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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Psyren 133

Sorry I Kept You Waiting

+ posted by zambo92 as translation on Sep 5, 2010 01:08 | Go to Psyren

-> RTS Page for Psyren 133

Right, well this chapter felt a lot easier to translate and it actually was, I asked a friend to check over it and there weren't many mistakes :) So credits to Basaka for TLC'ing. Also, even though I'm an english native, I just wanted to get it checked by a proofreader, so my awesome friend Sakura-chan did it for me, so creds to her too!

Reserved for Keishou Scans, after we release, it's open to the public.

Page 01
panel right) Gaze only ahead,
panel left) to confront a huge opponent!!
mangaka) Iwashiro Toshiaki
title) CALL.133 - "Sorry I Kept You Waiting"

Page 02
panel) Kabuto and Shao infiltrate the capital...!?
b1,2) Haa
b3) I'm more than 400m away from the opponent...
b4) He definitely can't notice me...!!!
b5) If I get any closer...
b6) I'll get killed...!!

Page 03
b1) Where's he going without any regard for the fight outside...!?

Page 04
b1) Kyle!
b2) Van, please hurry up! She's not breathing!
b3) I'll heal her here!
b4) Ageha!!
b5) Sorry that we're late.

Page 05
b1) Who's that...!?
b2) The one who's fighting is Mochizuki Oboro...!!
b3) That's Oboro...!?
b4) So you're... the First Star Commander...!!

Page 06
panel) Why's it turned out like this!?
b1) Yaaa!!
panel) This world exists...
panel) For my enjoyment.

Page 07
panel) All this power...
panel) was so that I could be at the top.
panel) To make my life more colorful.
b1) Did you think that the world revolved around you?
b2) Well, it's not like I dislike such a way of life,
b3) But it doesn't!

Page 08
b1) Oboro!!!
b2) A Black Burst... It can't be!!

Page 09
b1) So you came... Ageha-kun!!
b2) I've been waiting for you!
b3) Oboro...!!
b4) W-What's with that body...!!?

Page 10
b1) I'm paying the price for being myself,
b2) but I don't regret the choice that I made.
b3) But with your body in that state, you won't be able to return to our original world.
b4) I don't want to return to that boring world anymore.
b5) In this world, for my own sake... for your sake, I wanted to clear a path. It seems that just my power alone wouldn't make it...
b6) Hurry up, Ageha-kun! Amagi Miroku is stirring something up again...
b7) Don't worry about me and stop him!
b8) If you don't hurry up, you'll be too late...!!
b9) Got it...!

Page 11
b1) So you came, Black Burst User...!!
b2) I've been waiting for the time when I could fight against you...!!
b3) You want to meet with Miroku? Over my dead body!!

Page 12
b1) I guess we can't go around him...
b2) We'll have to fight!
b3) Let's go, Amamiya!!
panel) There're two more enemies after this man...

Page 13
b1) Who's there!?
b2) Huh...?
b3) Y-You guys are...
b4) How are you here...?
b5) Looks like we just made it in time.
b6) It's cuz nee-san has no sense of direction.

Page 14

Page 15
b1) What's with these telephone cards?
b2) It's the Psyren telephone cards that Amamiya got back from that Usui guy.
b3) Ah... the ones from the rumors on the streets.
b4) Yes. Most of them are broken, and unusable. This is the only unused one.
b5) And this is my card... its count was on 00 but when I checked this morning, it had gone up to 01.
b6) If you didn't get what I'm talking about, I've been revived back into the game... with another person's will...
b7) I'll explain something important to you now. This will mean life and death-
b8) Well then, I'll take this one. // Do you know where I can find a phone booth?
b9) Are you listening?!
b10) No need.
b11) With this I can be together with you.
b12) Haven't I told you before that I'd follow you to hell or anywhere else until death? You're slow at opening your heart, stupid.

Page 16
b1) What!?
b2) What're you doing all of a sudden!!! You're blushing!!!
b3) Ahh, it pisses me off! Men and their getting full of themselves!
b4) Miss!!?
b5) Kagetora-san...!!
b6) Matsuri-sensei...!!
b7) Yo!
b8) Sorry I kept you waiting.

Page 17
b1) Yoshina Ageha
b2) This voice is...
b3) I owed you one for saving my life.
b4) Consider us even.
b5) That man is...!!
panel) The one from that time...!!

Page 18
b1) We meet again,
b2) Young'n
b3) You're in the way, so get moving.
b4) I'll handle this guy.
b5) Matsuri-sensei...!!
b6) Yoshina... I leave the rest to you!
b7) Roger!!

Page 19
b1) Kuku... Let me hear your name...
b2) Yagumo Matsuri
b3) I was killed by you once. I guess you wouldn't know though, since it's about a future that has been lost.
b4) Oh...?

Page 20
panel) The reliable teacher - Matsuri has arrived in Psyren!!
b1) I'll be going all out!!!
CALL.133 / End

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Posted on Sep 5, 2010

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