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Translations: One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128 , Gintama 565 by kewl0210

Fairy Tail 184

The River of Stars for the Sake of Pride

+ posted by zambo92 as translation on Jul 6, 2010 19:08 | Go to Fairy Tail

-> RTS Page for Fairy Tail 184

Right, here's why I didn't do Chapter 183: Because there is no point since Nagumo-san has already done it, for the public. Anyway, enjoy the translations, and I think I might do 185 as well but I'm not sure yet.

Thanks to Allin for his German Translation of this chapter.

Page 01
[Title: Chapter 184: The River of Stars for the Sake of Pride]
[Text in Panel: Taking a stroll on an unknown road!! // Solely through this, every day become a "new adventure"!!]

Page 02
[Text in Panel: For some reason, there's a fight in a bikini! The perfect opportunity for Fairy-Girl Lucy to strut her stuff!!]
Lucy: (Natsu... I hope he's alright...) // (But I can't just leave this girl alone...) // (Plus, my keys are being targetted...)
Byro: Sho, are you finally going to hand me the keys?
Lucy: (It's him again, with his perverted stare.) // I won't give you this key!! // Open, Door of the Golden Bull!!

Page 03
Lucy: Taurus!!!
Taurus: Moo~! That outfit is awesome, Lucy-san!!
Byro: A cow!?
Coco: (That's Earthland magic!?) // (Looks somehow perverted though...)
Byro: (How on earth did she do it!? She shummoned "shomething" out of "noshing"!?) // (But that'sh abshurd!! Incomprehenshible!! How did she do that!!?)
Lucy: Go!!!

Page 04
Taurus: Moo~!!!
Byro: Eeeeh!! // Such impudence!!
Taurus: FMFF!!
Byro: Flame Liquid!
Lucy: Taurus!!

Page 05
Coco: Watch out for that liquid!!
Byro: Hn. // Shtorm Liquid!!
Lucy: Kyaaaa!!! // Ugh!

Page 06
Lucy: Open, Door of the Maiden!! // Virgo!!
Byro: Guhh!! // (Another one of these shings...!?) // (Could it be that it has the shame prinshiples as the Anima!?)
Virgo: Spica Hole!!!
Byro: Guaaah!!!

Page 07
Byro: Yaaah!!
Lucy: We did it!
Coco: (Cool...)
Virgo: What'll be my punishment?
Lucy: For what?
Coco: (Plus, she's a princess.) // (I should...) // (...perhaps trust her with this key...) // (But the everlasting magic...) // (Most of all, the King will kill Lily to get it...) // (What should I do...?)
Byro: Guhihi...

Page 08
Byro: Got'sha,
Coco: Fuah!
Byro: Coco.
Lucy: Eh!?
Coco: Aaaah!!
Lucy: What is that...?
Byro: Octopus Liquid // I drank it myshelf.

Page 09
Byro: Guhihihi. // With thish, no matter what kind of magic you use on me, it won't work.
Lucy: D... Do something!!
Virgo: Princess, I don't think that it'll do anything.
Lucy: You can't give up without having even tried!!

Page 10
Lucy: Uwah! // Uwaaah...
Coco: Ungh!
Byro: I have Coco now, / but I won't be shatisfied until I kill you for your impudensh as well.
Lucy: Eeek!!
Virgo: Princess, use this!!
Lucy: What?!
Virgo: That's an extending whip called "Etoile Fleuve". It's from the Eridanus Constallation from the Stellar Spirit World.
[TN: Etoile Fleuve is French for Star River]

Page 11
Lucy: Ah!
Virgo: I don't think that it'll be very effective, but please, try it out.
Lucy: Why are your thoughts always so negative!? // You can't be sure of something before having tried!! // Guaaah!! // (It really isn't effective!!!) // (This whip is completely useless!)
Byro: What'sh the problem? Can't you use that shtrange magic anymore?

Page 12
Lucy: (Magic...?) // (If I use my Spirit Summoning magic repeatedly, my magical powers run out extremely quickly.) // (I see... that's why Virgo gave me this whip...) // (...Thank you.) // (I won't let your kindness...) // (...go to waste!!)
Byro: I will crush you with thish!!
Lucy: (She said it was extendable, right?)

Page 13
Byro: What!? // Ow! / That hurtsh!
Lucy: Let go of her!!
Byro: What? // Thish girl is one of our army's sholdiers, she has noshing to do with you.

Page 14
Lucy: But she's in pain!!
Byro: When I do this, it hurts her even more.
Coco: Kyaaaa!!!
Lucy: Y'know...
Byro: Shtop running around on my body!!!
Lucy: if she's your ally... // then you should protect her!!! // As a member of a guild, I can't lose...
Byro: Ugh...

Page 15
Byro: My legsh... // When did you...?
Lucy: someone who can't understand something like that.
Byro: You little-...

Page 16-17
Natsu: Uoooogh!!
Lucy: Natsu!
Byro: Gah!!!

Page 18
Coco: Ahh! // (Byro and Hughes were...) // (...defeated.)

Page 19
Natsu: What the hell is this huge thing!!?
Lucy: I thought you'd react like that, Natsu.
Natsu: Hm? There's someone there on the floor.
Lucy: Ah! Are you alright?
Coco: This is the key for the machine that would have killed your friends.
Natsu: What'cha talking about!?
Lucy: Are you talking about what they will use to smash the Lachryma into Extalia...? // [side]So that's what he meant by "key".[/side]
Coco: I would rather be live happily together with everyone... than have an everlasting supply of magic!! // please destroy this key... // Please...
Lucy: So if we destroy this key, we can stop the attack using the Lachryma!? Thanks!!
Natsu: Woohoo~! Alright!! Leave it to me!

Page 20
Sugarboy: Hahahaha!!! // One should not hand over such an important item to their enemies!! // I need to take it back to our King.
Coco: Sugarboy!!
Natsu: The Key!!
Lucy: It can't be...!!
Coco: Give it back!!!
Gray: You bastard... // wait the hell up!!!
Natsu: Gray!!
[Text in Panel: As soon as one problem's solved, another appears!! The battle for the "key" to their lives, rises to a new level!!]
[Bottom text: To be continued in Chapter 185: Iceboy]

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