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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Psyren 132

Other Half

+ posted by zambo92 as translation on Sep 3, 2010 07:14 | Go to Psyren

-> RTS Page for Psyren 132

Big thanks to Az for the help with this :)

Reserved for Keishou Scans, after we release, it's open to the public.

Page 01
panel) They arrive at the ground of the battle!!
title) CALL.132 - "Other Half"
mangaka) Iwashiro Toshiaki

Page 02
b1) Well... it's good to see you guys again.
panel) Facing the Star Commander Shiner!?
b2) You don't plan to fight against me, do you?
b3) Yoshina, don't use Nova here... I'll take care of this.
b4) ... Amamiya
b5) If you're going to get to the place where Amagi Miroku is, then you can't waste your strength here, right?
b6) I'll take care of him.

Page 03
b1) Let's go back to the crevice where Frederica is, Van...!!
b2) You're going to fight? Don't you remember losing to me before?
b3) Have you hit your head somewhere?
b4) I'll tell you about it... about the balance of power // and how tides can turn with a single miscalculation.
b5) So if you don't even know that, it might be better not to fight at all.
b6) Nova: Full Power!!

Page 04
panel) What's this...!?
b1) This katana is a mirror that reflects my hearts emotions.
b2) It draws out my powers to their utmost limits...!!

Page 05
panel) She...
panel) Teleport!!
b1) Amamiya!!!
b2) Let's go, Van!!!

Page 06
b1) Where do you think you're going?
panel) As I thought, you turned your back to me...!!
panel) I know from your fighting stance!

Page 07
b1) Amamiya-san!!
b2) You've been caught!

Page 08
b1) Amamiya!!!
panel) A fake!?
b2) Thought Body.

Page 09
b1) Aghh...!!?
b2) The one who's been caught is y-o-u (music note)

Page 10
b1) You need to learn a bit more about girls.
b2) You bitch...!!!
b3) I told you, right...? This sword is a "mirror" that reflects my hearts emotions...

Page 11
b1) Whether it be inside or outside... it reflects all of my heart...!
b2) What's this...!?
b3) Two Amamiya-san's...!?
b4) Sakurako... I'll finish him off, so you stay back.
b5) We promised to fight together... if you're not going to, you can go back inside.

Page 12
b1) Look at you, acting so cool just because you're in front of Yoshina?
b2) It's got nothing to do with that really.
b3) Huh? Even though you're sooo in love with him...!
b4) That's got nothing to do with it!
b5) Me and Sakurako looove you, Yoshina <3
b6) Stop it!!!
b7) Haa
b8) Did you guys think that...
b9) you'd defeated me...!!?

Page 13
b1) I've just destroyed the surrounding airspace...!! You won't be able to run away...!!
b2) Anyone who is trapped in the dimensional rift, disappears...!!
b3) I won't worry about losing to you again...
b4) Your ability is frightening... but after fighting you, I can tell...
b5) You're not a warrior.
b6) Always composed, and never getting wounded, that's the way you chose.
b7) I've always fought whilst putting my life on the line.
b8) I won't lose to a guy like you!

Page 14
panel) As long as I have Teleport, you guys can't stop me.
panel) You're too late...
panel) I'll destroy the Airspace!!!
b2) Let me teach you,
b3) The smoke surrounding us is my Nova... it diffuses with my Trance particles
b4) I may not be as good as Shao-kun, but I can still read your mind... and your actions.

Page 15
b1) The kind and cute me reads your mind,
b2) and the beautiful and cool me can move in an instant.
b3) It takes us less than 0.01 seconds to communicate,
b4) because...
b5) We are two parts of one!

Page 16
[Oh, finally... nothing~]

Page 17
b1) Did you just say "We are two parts of one"?

Page 18
box1) When Youtou Shinkibenihone answered my call...
box2) I thought I heard your voice.
box3) A voice calling for help from the depths of despair...
box4) Yoshina Ageha was the single beam of hope.
box5) Isn't she just the same as me?
box6) Even though we're the same... how come all the unpleasant things are pushed to her?
b1) Thanks for cooperating.
box7) I owe her a lot.
b2) Promise
b3) that you'll let me use our body to go on dates with Ageha once in a while too.

Page 19
b1) I got it.
box1) She's not a bad person.
box2) She's just clumsy.
b2) I want to do perverted things with Yoshina too~!
b3) S-Stop saying such absurd things!!
box3) Let's slowly get better
b4) Well... I'll just match your pace from the beginning... because it's you.
box4) because you're... me.
b5) Amamiya!!
box5) We'll fight together, for the sake of those we want to protect.
panel) Inside or Outside... their hearts become one... it's Amamiya's victory!!
CALL.132 / End

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#1. by Elena Kruyech ()
Posted on Sep 3, 2010
Thanks a lot, there were too many lines which I couldn't understand...
Keep on doing good work! :)

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