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Psyren 133 (1 comments)
Right, well this chapter felt a lot easier to translate and it actually was, I asked a friend to check over it and there weren't many mistakes :) So credits to Basaka for TLC'ing. Also, even though I'm an english native, I just wanted to get it checked by a proofreader, so my awesome friend Sakura-chan did it for me, so creds to her too!

Reserved for Keishou Scans, after we release, it's open to the public.

Page 01
panel right) Gaze only ahead,
panel left) to confront a huge opponent!!
mangaka) Iwashiro Toshiaki
title) CALL.133 - "Sorry I Kept You Waiting"

Page 02
panel) Kabuto and Shao infiltrate the capital...!?
b1,2) Haa
b3) I'm more than 400m away from the opponent...
b4) He definitely... Read More " "
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Psyren 132 (1 comments)
Big thanks to Az for the help with this :)

Reserved for Keishou Scans, after we release, it's open to the public.

Page 01
panel) They arrive at the ground of the battle!!
title) CALL.132 - "Other Half"
mangaka) Iwashiro Toshiaki

Page 02
b1) Well... it's good to see you guys again.
panel) Facing the Star Commander Shiner!?
b2) You don't plan to fight against me, do you?
b3) Yoshina, don't use Nova here... I'll take care of this.
b4) ... Amamiya
b5) If you're going to get to the place where Amagi Miroku is, then you can't waste your strength here, right?
b6) I'll take care of him.

Page 03
b1) Let's go back to the crevice where Frederica is, Van...!!
b2) You're going to fight? Don't you remember... Read More " "
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Psyren 131 (4 comments)
Alright, this chapters done too... god this was harder than any of the others! Thanks a lot for the help, Shadow and Cookie, really appreciate it :)

Reserved for Keishou Scans, after we release, it's open to the public.

Page 01
b1) Answer me!!
b2) Are... Are you afraid of dying, Marie...? If so, would you like to spend eternity here with me... // there's no need to return to living underground...
title) CALL.131 - "Time to Replace"
b4) No!!! I have my important family there...!!
panel) The captured Marie-!!
b5) I want to live together with everyone...!!
mangaka) Iwashiro Toshiaki
b6) Family...?
b7) What's the meaning to such an ugly bond?

Page 02
b1) As I thought, you have a firm set of... Read More " "
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Psyren 129 (0 comments)
I have no idea why, but I just felt a need to translate this chapter too... so I did, and I hope you all enjoy it!

Open for public use

Page 01
b1) It suddenly became dark...
panel) The light of hope... has dissipated into the darkness of despair!!
b2) Even though it was shining until just now...!!?
b3) It can't be... the sunlight is being gathered together...!?

Page 02
panel) The Commanders Power... everything lies in its mercy!!
title) CALL.129 - "The Last Sun"
mangaka) Iwashiro Toshiaki
b1) Kyle!!! It hasn't become night time,
b2) someone's blocking the sunlight!!

Page 03
b1) Impossible!!?
b2) There's no way someone could control the light in the whole sky!!!
panel1) If the sunlight is being... Read More " "
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Psyren 130 (0 comments)
Ok, this is a frickin' huge advancement for me... I'm still a learner at Japanese but I thought "Hey, Psyren doesn't have too complicated language and there's barely any text, so give it a shot!" and I did, this is my first ever translation of a whole chapter, so please, senpai's, criticise me all you want so that I can improve my skills, as I said, I'm still in learning and would appreciate any help whatsoever :)

This translation is open to the public, but there's no point since Queen-chan has already done it and she's a lot better at translating than I am, but like I said, you can use mine if you wanna humour me :P

Anyhoo, without anymore blabbering on, here's the translation:

Page... Read More " "
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Fairy Tail 184 (0 comments)
Right, here's why I didn't do Chapter 183: Because there is no point since Nagumo-san has already done it, for the public. Anyway, enjoy the translations, and I think I might do 185 as well but I'm not sure yet.

Thanks to Allin for his German Translation of this chapter.

Page 01
[Title: Chapter 184: The River of Stars for the Sake of Pride]
[Text in Panel: Taking a stroll on an unknown road!! // Solely through this, every day become a "new adventure"!!]

Page 02
[Text in Panel: For some reason, there's a fight in a bikini! The perfect opportunity for Fairy-Girl Lucy to strut her stuff!!]
Lucy: (Natsu... I hope he's alright...) // (But I can't just leave this girl alone...) // (Plus, my... Read More " "
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Fairy Tail 182 (0 comments)
GURARARARA, I's having fun tl'ing these chapters... anyhoosers, Happy 4th of July peeps in America... I just hope the weather were better here :'(

Tanks Allin for the German tl!

Page 01
[Text in panel: The wind that blows along the road, carries with it, warmth and loneliness equally for all...]
[Title: Chapter 182: These Are Lives, Dammit!!!!]
[Text under Title: Hiro Mashima]

Page 02
[Box to the side] Some "protect" and some "steal"... the gong for the all out battle with their lives on the line, sounds!]
Sugarboy: Hmmm~~~ Would you rather go back to your cells... // ... or die here?
Hughes: Sugarboy, there's no need to give them an option.
Sugarboy: Hmmm~

Page 03
Hughes: We're... Read More " "
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Fairy Tail 181 (2 comments)
Yeah yeah, stop complaining people, Cnet-senpai said that he'll catch up on the translations for Fairy Tail so stop your bitching now that you know he hasn't dropped this manga!

Haha, this shall be my 4th of July to all my peeps out there in America!

Based on Allin's german translation of this chapter! Sankyuu Allin-san!

Page 01
[Text above: The long awaited fanbook is hitting the shelves!! // [Fairy Tail +] // Available from the 17th of May!! // A luxurious lineup that has never been seen before in the manga!!]
[Text in Panel: In a different world, even the personalities are completely different!! // A bizzare love triangle]

Page 02
Lucy: There's a floating island that's suspended above Edolas.... Read More " "
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Fairy Tail 176 (0 comments)
Based on the translation of Allin, thanks! :D

Page 01
[Text in Panel: The mission of the Exceed was to capture Natsu and the others!! Charle and Happy... what secrets are they both hiding!?]
Wendy: Gah!
Natsu: Aah!
Natsu: Bastards...! // Where are the others!?
Wendy: Lucy, Happy and Charle!!
Hughes: Lucy... // Oh you mean this girl...

Page 02
[Title: Chapter 176: Extalia]
[Text in Panel: The charm of magic is the ability to... // ...embody the "shape of your heart"!! // Even if it's difficult for him to handle his dangerous reliance easily, Gray seems as though he can live with it... I guess you really do need special abilities.]
[Aaaarghh, the rent for this month!!]
[Box: A word from... Read More " "
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Fairy Tail Special : Welcome to Fairy Hills!! (0 comments)
Based on the translation of Allin

Page 00
Nothing ~~

Page 01-02
Panel: The Pyjama Party of the Fairy Tail Girls

Page 03
Panel: A surprising secret magic!? The charm of a maiden.
Panel: A hidden garden? This time the story is at the Women's Dormitory

Page 04
Side: Fairy Tails trademark girl, Lucy! It seems as if she's looking for a job she can complete herself!
box1: Mage Guild, Fairy Tail
Lucy: Which one should I take?
box2: Welcome to Fairy Hills!!
Panel: Lucy!
Lucy: Hm? // "Only for women! Help me find a certain something!" // "However, there's no reward!"

Page 05
Lucy: What's this?
Nav: It's probably a prank. Sometimes kids in the neighbourhood sneak into here without permission and... Read More " "
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