh-
SFX: twitch twitch

Madara: A seal that binds the body's movement...
He must've placed it when he choked him.
SFX: grab

Karin: Is Sasuke paralyzed?

Page 4:

Danzou: No need to bother with any special techniques on this one.
SFX: Dash

Karin: GUHAGH-


Madara: A plain old kick, huh...
He must be trying to conserve his chakra.

SFX: twitch twitch

Page 5:
Danzou: Release!

SFX: blink, crick

Danzou: If Sasuke knows the truth about Itachi, Akatsuki must know as well.
There's no more hiding it.

SFX: stand

Danzou: Why, Itachi? Why did you bother saving this pathetic infant's life?
SFX: clink, struggle

Karin: Nh-
SFX: shove, slip

Danzou: Look at him...Look what he's become.
Your one...your ONLY...
SFX: chik

Page 6:
Danzou: Failure.

Madara: But he couldn't kill
his little brother.

Crying his bloody tears, he killed his emotions, exterminated his kinsman to save his village...

But he couldn't kill you.
Is this getting through?

Page 7:
SFX: Slap

Danzou: Ngh!

SFX: Stand

Madara: But he couldn't kill his little brother.
SFX: Shift, Shing

Madara: Crying his bloody tears, he killed his emotions, exterminated his kinsman to save his village...
SFX: Slice

Madara: To him, your life

SFX: Suuuuu

SFX: Suuuuu

SFX: Suuuuu

Page 8:
Madara: Was more important than the village.

Page 9:
Sasuke: Ngh-
Bubbles: Huu, Zeeh
Facebubble: Fade

Danzou: Susano'o...?
It looks completely different from the previous one!

SFX: whuuuuuuu

Karin: Is that really Sasuke?
This feels nothing like his normal chakra!

Madara: Yes...
Every step of the way, his hatred has made him more powerful...to the point his body reacts to it.
This is going well...he even broke the seal.

SFX: griiiiiiii

Page 10:
SFX: Twang
SFX: Crash

Danzou: No time for seals!

No other option!

SFX: mogomogo



Page 11:
SFX: Zuzuzuzu

Danzou: That was enough to alter the trajectory...somehow.

Madara: That's a Wood-Element technique...
Ah ha...I get it...With all those Sharingan eyes...I always thought the fact that non-Uchiha could use them was proof they still held undiscovered secrets...

Karin: Danzou's chakra level just took a huge dive!
...But why did even he need to dodge Susano'o's attack?
A minute ago it was like he couldn't be killed.

Madara: Orochimaru, you bastard...
You must have spent a lot of time working with Danzou.

Page 12:
Madara: He implanted you with the First Hokage's DNA and augmented your physical energy.
SFX: snap

Sasuke: Huu

Karin: No, he WOULD have died!
If he hadn't avoided that attack, he'd be dead, that's why he used that move!

Karin: Sasukeeee! That's the REAL Danzou! You'll be able to kill him now!

Page 13:
Danzou: That girl's a sensor-type?!
I've been found out...a bit.
SFX: Slip

SFX: Clap clap clap

SFX: Griiiiiii


Page 14:


SFX: Huu

Karin: Yes! I knew it! After he used those seals his chakra changed slightly!
He used a technique!
...I'm about the only one who could notice such a small change.

I don't think that arrow made it in time...
Damn it!

Page 15:
SFX: glare

SFX: Suuuuu

SFX: Poof
SFX: Shuuuu

SFX: Turn

SFX: Suuuu

Karin: Now that he reactivated his technique he's back to normal...
But those three eyes are still closed.

Madara: There are ten Sharingans I can see,
plus the First's DNA...

Page 16:
Danzou: The power of the Uchiha AND the Hashirama in one man...
Probably all so he can control the Nine-Tails himself.

He's after Naruto, too...

SFX: Close

SFX: Snap
Karin: Danzou's chakra took another dip...
That technique must pose a lot of risk to him.

Aha, that's why he had to release it!
To conserve his chakra!

Page 17:
Karin: And another eye...Those sharingans must be related to the technique.
Something about the eyes closing is really important!

Madara: It's the only explanation...

The eye technique that even the Uchiha Clan declared to be forbidden...

Text: What is this forbidden technique "Izanagi" that Madara speaks of?
[T/N: Why it's another Japanese God! Izanagi no Mikoto, the God of creation who lives in the sky.]

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#1. by Shinomori Aoshi ()
Posted on Jan 13, 2010
Great translation Hisshou! Thanks a lot! By the way you forgot a 'but too late' or something like that after 'I've been found out...a bit.' on page 13.
#2. by internal ()
Posted on Feb 10, 2010
thanks, i used this is a scanalation, and i gave you Credit

Thanks again!

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