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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Fairy Tail 181

The Capital Goes To War

+ posted by zambo92 as translation on Jul 3, 2010 23:35 | Go to Fairy Tail

-> RTS Page for Fairy Tail 181

Yeah yeah, stop complaining people, Cnet-senpai said that he'll catch up on the translations for Fairy Tail so stop your bitching now that you know he hasn't dropped this manga!

Haha, this shall be my 4th of July to all my peeps out there in America!

Based on Allin's german translation of this chapter! Sankyuu Allin-san!

Page 01
[Text above: The long awaited fanbook is hitting the shelves!! // [Fairy Tail +] // Available from the 17th of May!! // A luxurious lineup that has never been seen before in the manga!!]
[Text in Panel: In a different world, even the personalities are completely different!! // A bizzare love triangle]

Page 02
Lucy: There's a floating island that's suspended above Edolas. // I'm sure that you'll all have seen it already.
[Title: Chapter 181: The Capital Goes To War]
[Text between panels: The King of Edolas strives for endless magical energy!!]
Lucy: It seems as if the magical energy of Extalia is what keeps it in the air. // I read that it's this what keeps the balance of magic in this world.
Gray: So our friends who were transformed into Lachryma are on this island too, right?
Charle: No, but right next to it.
[Text between panels: And the price for it are the lives of the Fairy Tail Mages!?]
Wendy: At the moment, the Lachryma and Extalia are floating right above where we are, in the Capital.
[Text in Panel: Extalia // Everyone that was turned into Lachryma // Edolas Capital]

Page 03
Wendy: The speed of the island, where the Lachryma is located, picks up due to the Dragon Slayer magic. // They want to collide it with Extalia.
Gray: What're they trying to do?
Wendy: The collision of the magical energy of Extalia and Fairy Tail will lead to it splitting and fusing together. // and then an unlimited supply of magical energy will rain down upon Extalia.
Lucy: When that happens, the members of the guild...
Gray: They'll all disappear!! // Someone's coming!!
Lucy: Enemies!!?

Page 04
Gray: It's Natsu!!
Natsu: There were two Erzas~~!! // What's going on here!? Some sort of monster tournament!? Is the world going to end!? // Gray's right there!!
Natsu: [side]You![/side]
Gray: Doesn't shut up and freaks out right away - this must be the real one.

Page 05
Wendy: This is the one from Earthland... // The Gray-san that we all know.
Natsu: Wha!?
Gray: A lot of things happened and now, Erza, Gazille and I have ended up here. // Happy is on the way, to stop those guys from dropping the Lachryma.
Wendy: Ah... right... Gray-san is here now too.
Gray: What now!? Apparently the sunlight down here is weaker, my shadow's so faint.
[TN: Gray uses a japanese saying here: "My shadow's so faint". This is to show how trivial his presence seems to be.]
Natsu: And you guys're here to help us!? // Lucy's safe, too!
Wendy: Th... There's one thing I need to say before we do anything else... // Thank You!!!
Gray: Sure thing.
Wendy: I knew Charle would come to save us. // Thank you.
Natsu: Whatever, put some clothes on.
Gray: Whoa!! When did this happen!!?
Lucy: It was like that from the beginning.

Page 06
Natsu: Alright!! Preparations are done!! Now we're gonna search for the King and make him stop the Lachryma!!
Gray: Yeah!!
Lucy: Mm!!
Natsu: One minute, in this direction, a monster duel awaits us!! So this way!!
Lucy: Erza... will she be ok, all alone?
Gray: We're talking about Erza here.
Lucy: But her opponent is Erza too.
Wendy: Charle, let's go to Extalia.
Charle: W... Why!!?
Wendy: We need to warn them about the attack of the Royal Army and evacuate them.
Charle: Weren't we going to stop that attack!?
Wendy: Of course we are!! We're definitely going to!! // I believe in Natsu-san and the others!! // But... we don't know what other weapons they might have in their arsenal. // To be prepared for the worst-case scenario, we should definitely alert them about the danger they're in.
Charle: No!! I don't want to go back there!! I... I don't care about what happens to the Exceed!!!

Page 07
Wendy: It's not about whether we're Human or Exceed. // I mean... as living beings, we can do something to help.
Charle: (Living beings, like the Exceed...)
Wendy: I'm going to stay by your side, the whole time. // Don't be afraid. // Okay?
Charle: Okay.

Page 08
[No text homies, so there'll be some happy typesetters out there ^_~]

Page 09
Happy: Gazille!!!
Gazille: Cat! So you're alright!
Happy: I can take you to the Lachryma!!
Gazille: What!?

Page 10
Gazille: Nuuogh!! // Huh!? Hey!? // Don't just grab me like that!!
Happy: Hey, how do you transform everyone back to their original forms?
Gazille: Heh. // I smash the Lachryma with my Dragon Slayer magic.
Happy: And that... really works?
Gazille: I only do what Mistgun told me to do!! You got a problem with that, punk!?
Happy: Why isn't Mistgun here, anyway?
Gazille: How the hell should I know!?

Page 11
Gazille: So. // It's huge...
Happy: It's a lot bigger than I thought it would be...
Gazille: Geez, what a troublesome guild. // When we get back, I'm gonna eat as much iron as I want.
Happy: You can do it, Gazille!!

Page 12
Gazille: Wha...! // What the hell was that!?
Happy: That guy...!

Page 13
Lily: I'm the Commander of the Royal Army's First Division Magic Militia... // Pantherlily. // This Lachryma, is the most important part of our current project. // I won't let you have it.
Happy: Wings!? // Impossible... he's an Exceed!?
Gazille: Stay back, Cat!

Page 14
Gazille: Iron Dragon Sword!!!
Lily: Hmph!

Page 15
Happy: Uwahhhh!! // What's with the bigass sword!!?
Gazille: He's...
Lily: Did you really think that you could beat me?

Page 16
Natsu: So where the hell is this stupid King hiding!?
Gray: He's the King, so he'll be in an important looking place, right?
Natsu: And where's this so-called "important looking place" meant to be!?
Gray: How the hell should I know!? This is the first time I've been in a palace, just like you!
Lucy: The prison is in a high place and the courtyard's layout is very confusing. // Assuming that this is a concentric type palace, then there should be a castle tower somewhere around here. // Even the structure of their Castle's is different from the ones in Earthland, so I don't even have the slightest clue what way it is.
Natsu: What the hell are you talking about, Lucy?
Gray: In short, the layout of this castle is terrible.
Lucy: Yep. // It honestly wouldn't surprise me if there was an Amusement Park in the middle of the Castle. // Wha... What is it!?

Page 17
Lucy: Eh...
Lucy: Ehhhhhhhh...!? // There's really... // an Amusement Park!!!
Natsu: Hey... is it alright if we search for the King in here?
Gray: You only want to go in there to play around.

Page 18
Sugarboy: Mmmmmmmm. // This is fun~ // Hahahaha. // No, seriously, this is really fun~ // Mmmmm.

Page 19
Hughes: You know, all this fun magic // is soon going to disappear from this world. // Can you imagine how I feel about that?

Page 20
Sugarboy: We're going to obtain everlasting magic. // No matter what we have to do for it.
[Text in Panel: Dead or Alive!? // The all out war that they've all bet their lives on, has begun!!]
Hughes: I must have it... // and I won't let anyone get in my way.
[Bottom text: To be continued in Chapter 182: These Are Lives, Dammit!!!!]

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#1. by cepillon ()
Posted on Jul 3, 2010

this is free for use ?..

Thanks :D
#2. by zambo92 ()
Posted on Jul 4, 2010
Yeah sure man, just credit me as the translator and that's all :)

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