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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

Fairy Tail Special : Welcome to Fairy Hills!!

Welcome to Fairy Hills!!

+ posted by zambo92 as translation on Feb 6, 2010 15:24 | Go to Fairy Tail

Based on the translation of Allin

Page 00
Nothing ~~

Page 01-02
Panel: The Pyjama Party of the Fairy Tail Girls

Page 03
Panel: A surprising secret magic!? The charm of a maiden.
Panel: A hidden garden? This time the story is at the Women's Dormitory

Page 04
Side: Fairy Tails trademark girl, Lucy! It seems as if she's looking for a job she can complete herself!
box1: Mage Guild, Fairy Tail
Lucy: Which one should I take?
box2: Welcome to Fairy Hills!!
Panel: Lucy!
Lucy: Hm? // "Only for women! Help me find a certain something!" // "However, there's no reward!"

Page 05
Lucy: What's this?
Nav: It's probably a prank. Sometimes kids in the neighbourhood sneak into here without permission and do such things. // Look at it, it doesn't look as tidy as the others, right?
Lucy: But don't you think it'd be a more effective prank if they put up a ridiculously high reward for it?
Nav: Don't support the whole thing!! // That's evil, Lucy.
Lucy: That was just my opinion though.
Mira: This mission isn't in the "Verification of Orders" book though... I feel a little unsure about it.
Panel: Mirajane!
Lucy: Mira-san.
Mira: The name of the client isn't on there, but there is an address... // It's...

Page 06
Mira: our Women's Dormitory. // Fairy Hills. // Lucy, would you mind going to check things out?
Lucy: Sure, no problem!

Page 07
Lucy: I didn't even know that Fairy Tail had a Women's Dormitory. / Oh, that's why the mission's only for women.
Panel: Fairy Tail
Panel: Women's Dormitory
Lucy: Plus, it isn't that far from the Guild. // Uh... If I'd have known that there was something like this, I'd have never rented a place for 70'000 jewels.
Plue: Pu~~n
Woman: A room here costs 10'000 jewels.
Lucy: Aha...
Woman: 10'000 jewels. // I ain't gonna give you a discount.

Page 08
Lucy: Huh?
Plus: Pu~~n?
Woman: Stop! Don't move!!!
Lucy: Gasp!
Plue: Pupu!
Woman: Hyaaaa!
Lucy: I'm... // ...feeling weird~!
Woman: It seems that really are a woman.
Lucy: Can't you tell by my appearance!?
Woman: Did you come here for the job?
Lucy: Huh?

Page 09
Hilda: I'm the client of the mission, Hilda. // I'm am the Matron of this Dormitory.
Lucy: You're... the Matron? // I have no intentions of taking this job! // More importantly, if there isn't a reward, then it can't really be called a job!!!
Hilda: Did you come to play a prank on me?
Lucy: Are you the one playing a prank on me!!? // Also, if it's just looking for a missing object, then why don't you ask one of the girls in the dormitory!? / You used the Request board of the guild without permission... that's no good.
Hilda: I can't ask that of the girls... // ... that's why I need to ask someone that doesn't live here.

Page 10
Hilda: The girls in the dormitory cannot find out about this job.
Lucy: What's going on here?
Hilda: So you'll do it?
Lucy: I'm just saying that I'll at least listen to you.
Hilda: If you're trying to pull a prank on me, get lost.
Lucy: Ok, I'll do it!!
Hilda: Do you promise that as a mage of Fairy Tail?
Lucy: To seach for a lost object!? Sure!! It can't be that hard!
Hilda: Then put these on.
Lucy: What's that!!?
Hilda: Just do it and get changed!!
Lucy: But... not here!
Hilda: No one's watching.
Lucy: Hyaaaa! // Uh... hm...

Page 11
Lucy: This is really embarassing.

Page 12
Hilda: Make sure to say "Miaow" at the end!!
Lucy: Is there... any point... miaow?
Hilda: That sounds horrible.
Lucy: Can't I just go home!?
Hilda: Yup... you can go. You're trash if you can't even work properly for a job you've already accepted.

Page 13
Hilda: Might as well quit being a mage too.
Lucy: I'll do it!! I'll do it miaow!!!
Hilda: Stop saying "miaow".

Page 14
Hilda: So, the jobs real easy. // I want you to find a shiny treasure I left somewhere for me.
Lucy: A shiny treasure?
Hilda: It must be somewhere here in the dormitory. // And... as I said before, keep the stuff about the "shiny treasure" to yourself.
Lucy: So what is this "shiny treasure" exactly?
Erza: Lucy? // What are you doing here?
Panel: Erza!
Lucy: Erza?

Page 15
Lucy: You live in this dormitory!?
Erza: Yeah... and so do others like Visca and Levi... und Lluvia moved in recently too.
Lucy: Wow. // Hey, old lady... // ... she's gone!
Erza: So, what're you doing here?
Lucy: H...hm, I'm just looking around.
Erza: Then I'll give you a tour.
Lucy: Really?
Erza: Come on in.
Lucy: Shiny Treasure... // I can't tell anyone that I'm searching for it... // Let's go! // I gotta do my best!!

Page 16
Erza: This is the lobby.
Lucy: Wow, it's really pretty.
Panel: Miaow
Lucy: You can say something about my outfit if you want.
Erza: Why should I? It suits you.
Lucy: Does... it... // Shiny treasure... // If it'd have been something you could find as soon as you walked in, she wouldn't have asked me.

Page 17
Lucy: What're you doing!!?
Erza: I... thought it was the latest fashion... // This is the bath for everyone. // There's a shower in each of the rooms, but when we wanna have a bath, we come here. // The library is located in the basement. // It's not as good as the one in the guild, but still, you can find all sorts of records of jobs.

Page 18
Erza: This here is Levi's room.
Levi: Ah! Lu-chan! You came to visit us?
Panel: Levi
Lucy: Whoa, there sure are a lot of books here. // Have you really read them all?
Levi: Yup! // I've actually gotten rid of about a half.
Erza: Sometimes, she gives me books that she doesn't need.
Levi: I think Erza likes books that're a little bit *ecchi.
[T/N: "Ecchi" means erotic or sexy]
Erza: Well, let's go to the next room.
Lucy: Levi-chan...

Page 19
Box: Visca's Room
Visca: Erza-san!! Lucy's here too?
Panel: Visca
Lucy: Oh... Hm... // That's a horse... right?
Visca: I also have a Camel... // ... a Cow and a Sheep too.
Lucy: Is this... a Zoo!?
Erza: Actually pets are prohibited in here... but... when it's only a couple of animals, I can tolerate it.
Visca: Sorry 'bout this.
Lucy: This is not a tolerable level!

Page 20
Box: Lluvia's Room
Lluvia: Is there something you want from Lluvia?
Panel: Lluvia!
Erza: Lucy's here to look around a little.
Lucy: This is an unexpectedly normal room.
Lluvia: Here you go.
Erza: Thanks. // The tea... is nice.
Lluvia: Yeah... because... it's name includes "Gray".
Lucy: The she goes again. // Spicy!!
Lluvia: I'm sorry. Did I accidentally mix up the tea with the chilli soup?
Lucy: How can you accidentall mix them together!?

Page 21
Erza: And this is my room.
Lucy: It's humongous!!
Erza: I own too many things... that's why I rent 5 rooms and then I linked them all up together.
Lucy: 5 rooms, that means... // you have to pay 50'000 jewels rent!!! // There sure are a lot of weapons and armours.
Erza: There's a limit to how many arms I can keep in the magic space to carry around... // So I leave everything that I can't carry with me, here.

Page 22
Lucy: What do you need... this for?
Erza: Nothing... I said that I didn't want it, but Natsu gave it me anyway. / You can have it if you like.
Lucy: I don't want it!
Erza: You're probably all sweaty from the running around. I'm going to take a bath now, do you wanna join me?
Lucy: I'm fine, thanks. I'm going to look around the building a little more.
Erza: Ok, if you get tired, you can just take a little rest in my room.
Lucy: Thanks. // "Shiny Treasure"... // I wonder where it could be.
Hilda: Have you still not found it?
Lucy: How 'bout you look for it too?

Page 23
Lucy: By the way, what is this 'Shiny Treasure'?
Hilda: You'll see when you find it~ (music note)
Lucy: I don't like her. // Can you at least... / remember where you lost it?
Hilda: Hmm... it could have been somewhere dark...
Lucy: Somewhere dark... // What about the attic!?
Hilda: Oh!! Possibly!!!
Lucy: Then let's go!!!
Hilda: Oww, my back...
Lucy: How annoying... // I get it. I'll go alone!
Hilda: Thank you~

Page 24
Lucy: Is that the door? // The shiny... // ... treasure!! // I've found it!!! This is it!!! No doubt about it!!! / It really is shi- // -ny!?

Page 25
No text... just nekkid gyalllsss~~~ ;)

Page 26
Erza: Isn't it great to occasionally bathe together?
Lluvia: Lluvia would rather shower in her room... - Small text: This is embarassing -
Visca: What're you talking about, we're all girls here.
Levi: We should've asked Lu-chan if she wanted to join us too...
Erza: I did...

Page 27
Lucy: Treasure... // I... I guess this treasure is only valuable for men but... // That's really terrible! // T... That old hag... // has a good sense of humour... // I'll never forgive you!!!

Page 28
Lucy: That's...! // A map!? // No, it's a rough sketch of the dormitory. // Don't tell me... // ... the real treasure lies... // ... at the lit up spot!!?
SFX: Gonk!!
Lucy: Ouch // In the back yard of the dormitory... // ... there's a big tree and... // in it's shadow, there's a spot. The "dark place"!!

Page 29
Lucy: Found it!!! // Yay~!!! // Old lady!!! I've found it!!! // Old lady!!! // Old lady.

Page 30
Erza: What's up Lucy? Why are you making such a ruckus?
Lucy: Erza!! Have you seen the matron of the dormitory? // I think her name was Hilda-san. I need to take something to her.
Erza: Grandma Hilda? // W... What's going on!!?
Lucy: Nothing, I just need to take something to her.
Erza: What're you talking about!?
Lucy: Huh?
Erza: Lucy... // Grandma Hilda is...

Page 31
Erza: She's been dead for 6 years now.

Page 32
Lucy: Y... You're kidding right? // Because... I...
Erza: It happened 6 years ago... when she was on the way back after shopping from Shirotsume... / Her carriage fell off a cliff.
Lucy: Huh? // What?
Erza: What's that box?
Lucy: I... met with Grandma Hilda!! And... she wanted that I find this for her...
Erza: What did you say? // What's inside!?
Lucy: Uh... okay, I'll open it.

Page 33
Lucy: Jewels. // They're beautiful.

Page 34
Lucy: Erza?
Erza: Grandma Hilda was... // stubborn, always nagging... // ... and always said hateful things. // But she always cared for us girls more than anything. // It pained her to see us leave for a dangerous mission.
Hilda: You should quit being a mage.
Erza: That's what she always said. // But to this day, I'm not sure whether that's what she really meant.

Page 35
Erza: One day, she bought us toy jewels. // Everyone was really happy... / ...because it was the first time she did something like that for us. // But there wasn't enough for everyone. // She became unusually panicked at that time... // and the children didn't feel comfortable with it too. // I wanted to calm the situation.
YoungErza: Jewels don't suit me. // I'll pass so that you guys can divide it amongst yourselves.
Erza: I accidentally said something that I didn't mean.

Page 36
Erza: I actually wanted it. / It was meant to be the first present I got from Grandma Hilda, whom I loved so much. // That night, Grandma Hilda came to my room...
Hilda: I'm sure that in the future, you'll grow up to become a fine young lady // A beautiful woman, fit for jewels.
Erza: To see her smile for the first time, sent my heart racing.
Hilda: When you grow up, I'll give you my jewels. // They're real and I'll give them all to you.

Page 37
Erza: I'm... I'm already grown up...
Hilda: Not just yet... when you've grown a little taller... // ...and when your breasts are a little bigger... // ... then I'm sure... // a cat princess will bring you lots of jewels.
Erza: There's no such thing as a cat princess. // You treat me too much like a child.
Panel: Ahahaha! // Ahahaha!
Panel: The next day, Grandma Hilda died.
Erza: That was 6 years ago...

Page 38
Erza: And yet she still continued... // ...to look after us.

Page 39
Erza: Let's share it with everyone in the dormitory.
Lucy: Yeah, that's a great idea.
Erza: This is for you.
Lucy: What? // It... It's fine~ // I don't want anything!
Erza: What're you talking about? You're the cat princess who brought the jewels, right?

Page 40
Box: The feelings of people are connected.
Lucy: Look! The job request is disappearing.
Erza: Perhaps, the letter was sent from heaven.
Box: They surpass time...
Erza: Lu... Lucy...
Box: and reach those dear to us. // I was able to feel that.
Erza: Your outfit is also disappearing.
Lucy: Kyaaa!!!!
Erza: Maybe they were sent from heaven too.
Lucy: I feel so ridiculous right now!!
Box: and that's rewarding enough for me.
Panel: The End

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