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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)
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D.Gray-Man 191

Memories of Love

+ posted by Rikulaw as translation on Feb 3, 2010 09:55 | Go to D.Gray-Man

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<Tangled Fate>

191st Night : Memories of Love


<Kanda Yu... The destined land...>

Something that at last reflected in those eyes
was the large blue sky


Ah, as I though...

It's blue

To wherever it is...


It must be the first time I'm seeing it

But I know

Kanda : I'm... sorry
Kanda : I'm sorry, Alma

I'm always know

This beautiful to the extend that its hateful sky


<A flashback shortly before the tragedy starts>


Where is this...?


Woman : Before...
Woman : The petals fall

It's her again

Woman : ki...

What did she said?

Woman : ... ka...

I can't hear her clearly

Move away, who's

hand is this...


Kanda : *pant pant pant*
Kanda : ......
Kanda : ...... Again...
Alma : You're having a nightmare again?
Kanda : Ha!
Kanda : Sorry, I wake you up
Alma : Don't mind it
Alma : It's almost morning
Alma : It's still a bit early, but shall we go?


Alma : WAA~~~
Alma : It's cold!!
Alma : I-i-i-it's that winter

Kanda : Ha? Who's that?
Alma : There's someone named winter in the outside world. He's the one that makes this so cold.
Kanda : Wha-wha-wha-what a troublesome guy
Alma : But I won't lose.......!
Alma : Everyone~~~! Good Morning, Good~~~ Morning!

In the early morning we're going to meet our friends in the intimacy room.


He's doing silly talk

<Alma : When we’re having a dinner yesterday, Professor Edgar give me some mayoneesu.> (He means Mayonnaise)
<Alma : And you know, that mayoneesu was really delicious>

With the one that still not awakened while calling each of their name

I can't recall when I started to accompany this guy...

Kanda : He surely can remember all of them name

<The one that even didn't tried to remember it>

Kanda : From my point of view, he seems like talking alone and it's creepy
<Kanda : He sure can talk a lot>

<Alma : That mayoneesu are in a semi-solid form. Back then, we used all of the egg yolks, then, it got egg yolks, egg whites, proteins and nutrients. They said that we don't use the ingredients from outside. It can be used for cooking oil or vinegar and used eggs as the main ingredient. It's actually originated from furansu...> (he means France)


The petals fall...


Kanda : Again...
Kanda : Who're you...!?
Kanda : What do you want from me!?
Alma : Yu?



The petals fall...

I'll always...


Edgar : Get hold of yourself, Yu!


Salinz : From when he's having the illusion symptom
Salinz : Renny! What did you see as his supervisor!?
Renny : My-my deepest apologize, father.
- : The regeneration charm had completely embedded in his body. It's already too late to modify it.
- : We’ve come this far......


Salinz : What did...
Salinz : Yu see...?
Edgar : It just "Unknown person" and "unknown scenery" for now
Edgar : lately, he's seeing dreams too
Renny : Is that means that he's advancing?
Salinz : It just the matter of time until his emotion flooded and losing his sense...
Salinz : Just like those children back then
- : There's no other way except canceling the experiment on the test subject "Yu" and dispose by freezing him


- : We'll put him sleep again...


- : I'll report it to central
- : even though I doubt that they'll hear us
- : This artificial apostle project... Even though it's for the sake of holy war...
- : How much people left that we have to perceive?


- : Is this a fish?
- : I don't know. Shall we eat it?
- : That's right!? There's no way a fish like this exist!!
Alma : capsules please
- : Alma, you're alone?
Alma : Yeah. Yu is quarantined, so I'm alone today.


- : Cheer up! The professors will surely heal him
- : <ah> Do you want mayonnaise?
Alma : What's that?
- : ah...
- : It's the fish that (seems) caught in canal
Alma : I see~~~
- : It's no use
- : He's back into unconscious state
- : It's not good
- : His consciousness become more unstable


Creak (door open)

- : ...!?
- : Hey, didn't you lock the door?
- : !
- : HUH!?


- : Yu is missing!!

Alma : *pant*


Alma : *pant*


Alma : *pant*

Alma : Everyone...
Alma : Everyone that didn't awake...
Alma : I'm sorry
Alma : I can't just abandoning him


Alma : It just...
Alma : I can't stand if Yu is disposed
Alma : It's just Yu...
Alma : Because at last we're...
Alma : We're...
Alma : Become friends...
Alma : I'm sorry...

How stupid...

You're just stupid

It just that we talk more often...


Alma : !!
Alma : Ugh...!
Kanda : Al...
Crow : Kinjibane (kinjibane=forbidden feather)


Kanda : Crow!?


Crow : We'll take you back, apostle
Alma : ......!


Kanda : !?
Kanda : Alma...!
Alma : Maybe you can get out from here if it goes well
Kanda : What do you mean by maybe!?
Alma : Run


Kanda : Are you stupid!?
- : One of them fallen to the canal
- : That apostle already began to retrieve the core's memories
- : It's bad if he got a contact with an exorcist
- : The two of us will chase him. You bring "Alma" back
- : Understood


Alma : Core's...
Alma : Memories...?



Bak : Marie!
Marie : That voice......
Marie : Um...
Bak : It's Bak Chang
Marie : Ah, yeah. It's Chief Bak
Bak : I got a contact that the reinforcement team are annihilated
Bak : I don't know... when the next mission will be
Bak : I beg you, please rest
Marie : It can be played even I can't use my eyes


Marie : It feels like if I played it with Innocence, it would reach my comrades in heaven...
Marie : It's a requiem
Marie : Next time I definitely will die....
Marie : I'll die too
Marie : They told me that I don't have to fight smelling my comrades' stench of death
Marie : It makes me relieve
Bak : Do you hate us that keep sending you, exorcists...?
Marie : No
Marie : Because I can't even see anything now


Marie : Just now... Did you hear child's voice?
Bak : Eh?
Bak : Just now?
Marie : It sounds like a cough...
Kanda : Cough
Kanda : .... What's with
Kanda : that "If it goes well" that bastard


Kanda : It's so cold that I almost die
Kanda : In fact I died
Kanda : Above all...
Kanda : It's not...
Kanda : Outside...
Bak&Marie : ......
Kanda : Oi...
Kanda : Pull that out


Bak : EH!?
Bak : ah, um...
Bak : I'll call the medical team! <now...>


Kanda : I don't need it
<Marie : Chief? What's happen?>
Kanda : It would heal if you pull it out
Kanda : I beg you... The seal make me numb and I can't stand it...
Bak : Crow squad's Shikibari (=ceremony needle)...!!
Bak : What are you...



This smell...?

Marie : Is this okay?
Marie : What?
Kanda : Where...
Kanda : did I...?
Marie : Oi!?
Marie : Ah! He's asleep!?
Bak : What's with this kid


Crow : Please hand over that child


This smell... I know

This is the smell of blood and corpse

Woman : Hey,
Woman : Do you know these flowers?

- : towards...
- : the... sky...


Its lotus flowers

It born from inside the mud towards the sky

It's the flowers that give a sweet fragrant to this world


??? : I love you
??? : Always...
Akuma : So you're still alive...
Akuma : I'll finish you, Exorcist!!


<Dreams... Memories... Kanda's mysteries become deeper!!>

Kanda : I
Kanda : Love you

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