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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Fairy Tail 57

Fairy Tail chapter 57

+ posted by Velvet_Rain_Dropz as translation on Oct 9, 2007 11:46 | Go to Fairy Tail

-> RTS Page for Fairy Tail 57

Hello all!! ^^ This time i bring you the international trans of Fairy Tail chapter 57. :amuse I've decided to translated this series along with ES21! ^^

Thanks to Cnet for his awesome trans! :thumbs

Hope you all enjoy my trans. :amuse Happy reading everyone! ^^

~Page 0~
Fairy Tail
Chapter 57 "Weather Doll"
[TN: As I mentioned last chapter, the actual name of this chapter is "[color=#3366ff]Teru-Teru Bouzu[/color]". They're a kind of paper doll that are traditionally hung outside a window. Hanging them right-way-up is supposed to bring sunny weather; upside-down brings rain.]

[translator Note(cnet): Seperti yang telah kusebutkan di chapter sebelumnya, nama sebenarnya dari judul chapter ini adalah "[color=#000000]Teru-Teru Bouzu[/color]". “Teru-Teru Bouzu” adalah semacam boneka kertas yang biasanya digantung diluar jendela. Menggantung mereka dengan cara yang benar akan membuat cuaca cerah, menggantungnya secara terbalik akan membuat hujan turun.]
[insert text: Upon this battleground, / people struggle over possessions // But the blue sky up above // belongs to nobody]
[Text sisipan: Dalam arena pertarungan ini]
[Text sisipan: orang-orang berjuang demi hak kepemilikan]
[Text sisipan: Tapi langit biru di atas]
[Text sisipan: bukan milik siapa-siapa]

~Page 1~

[insert text: With the spice of jealousy thrown into the mix, this "boiling battle" is heating up!!]

[Text sisipan: Dengan ditambahkannya bumbu kecemburuan ke dalam campuran, “pertarungan mendidih” ini semakin memanas!!]
Gray: Ahh! // Boiling water?!!

Gray: Ahh!
Gray: Air mendidih?!!
Lluvia: CIELA!!!!

Lluvia: CIELA!!!!
Gray: Tch...

Gray: Tch...

~Page 2~
Gray: Ice Ma... // (She's fast!!! // My modelling magic can't keep up with her...?!!) // Ngh... // I've gotta buy myself some time...

Gray: Ice Ma…
Gray: (Dia cepat!!!)
Gray: (Sihir permodelanku tidak bisa menandingi kecepatannya…?!!)
Gray: Ngh…
Gray: Aku harus mencoba mengulur waktu …

~Page 3~
Gray: Ice Make... // SHIELD!!!! // Ugh... // No way......!

Gray: Ice Make…
Gray: SHIELD!!!!
Gray: Ugh…
Gray: Tidak mungkin…..!

~Page 4~
Lluvia: Lluvia's jealousy is boiling over!!!

Lluvia: Kecemburuan Lluvia sedang mendidih!!!
Gray: What the hell?!!! // Guaaaaaaahhh!!!! // (So hot... / My skin's been burned...) / Ugh...

Gray: Apa-apaan itu?!!!
Gray: Guaaaaaaahhh!!!!
Gray: (Sangat panas…)
Gray: (Kulitku sampai terbakar…)
Gray: Ugh…

~Page 5~
Gray: *gulp* // ...Why, you...!!! // I just need to get in one good shot and freeze her... // !!!

Gray: *gulp*
Gray: …beraninya kau…!!!
Gray: Aku hanya membutuhkan satu tembakan jitu dan membekukannya…
Gray: !!!

~Page 6~
Gray: FREEZE!!!!
Gray: FREEZE!!!!
Lluvia: Im... Impossible... // Lluvia's boiling water was... frozen......?!

Lluvia: Ti… Tidak mungkin…
Lluvia: Air mendidih Lluvia… membeku……?!
Gray: Heh.

Gray: Heh.

~Page 7~
Lluvia: And of all things...

Lluvia : Dan dari semua hal…
Gray: AAAAAAAAAAGH!!!! // No...!! // I wasn't...!!!
Gray: Tidak…!!
Gray: Aku tidak…!!!
Lluvia: (Lluvia is mortified... // As things stand... trapped in this ice...)

Lluvia: (Lluvia merasa dipermalukan…)
Lluvia: (Dalam keadaan seperti ini… terjebak dalam es ini…)
Gray: SORRY!!!

Gray: MAAF!!!
Lluvia: !!!

Lluvia: !!!

~Page 8~
Lluvia: (He released me from the ice...?! // But why?!! // He is so kind...!!!)

Lluvia: (Dia melepaskanku dari es ini…?!)
Lluvia: (Tapi kenapa?!!)
Lluvia: (Dia sangat baik…!!!)
Gray: L - let's start over with this!!!

Gray: A- ayo kita mulai pertarungan ini!!!
Lluvia: !!! // That won't do...

Lluvia: !!!
Lluvia: Itu tidak mungkin…
Gray: ?!

Gray: ?!
Lluvia: Lluvia cannot find it within herself to hurt you...

Lluvia: Lluvia tidak bisa menemukan alasan dalam dirinya untuk melukaimu…

~Page 9~
Gray: Huh? // You can't hurt me... / ...Ya mean you've realised you've got no chance of winning?

Gray: Huh?
Gray: Kau tidak bisa melukaiku…
Gray: Maksudmu kau telah menyadari kalau kau tidak punya peluang untuk menang?
Lluvia: Lluvia is stronger than Lucy... // Lluvia could protect you...

Lluvia: Lluvia lebih kuat daripada Lucy…
Lluvia: Lluvia bisa melindungimu…
Gray: Protect me? / Why'd you wanna do that?

Gray: Melindungi aku?
Gray: Kenapa kau mau melindungi aku?
Lluvia: W... well... / I mean... // I... I really... // I l... // I l...

Lluvia: I… itu…
Lluvia: Maksudku…
Lluvia: Aku… Aku benar-benar…
Lluvia: Aku l…
Lluvia: Aku l…
Gray: And isn't this rain gettin' a little heavy?

Gray: Dan bukankah hujannya menjadi semakin deras?
Lluvia: Lluvia is irritated!!!

Lluvia: Lluvia merasa gugup!!!

~Page 10~
Gray: Man... this rain really sucks, huh...

Gray: Ya ampun… hujan ini benar-benar menyebalkan, huh…
Lluvia: (This man... // He is the same as all the others...) // YOU'RE JUST THE SAME!!!!

Lluvia: Lelaki ini…
Lluvia: Ternyata dia juga sama saja dengan yang lain…
Lluvia: KAU JUGA SAMA!!!!
Gray: Ehh?!! What the - ?!!

Gray: Ehh?!! Apa yang - ?!!

~Page 11~
Gray: If you're comin', make it quick!!!

Gray: Jika kau akan menyerang, buat itu menjadi cepat!!!
Lluvia: (Lluvia... / ...has no more need for love!!!!)

Lluvia: (Lluvia…)
Lluvia: (… sudah tidak membutuhkan cinta!!!!)
Gray: Guuuuullghhhh... // (Just gotta freeze it again... // !!! // The temperature's even higher than before?!!)

Gray: Guuuuullghhhh...
Gray: Aku harus membekukannya lagi…
Gray: !!!
Gray: Temperaturnya menjadi lebih tinggi daripada sebelumnya?!!
Lluvia: (No more love!!!!)

Lluvia: (Tidak ada lagi cinta!!!!)
Gray: Uoooghhh...

Gray: Uoooghhh...

~Page 12~
Kids: I really hope Lluvia doesn't go on the trip... // When she's around, it always starts raining!

Anak kecil: Aku berharap Lluvia tidak ikut pergi berlibur…
Anak kecil: Bila ada dia, hujan selalu saja turun!
Lluvia: (Lluvia is a "rain-woman"...)

Lluvia: (Lluvia adalah “wanita-hujan”…)
Guy: Why's it always raining when you're around? / I can't take you fishing, I can't take you camping...!!! // I think we should just break up.

Guy: Kenapa hujan selalu saja turun bila ada kau?
Guy: Aku tidak bisa membawamu memancing, Aku tidak bisa membawamu camping…!!!
Guy: Aku pikir kita lebih baik putus.
Lluvia: (Lluvia is one of the Element Four!!! // A mage of Phantom!!!!)

Lluvia: (Lluvia adalah salah satu anggota Element Four!!!)
Lluvia: (Penyihir Phantom!!!!)

~Page 13~
Gray: Gaah!

Gray: Gaah!
Lluvia: CIELA...!!!!

Lluvia: CIELA...!!!!
Gray: I'm not about to lose...!!! // NOT TO A GODDAMN PHANTOM!!!!

Gray: Aku tidak akan kalah…!!!

~Page 14~

Lluvia: (Even the rain itself was frozen... // Such power!!!)

Lluvia: (Bahkan hujannya juga membeku…)
Lluvia: (Kekuatan yang mengerikan!!!)

~Page 15~
Gray: ICE GEYSER!!!!

Gray: ICE GEYSER!!!!


~Page 16~
Lluvia: Lluvia... // ...lost?!

Lluvia: Lluvia…
Lluvia: …kalah?!
Gray: How's that? Your fever gone down a little?

Gray: Bagaimana? Apa panasmu sudah sedikit menurun?
Lluvia: Huh...?

Lluvia: Huh...?

~Page 17~
Lluvia: The rain... // ...has stopped...

Lluvia: Hujannya…
Lluvia: …sudah berhenti…

~Page 18~
Gray: Ahh! It finally cleared up!

Gray: Ahh! Akhirnya cerah juga!
Lluvia: (This is... // ...a blue sky... // How beautiful...)

Lluvia: (Ini adalah…)
Lluvia: (…langit biru…)
Lluvia: (Sungguh indah…)

~Page 19~
Gray: So... // Ya still want more?

Gray: Jadi…
Gray: Kau masih ingin bertarung?
[box: Three minutes left until the activation of Abyss Break // Only one of the Element Four remains!!!]

[box: Tiga menit lagi sebelum pengaktifan Abyss Break.]
[box: Hanya satu anggota Element Four yang tersisa!!!]
[insert text: The baton of hope has been passed on!! This is a beautiful "perfect win"!!]

[Text sisipan: Baton harapan telah diserahkan!! Ini adalah “kemenangan sempurna” yang indah!!]
[bottom text: To be continued in Chapter 58: There's Always Someone Better]

[Text bawah: Bersambung di Chapter 58 : There’s Always Someone Better]


Well, that's all for my fairy tail trans. :amuse Hope you all enjoy my trans. ^^
Feel free to post anything here like comment, critic, suggestion, or anything. ^^
You can use my trans for scanlation purpose too, just credit me. ;)
Thanks to you all too, who've read my trans. ^_^

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#1. by Imperium ()
Posted on Oct 9, 2007
......and know fairy tail knows international love, :confetti

nice trans velvet-chan :thumbs
#2. by Velvet_Rain_Dropz ()
Posted on Oct 9, 2007
Imp! :hi5 Thank u very much for coming here and your support! ^_^
You're the first one who give me a comment! :amuse Thank u very much imp! ^^
#3. by sakura_hime04 ()
Posted on Oct 10, 2007
Another project huh? :XD Keep the good work velvet
#4. by Velvet_Rain_Dropz ()
Posted on Oct 10, 2007
Quote by sakura_hime04;566562:
Another project huh? :XD Keep the good work velvet

Hime! :hi5 Thanks for coming here and your support! :amuse
Yup, i've decided to make a another project beside ES21. :amuse
I'll try to keep it up hime! ^^
#5. by hatsuharupeace ()
Posted on Oct 13, 2007
wowowowowowowow!!! sankyuu very much!!!! looks like fairy tail has fans all over the world!!!
#6. by Velvet_Rain_Dropz ()
Posted on Oct 16, 2007
Quote by hatsuharupeace;571340:
wowowowowowowow!!! sankyuu very much!!!! looks like fairy tail has fans all over the world!!!

:XD You're welcome hatsu. ^^ Thanks for coming here and your support too! :amuse
Fairy tail is indeed has fans all over the world!! :XD
#7. by hanamaru ()
Posted on Oct 31, 2007
thanx... :XD
sorry to late...
cause i don't know if you make this trans continuely...
#8. by Velvet_Rain_Dropz ()
Posted on Oct 31, 2007
Quote by hanamaru;593701:
thanx... :XD
sorry to late...
cause i don't know if you make this trans continuely...

Hanamaru! :hi5 Thanks for coming here and for your support! :amuse
Don't worry about that hanamaru. ^^ You're welcome hanamaru! :whoo

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